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Have you ever struggled because of a lack of creativity? Do you find it impossible to rewrite the full-length essay using other words?

We can prove to you that rephrasing is easier than you expect. All you need to do is to press the right button. Our online sentence rephraser tool will do the rest of the work for you.

So, why should you use it?

First, you will save plenty of time. Our innovative tool will instantly provide you with a unique new text. Secondly, it will carefully rephrase sentences according to grammar rules, adding synonyms and catchy expressions. Thirdly, you will never get a plagiarized paper if you change it online with our tool.

So, don’t be anxious because of writing difficulties. Our professionals can offer you an effective solution. Just click on the right button and enjoy the final result!

🆚 Rephrasing vs. Rewording

People tend to mix up the rephrasing and rewording. Yes, these two terms are indeed tricky. Do you want to learn about them more? We can help you with that!

The following section will investigate the critical distinctions between the rewording and rephrasing and suggest how to apply them properly.

Rewording is the process of changing certain words in the sentence without transforming the structure. It might be useful when you need to turn a weak sentence into a more dynamic one. By selecting the right words, even the most monotonous phrase becomes an effective thought expressing tool.

In contrast:

Rephrasing is the process of transforming the entire sentence by changing the structure, grammar constructions, etc. It can be used if you need to avoid plagiarism while retelling someone else’s thoughts. Rephrasing will be useful if the sentence is too bulky, and you need to make it more concise. Or vice versa: when you aim to combine several simple fragments into one

To understand how the sentence rephraser would work in each case, look at the following example.

Julie is going through a difficult period of her life.

  • Rewording: Julie is dealing with certain troubles at this point in life.
  • Rephrasing: Being predisposed to face numerous obstacles, Julie has to overcome the challenging life period.

Now, let’s see how a sentence changer would work with the conditional sentences.

If I knew her phone number, I would call her on a date.

  • Rewording: If I could contact her, I would ask her out.
  • Rephrasing: I want to go on a date with her, but, unfortunately, I don’t know how to invite her since I don’t have her contacts.

If you rephrase the text by yourself, it might take time and effort. Luckily, we have an online tool that will help you modify separate sentences, paragraphs, and entire essays.

✨ Tips on Rephrasing a Sentence

Sill, want to try your writing skills and rephrase the content without any sentence changers tools? It is not an easy task! But it can be quite exciting if you know three essential tips for sentence rephrasing.

In case you might be asking yourself about the tips to rephrase the sentences, we have an answer for you. Check out the following sections and find a lot of useful advice!

🧠 Comprehend

Have you ever seen the marks “unclear” or “confusing” left by the teacher on your paper? In most cases, this is the result of an inappropriate word choice of bulky sentence structure.

While creating any piece of writing, you should understand what you are aiming to say. Sometimes it happens that the idea might be straightforward for you, but the reader gets lost in your thoughts.


Reread each sentence you compose and figure out whether the idea is delivered concisely enough. If the fragment seems to be weak, rephrase the content. Use different words and avoid too complex grammar structures to add more clarity.


  • Unclear sentence: David struggled with his essay facing trouble of not having enough time and knowledge to complete it.
  • Clear sentence: David couldn’t write a good essay because he lacked time and knowledge.

The difference is noticeable, right? So, compose the concise sentences, and don’t forget to use our online rephraser!

🗝️ Find Keywords

Every text contains keywords that reflect the core theme and focus the reader’s attention on the fundamental idea. Thus, it is crucial to find the keywords and rephrase them carefully, so the sentence will not lose its initial meaning. Especially if you are rephrasing a thesis statement or a topic sentence.

Keep in mind that sometimes, keywords cannot be replaced by the alternatives. It would be more helpful to keep them rather than use the thesaurus sentence changer and confuse the context.


If you are dealing with the compound sentence, make sure you defined the main clause. Usually, it reflects the core idea and contains significant keywords.

After figuring out what the keywords are and what is the main clause, start transforming your sentence. First, focus on the keywords and modify them if possible. For these purposes, you can use the synonym sentence changer tool to make the process easier. Then, change the secondary words. Finally, reread the new sentence and make sure it corresponds to the initial meaning.

Now, let’s take a look at the examples to dive into this topic more in-depth.

  1. Simple sentence: Deforestation is one of the most critical environmental problems people face nowadays.
  2. Rephrased simple sentence: Among numerous natural issues, deforestation is one of the most serious ones.
  3. Compound sentence: The world will become a better place when people stop acting insincerely.
  4. Rephrased compound sentence: As soon as people stop being hypocritical, the world will improve.

So, while rephrasing the sentence, do not lose its core idea. Use the sentence changer with the same meaning to make sure that you are in the right direction.

🧩 Rearrange

The last piece of advice for rephrasing is to change the structure of your sentence. You can successfully transform the text by applying the following strategies:

  1. Turn a compound sentence into two sentences. This is a great idea for making the text easy comprehendible and less cumbersome. Remember, the simpler the sentence, the more effectively the message is delivered to the reader.
    • Compound sentence: Since Mary did not backup her document, she needed to write the entire essay from the very beginning because her laptop died.
    • Two rephrased sentences: Mary did not make a reserve copy of her essay. Thus, she needed to rewrite it again.
  2. Add modal verbs. Modal verbs may become a perfect solution for rephrasing. Take a look at the example to see how this method works:
    • Initial sentence: Taking care of elderly parents is what every child is supposed to do.
    • Rephrased sentences: You must take care of your old parents.
  3. Cut or add adjectives. Adjectives may play a crucial role in rephrasing the text. By expanding or shrinking the sentences with adjectives, you will get a new piece of writing.
    • Initial sentence: A good leader has to be responsible and courageous.
    • Rephrased sentences: A talented leader is supposed to be confident, motivated, courageous, team-oriented, responsible, and supportive.
  4. Change the voice The tone shift is a useful trick if you need to rephrase the content. Do you want to know how it works? Take a look at the example!
    • Initial sentence: I wanted to eat during the lesson.
    • Rephrased sentences: I couldn’t concentrate on studying because I was starving during the class.
  5. Make a sentence conditional. Sometimes it can be useful to combine two short sentences to make a conditional one. Let’s see how it works!
    • Initial sentence: You need to go on a diet. Then, you will lose weight.
    • Rephrased sentences: If you go on a diet, you will lose weight.

Thanks for your attention. Use our sentence rephraser to excel at your writing and share the tool with others who may need it.


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