Portrait Essay: How to Write an Excellent Paper

Portrait Essay: How to Write an Excellent Paper

Gee! What did your teacher mean by asking you to write a portrait essay? Is it possible to write a portrait? What portrait should you write?

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Well, first, stop panicking because of your portrait essay. Second, your teacher wants you to prepare a normal essay, where you should describe someone or something just like an artist would do it.

Sure, if you have never prepared a portrait essay before, you have a lot of questions. Yet, we are ready to answer some of them and provide a couple of ideas for writing.

Basically, as we have already mentioned, writing portrait essays boils down mainly to describing people. Yet, you can give details not only about someone’s appearance but also about inner traits.

Here are several possible ways to complete portrait essays.

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Self-portrait essays

It seems to be the easiest way to get your essay done, since you can just look at the mirror and complete your paper without any additional research. Mind that self-portrait essays are usually written in the third person, e.g. she has blue eyes.

Let us remind that you can address not only physical features but also personal characteristics.

Family portrait essays

Have you always wanted to describe your big family? You have a perfect opportunity to do it when writing a family portrait essay. If you do not feel like describing your family, “draw” a portrait of an ideal family. Tips for writing essays on families will be useful in this case.

“Portrait of a Lady” essays

It is a completely different but still a good way to write portrait essays. “Portrait of a Lady” is a famous novel of Henry James, which tells the story of a young American woman, her dreams, fears, and destiny.

We are sure that your paper can also be devoted to the most famous portrait in the world, and you can write a Mona Lisa smile essay.

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