Foreign Policy Essays: How to Write a Powerful Paper

Foreign Policy Essays: How to Write a Powerful Paper

If Political science is your major in college or you take a government class in school, you will definitely be asked to talk about foreign policy and write papers on this topic.

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What should you get ready for when it comes to writing papers on foreign policy? First of all, you should have solid background knowledge, and it refers not only to some current events in foreign policy, but also to some historical issues.

Second, to write a good foreign policy essay, it is important to have own position on various foreign policy-related questions.

Unfortunately, we cannot help you with background knowledge, but we can explain what main steps you need to take to prepare a good foreign policy essay.

Step 1: choose and narrow down a topic

Foreign policy is an extremely broad and complex field. This is why it so important to be careful with the topic of your foreign policy essay and not to hurry when making a choice. We advise you to do the following to decide on a good topic idea:

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  • think about two countries whose relations you would like to investigate, e.g. United States and China;
  • think about very specific aspects in their relations, e.g. trade.

Step 2: develop your standpoint

The purposes of writing foreign policy essays can be different. You may wish just to inform the reader on something, or analyze, or argue. Yet, no matter what, your personal position is what a teacher will appreciate in the foreign policy essay the most.

Step 3: do research

You have to be an expert on the topic – this is how the research stage can be described in a few words. Collect information for your foreign policy essay from various sources, both printed and electronic. Make sure that you use not only textbooks, but also official documents, some laws, etc.

If you want to focus on the 1950’s in your foreign policy essay, you may start with checking our ideas for 1950’s essays or read about a US government essay.

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