201 Interesting & Fun Essay Topics for Students [UPD 2024]

201 Interesting & Fun Essay Topics for Students [UPD 2024]

Looking for unique essay topics to spark your interest and impress your tutors? Who said that academic writing could not be fun? Choose an interesting essay topic, and you will start enjoying it. You will surely find some topics matching your interests among these top 146 best essay topics.

In this article, you’ll find out:

  • What is an interesting essay topic?
  • How to choose good topics to write about for an essay?
  • 146 captivating essay topics that will inspire you!

📋 What Is an Interesting Essay Topic?

You might be wondering how to define what topic can be called ‘interesting.’ When choosing a topic for your essay, use these tips to understand whether you should pick a particular topic.

  • Choose a topic that interests you.
    It is essential, as you might spend quite some time researching, thinking, and writing about it. When you’re truly passionate about your essay topic, you’re more likely to succeed. Also, keep in mind that readers will definitely feel if you enjoyed the writing process.
  • Pay attention to the formulation of your topic.
    It might be challenging to formulate a good topic. It shouldn’t be too broad and, at the same time, too narrow.

Let’s have a look at one example:

Good Topic Bad Topic
The Waste Problem and Overpopulation. Environmental Issues.
This topic is well formulated, as it is narrow enough. A reader understands what the essay is about. The topic is too broad. It is unclear what the essay is about. A more detailed focus is needed.
  • If you’re still unsure what topic you should pick, get inspired with our list!

💡 Interesting Topics to Write an Essay About

Here is a list of interesting essay topics for students who like to write about debatable issues and are always taking sides in disputes.

Each of these topics provokes everyone to join the discussion—and may start debates that last for an hour or more! With such exciting topics, people are captivated to read your essays, whether the essay topic is persuasive or not, and offer their ideas to support or contradict your point of view.

  1. Extreme sports. Is adrenaline worth the risk?
  2. Sciences. Is genetic engineering the answer to ending global hunger?
  3. Justice. If athletes cannot use steroids, is it fair for models to use Photoshop?
  4. Philosophy. Philosophical issue: Should abortion be legal?
  5. Social standards. Do all people need to be of the same size, and does beauty need any standards?
  1. Family, life, & experiences. How to put a baby to bed?
  2. Gaming. If there are video game competitions, can gaming be regarded as a sport?
  3. History. Was Korean War a Civil War or an International War?
  4. Social networks. Do they improve communication skills or reduce social activity in the real world?
  5. Psychology. Should children be punished?
  6. Schools. Should phones and social media be banned in classrooms?
  7. Family psychology. Are women better parents than men?
  8. Education. Nature versus nurture – what wins?
  9. Entertainment & Media. Social media marketing for generation Y.
  10. Genetics and crime. Can “bad” genes be an excuse for divorce and crime?
  11. Behavior studies. Do violent video games cause behavior problems?
  12. Social studies. Does money determine success?
  13. Politics & Government. Marijuana legalization: It’s time to make it.
  14. Sociology. Should marijuana be legalized?
  15. Culture. What is cultural pluralism?

🖊️ Good Essay Topics to Boost Your Creativity 

Here are another ten essay topics to practice in university – working with such texts is a pleasure. They are perfect for sharpening your imaginative thinking and persuasive skills, and they are captivating enough to discuss with friends or relatives. Let’s go!

  1. The games people play and the masks they wear: Sincerity versus politeness.
  2. Is it ethical to advertise products to children?
  3. Is it acceptable to use white lies in advertisements?
  4. Environmental pollution is a global problem. Should everyone make a small contribution to the struggle against it?
  5. Is one volunteer really worth ten pressed men? How can motivation improve outcomes?
  6. What do you think of “Calvin Klein”? Is fashion more important than individuality?
  7. Is there a problem of a generation gap in modern families?
  8. Should children follow in their parent’s footsteps?
  9. Zoos claim to contribute to the conservation of species. Can a zoo be a better habitat for a giraffe than a savanna?
  10. Should people keep pets? Do companion animals feel comfortable in homes?

👻 Fun Essay Topics

Sometimes you might like to write just for your own pleasure or to share some fun facts with your classmates. We’re here to help with ideas! Have a look at these fun essay topics.

  1. Why do the worst students often become famous and successful?
  2. The perfect plan to lose all friends.
  3. What would happen if animals ruled the world?
  4. What are animals thinking about?
  5. How to ask people for money?
  6. Why do all elderly people need to attend computer courses?
  7. Why should parents sign contracts with their children?
  8. Why is it a good idea to refuse to count the time?
  9. How to stop procrastinating?
  10. How to win the lottery?

Fun Essay Topics for Middle School

Are you looking for some fun essay ideas to spark your creativity? Check out our list of exciting essay topics for middle school students.

  1. If I could have a superpower, it would be…
  2. My favorite fictional character and why I admire them.
  3. The best video game I’ve ever played.
  4. If I were a time traveler, I would visit…
  5. A new holiday: what would it celebrate?
  6. Designing my own theme park: attractions and rides.
  7. My ideal school: what would it look like?
  8. The day I discovered a hidden treasure.
  9. A guide on how to train a dragon.
  10. My favorite mythical creature and its adventures.
  11. My own comic book: characters and plot.
  12. The best book I’ve ever read and why it’s my favorite.
  13. If animals could speak, what would they say?
  14. If I were the mayor of a magical town.
  15. A day in the life of a time-traveling explorer.

Fun Essay Topics for High School

Look no further if you’re searching for some engaging and lighthearted inspiration for your essay! To help you craft an outstanding paper, we’ve collected fun topics to write about for an essay.

  1. The influence of superhero movies on modern culture.
  2. The psychology of nostalgia and its influence on consumer trends.
  3. The psychology of humor and its effects on human interaction.
  4. The art of storytelling: from ancient myths to modern narratives.
  5. The world of cosplay: creativity, craftsmanship, and community.
  6. The magic of sports: teamwork, rivalry, and personal growth.
  7. The evolution of online memes and their social impact.
  8. The role of fantasy literature in shaping our imaginations.
  9. The art of street photography and its reflection of urban life.
  10. The rise of DIY culture and its impact on creativity and self-expression.
  11. The joy of exploring diverse cuisines and culinary traditions.
  12. The art of self-expression through slam poetry and spoken word.
  13. Road trips and the freedom of open exploration.
  14. Decoding the art of special effects in movies.
  15. Vintage fashion and its resurgence in modern style.

Fun Essay Topics for College Students

Wondering what topic to choose for your next writing assignment? Check out these fun topics for essays that will spark your creativity and engage your readers.

  1. The psychology of decision-making in a complex, interconnected world.
  2. The key skills for thriving in an ever-changing job market.
  3. The evolution of language in the digital age: memes, emojis, and new forms of communication.
  4. The chemistry and creativity of cocktails.
  5. The power of art therapy in promoting mental wellness and self-expression.
  6. How virtual communities shape individual identities and personal growth.
  7. The connection between music and memory: how sound shapes our experiences.
  8. The impact of street art on urban culture and the public sphere.
  9. The world of eSports: competitive gaming, community, and professional leagues.
  10. Virtual reality and modern entertainment experience.
  11. The future of work: remote teams and flexible schedules.
  12. The psychology of superstitions and their role in decision-making.
  13. The impact of AI on music composition.
  14. The science of sleep: sleep disorders, circadian rhythms, and optimizing rest.
  15. Selfies in the digital age and the evolution of self-representation.

Things to Write an Essay About for Fun

Essay writing can be an enjoyable experience when you have the right topic to explore. Let’s dive into our list of intriguing ideas on what to write an essay about for fun!

  1. Music. You can write about your favorite genre, a specific musician or band, the impact of music on society, or the emotional and psychological effects of music.
  2. Fantastic literature. You can explore the themes and motifs in fantasy or science fiction literature, analyze a specific book or series, or discuss the role of fantastic literature in shaping culture and imagination.
  3. Childhood memories. You can write about a specific memory from your childhood, reflect on how your childhood experiences have shaped you, or explore the importance of preserving childhood memories.
  4. Traveling. You can write about a memorable travel experience, discuss the impact of travel on personal growth and cultural understanding, or provide tips and advice for fellow travelers.
  5. Cooking. You can share your favorite recipes, discuss the cultural significance of certain dishes, or explore the therapeutic and creative aspects of cooking.
  6. Memes and internet slang. You can analyze the evolution and impact of internet memes and slang, discuss their role in shaping digital communication, or explore the humor and social commentary embedded in internet culture.
  7. Conspiracy theories. You can examine the psychology behind conspiracy theories, debunk common misconceptions, or analyze the societal implications of widespread belief in conspiracy theories.
  8. Pets. You can share heartwarming stories about your pets, discuss the benefits of pet ownership, or explore the bond between humans and animals.
  9. Anime and cosplay. You can review a specific anime series or movie, discuss the cultural influence of anime, or explore the creativity and community of cosplay.
  10. Board or video games. You can review a specific game, discuss the impact of gaming on society and individuals, or explore the art and design elements of games.

💭 Thought-provoking Essay Topics

If you still don’t know what essay topics to write about, check out this thought-provoking list – there are many ideas to consider and choose from. Plus, this set of questions is not only perfect for essays; they also make interesting speech topics to discuss with your audience.

  1. Leaders are born, and managers are made?
  2. How can capital punishment be acceptable if judges’ errors are inevitable?
  3. What is effective risk management in an organization?
  4. Emotional Intelligence role in successful leadership.
  5. Why use stick and carrot motivation? Wouldn’t sticking to policies be enough?
  6. What team efficiency depends on?
  7. Digital marketing challenges in organizations.
  8. It is said that women are from Venus, and men are from Mars. Are men and women really that different?
  9. How can the Federal Reserve affect prices?
  10. Social media influences on marketing: Current trends.
  11. Can women be regarded as the weaker sex today?
  12. How can Emotional Intelligence be used in leadership?
  13. What is consumer behavior’s role in global business?
  14. Modern theater and remakes of classic plays – new interpretation or outrage?
  15. International business: Do cultural differences matter?
  16. Can the way to success be laziness?
  17. Human resource management: How does it look in the modern world?
  18. Does an artist need the talent to create abstract pictures?
  19. Team building: Does it make sense?
  20. What does a human resource manager do?
  21. Live to eat or eat to live? Healthy diets versus favorite dishes.
  22. How leadership’s role has evolved in the 21st century?
  23. What is bad customer service?
  24. Apple’s management and leadership development.

➕ Other Interesting Essay Topics

Interesting Essay Topics for an Argumentative Paper

Argumentative essays require a decent number of arguments. Choosing the right topic is essential. Even though any paper is purely individual, there are still specific rules to follow. Otherwise, an article may not have any scientific power.

More than that, the author will have to prove their arguments constantly. Also, there will be discussions of specific facts with other people who might disagree with what’s written.

Thus, any simple argumentative essay should have the specific features of this type of work to achieve as much effectiveness as possible. Here is a list of topics you can choose for your argumentative paper:

  1. Patients in the hospital need better care.
    This essay will describe the problems of modern nursing care.
  2. The search for oil is one of the priorities today.
    This persuasive research paper is associated with the problem of oil search and striving for leadership.
  3. The credibility of data in the media is questionable.
    The theme is connected with the problem of understatement or lies in the media.
  4. Nobody wants to deal with obsessive sellers.
    An argumentative and persuasive essay on this topic should describe the best methods to sell goods and not to annoy potential buyers.
  5. Deviant behavior is a consequence but not a cause.
    An argumentative essay format of this topic implies revealing the problems that can lead to the occurrence of deviant behavior in adolescents and adults.
  6. The more you take sports, the better it is.
    Argumentative essay subjects, in this case, should relate to sport and reveal the advantages of a healthy lifestyle and regular sports activities.
  7. Consultations with colleagues at work can increase the level of trust in the team.
    When writing a good argumentative essay on this topic, you can try to reveal the connection between interaction and good relations.
  8. People who cannot communicate with others feel depressed.
    The problem of the lack of communication and the consequences that can arise are described in such an article.
  9. Excessive passion for video games affects mental health.
    You can write an argumentative essay or persuasive essay; the topic will reveal the danger that great affection for video games brings.
  10. Personal experience is useful in the process of getting an education.
    When it is an argumentative research essay on such a theme, the benefits of personal experience and knowledge should be discussed to persuade your readers of the necessity of self-study.
  11. Other authors’ works can be helpful when writing scientific papers.
    The advantages of citing respected authors’ thoughts will be described in such persuasive essay papers.
  12. Industrial spheres prevail over others.
    In this paper, you will present your opinion concerning the distribution of industrial enterprises on the planet.
  13. Territories of wildlife are increasing.
    To write an excellent argumentative essay on this topic, you should give specific statistical data to demonstrate your knowledge of environmental pollution and information concerning human activity.
  14. Swimming is one of the healthiest hobbies.
    Try to reveal the benefits of swimming for human health.
  15. Teaching is the profession of patient people.
    The paper aims to disclose teachers’ features of character and their positive traits.

Random essay Topics

An argumentative research paper is not the only format for university work. Authors write articles on different themes, using a variety of techniques and methods to achieve specific goals.

In the process of disclosing a particular topic, it is not always possible to use the same methods. For example, sometimes, you need to compare two or more phenomena or concepts. And sometimes, you have to consider specific points critically.

If you want to learn more about different types of essays in college, we recommend you consider the following tips. They will help you learn creative writing and make your texts unique and exciting for readers. We recommend the following topics:

  1. Compare and contrast the issues of successful and unhappy marriages.
    A comparative essay is often used when considering specific issues related to sociology, and this topic is one of them. This type of work is sometimes called a discursive essay.
  2. The consequences of the Chernobyl disaster.
    Just as in a compare-contrast essay, several research objects can be used here. A cause-effect piece on this theme is a comprehensive study of factors that arise for reason of a famous disaster that happened in 1986.
  3. All the world’s religions are similar.
    The topic should present the similarity of various religious concepts. Here, argumentative issues are used, and excellent argumentative essays imply adequate author’s criticism based on verified confirmations.
  4. Animal species in Australia: A great variety of the local fauna.
    A descriptive essay on this topic gives a detailed description of the reasons why there are so many unique animal species on this continent and includes listing some of them. Such essay subjects must be relevant only to the nature of Australia.
  5. Possible factors that influence the effectiveness of employees’ work.
    It can be an exploratory essay that is different from many other types of articles. Its essence is a continuous study of all the possible phenomena that influence people’s results rather than an assessment or criticism of particular nuances. This type of work is not similar to a persuasive research paper where a specific point of view is proved. On the contrary, the author seeks to find the most accurate results on a given topic.
  6. The evaluation of the effectiveness of electronic control systems at industrial enterprises.
    This topic implies another approach in comparison with an argumentative essay paper; there is no need to give clear arguments, just a personal opinion.
  7. The great Shakespeare’s masterpiece.
    This literature essay aims at studying a particular text and the author’s assessment of the events described in his famous plays.
  8. The leadership of the enterprise should be involved in working on increasing productivity.
    A perfect argumentative essay will contain arguments in favor of the leadership that is actively involved in the affairs of a specific company and is bothered by its successes.
  9. The implementation of electronic resources for the preparation of students.
    This topic implies an admission essay that, as a rule, is used as an official document in universities and colleges. The essence of such a paper is to assess an applicant’s abilities.
  10. Financial indicators of the success of specific business strategies.
    This theme is associated with a persuasive paper that is also called argumentative. This type of writing has much in common with an expository essay, where you also need to provide statistics or accurate data to confirm a particular point of view.

Critical Essay Topics

Here is another list for you. 10 best critical essay topics! Get inspired!

  1. Crimes and governmental influence.
  2. Corporate social responsibility: Business benefits.
  3. The growth of the tech industry and environmental issues associated with it.
  4. What is the right balance between open and closed innovation?
  5. Homelessness in the UK: Is it a big issue?
  6. Innovation influences the business environment.
  7. Is it possible to influence climate change?
  8. Canadian small businesses in public perception.
  9. Reasons for food allergy development.
  10. Consumer behavior and international marketing.

Animal Persuasive Essay Topics

To write an excellent argumentative essay and fully reveal the stated issue, it is worthwhile to guide specific rules for writing this type of work.

However, it is significant to use credible sources and reliable arguments and choose a theme that will be interesting to readers. You can use one of the following topics about animals:

  1. Governments should protect animal rights.
  2. Animal testing should be banned.
  3. Zoos can be good for animals.
  4. It should not be allowed to use animals for entertainment.
  5. It should be forbidden to have exotic pets.
  6. Using animals for fashion purposes is inhumane.
  7. Hunting for entertainment should not be allowed.
  8. Governments should strictly control factory farm conditions.
  9. Cruelty towards animals should be legally punished.
  10. Endangered species should be better protected.

Cool Essay Topics: Nursing

Another excellent list for you! If you want to focus on nursing, go through these cool essay topics!

  1. Ethical questions in healthcare management.
  2. Should euthanasia be allowed?
  3. What is assisted suicide?
  4. What are nursing leaders for?
  5. Moral dilemmas in nursing.
  6. The importance of pain management in nursing.
  7. Healthcare collaboration for patient quality care.
  8. The problem of obesity in childhood.
  9. Racial and cultural inequalities in health.

✍️ Interesting Proposal Essay Topics

In case you have a task to write a proposal essay, get inspired by this list! We’ve picked the most interesting proposal essay topics for you!

  1. Why are foreign languages important in school education?
  2. Should the sale of drugs be strictly controlled?
  3. How should children be taught manners?
  4. What is the best way to tell children about the dangers of our world?
  5. What can be done to protect animals from human cruelty?
  6. How to solve the water pollution problem?
  7. How can cyberbullying be reduced?
  8. What is the best way to reduce smoking among teenagers?
  9. What can be done to lower corruption in sports?
  10. What can be done against fake news?

✔️ Interesting Topics for Essays: Possible Mistakes

You can write a creative essay without using a large number of sources. Nevertheless, when writing an English argumentative essay or an article in any other language, it is essential to avoid typical mistakes that inexperienced authors often make.

Moreover, to write compelling essays, some people choose somewhat tricky topics that can become the cause of problems:

  1. The evaluation of the development of an accounting department next year.
    Such an analytical essay can be full of unnecessary information, which hardly conveys the general essence of the article and can be easily excluded from the text without the loss of sense.
  2. The comparison of the country’s total gross product over the past decade.
    It is quite a problematic theme that requires specific knowledge in the sphere of economics. Persuasive essay writers sometimes choose too complex topics. It is essential to know how to reveal this or that issue and to find reliable sources of information.
  3. The events of the American Civil War in chronological order.
    Great persuasive essays like this one can be appreciated only if the data used in them is accurate; in such a paper, you should give correct information and not miss any significant point to give your readers the most useful data.
  4. The development of baseball and the formation of the game rules.
    This topic aims at describing the history of baseball development, but it is likely to have a limited number of readers. Argumentative subjects should be close to the target audience; otherwise, the theme will be uninteresting.
  5. The development of printing in pictures and tables.
    Such a topic means that you will have to use many graphic elements. The format for an argumentative essay should not differ from generally accepted standards.
  6. The opinions of famous philosophers about the upbringing of children.
    If it is an excellent discursive essay, it should have an appropriate number of quotes cited appropriately. Without them, the argumentative paper will look too weak, and you will be blamed for the lack of identical pieces of evidence.
  7. The peculiarities of English literature in the 17-19th centuries.
    This theme is directly connected with literature, and any English persuasive essay should be relevant and competently written. Any grammatical, punctuation, or other errors are inadmissible; otherwise, the argumentative article will be considered unsuccessful and will not be able to comply with the rules of writing.
  8. Five great thoughts regarding the unacceptability of racism.
    An excellent persuasive essay on this topic will discuss outstanding people’s opinions about a stated problem and, at the same time, will be completely free from plagiarism. In no case can you use other people’s thoughts and texts without first quoting them in the text.
  9. Difficulties of various professions: the experience of different people.
    This topic means that you will have to use some opinions of different respondents to convey the general idea of such a paper fully. In the process of writing an argumentative essay, help can be provided by colleagues or other authors. Remember: great argumentative essays contain your arguments supported by evidence; otherwise, your work will be considered to be false.
  10. A comparative study of the sources confirming the need to introduce electronic knowledge assessment systems.
    This theme will be connected with the review of various articles and online resources to compare authors’ results and give a specific conclusion. It will be useful to pay attention to electronic libraries and other services where various scientific articles and other works of respected scientists are collected. If you do not do it, your paper can have insufficiently relevant arguments.

We hope that our article helps you to start your own paper! Now you have more than 100 interesting essay topic ideas. So, it’s time to choose one and write a brilliant paper. Good luck!

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