Is OvernightEssay a Legitimate Service?

Over the years, the industry of academic help providers has become saturated with new services. Unfortunately, not all of them choose legit ways of operating, and some even try to scam people.

As a safe and reliable service, here at OvernightEssay, we wanted to take a minute to ensure everyone, including returning customers and newcomers, that what we do is completely legal for a number of reasons. We’ll explain more below.

What Sets OvernightEssay Apart as a Legal Service

When you know what to pay attention to, it’s not hard to tell the difference between a legit writing service and an illegal one.

OvernightEssay Apart is a Legal Service

Extensive experience

OvernightEssay has operated since 2007. Throughout those years, we have honed our skills and continually improved our services. We’ve also developed a working model that allows us to set reasonable prices without sacrificing the delivery speed of the orders or the quality of our finished work.

Official registration

OvernightEssay is operated by and has an official registration number, as well as a legal mailing address, which you can find on the Contact Us page.

Team of professionals

All of our writers hold Master’s or Ph.D. degrees in a wide variety of study fields, enabling our service to easily tackle tasks on any topic. Our experts are highly proficient in English, ready to adjust to any writing style, and comfortable using any citation style.

Our writers work in tandem with quality assurance specialists who ensure that the finished work sent to our clients is truly flawless.

We also have a team of customer care specialists, who take your order and answer any questions 24/7. In addition, our IT, marketing, and billing experts work together to bring you the best customer experience possible.

Fair pricing

We don’t pull our prices out of thin air. You can always find out how much your order will cost before placing it. The cost of our services depends on four fixed criteria: study level, deadline, number of pages (with one page being equal to 275 words), and assignment type. You can check the Pricing page right now to see how each of these criteria influences the overall order price.

Complete safety and reliability

We back up our claims about our service’s quality by offering you a set of guarantees.

With OvernightEssay, you’re always getting a fully original work delivered on time, no matter how strict your deadline is. We also guarantee full confidentiality, as none of your personal information is shared with third parties. Not even your writer knows anything about you except your Customer ID.

We also give you 14 days after the order is delivered to request revisions to your work if you’ve found any flaws.

Ethical Use of Academic Assistance Services

There’s another aspect of academic help services that often gets overlooked, specifically the way in which customers use the assistance and texts we provide.

We always state clearly that the works we deliver are destined for research purposes only. Apart from that, there are other factors that support the ethical use of custom writing services.

In numerous instances, writing services are seen as a way to counter the increasing workload and pressure that colleges and universities place on students. Often times, it’s simply impossible to deal with all of your assignments within the set deadlines without having to sacrifice all of your free time. Resting and participating in extracurricular activities is important for your mental and physical health.

Additionally, if a student doesn’t have free time, they can’t even consider taking a part-time job to help pay tuition fees. We won’t even mention how heavily the debt of student loans and living expenses weighs on students, even years after finishing their studies.

That’s where custom writing services can help. They enable students to save some of their precious time to spend on more important things instead of doing busywork or repetitive tasks. They also help those students who are stuck on a difficult assignment and would otherwise fail to complete it.

It’s all about the proper use of our academic assistance. Submitting the texts you receive as your own work is wrong. Not only would you be lying to yourself, but you’d also be committing academic fraud.

For that reason, we advise you to use our papers as a guide to find out more about a certain topic, learn the aspects of a specific citation style, kickstart your own research, draw inspiration, or cite the paper as a reference source.

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