Frequently Asked Questions

What if my order is urgent? Can you complete it on time?

Our writing service specializes in writing extremely complex orders by extreme deadlines. Yes, it is most likely that we can help you with your assignment.

My deadline is shorter than your minimum deadline option. Can you still help me?

We cannot guarantee it before seeing the details of your actual assignment. However, with the extensive pool of professional academic writers it’s practically a certainty that we’ll find the right writer for you. Please, contact our support department and check if we can help!

Can you write my paper on Accounting?

Yes, and not only on Accounting. With an extensive pool of professional writers all over the world, we are absolutely sure that any paper of any complexity level is not a problem for the team. Submit the order, and we will find you the best writer.

Do you guarantee that my paper will not appear online? guarantees your paper will be one of a kind. It will not appear online, it will not be resold, and we will not use parts of it the next day after you receive it, or any time at all.

Can I order 1 page from your service?

Unfortunately, our pricing policy allows paper writing from a minimum of 2 pages.

How can I pay?

You may pay using your card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, etc.) or Wire Transfer. Whichever option you choose, all of them are secure.

Will anybody know I used your service?

We guard your privacy. This is why the name of the company and the type of service will not be shown on the bank check after you pay for the order.

Why did my status not change even though I paid for the order?

The most likely reason is a pending payment verification. Wait for some time - the process can take up to one hour, after which the status will be changed to Paid. This means we accepted payment and started looking for the writer. We know how crucial your time is when your order is urgent. If you are waiting for more than an hour, feel free to contact our live support service to check if everything is okay. We will try to solve your problem as fast as possible.

What if I need to send additional files?

Either fax or e-mail the materials to our office, or upload and attach them to the personal message to your writer.

Do you use TurnItIn as plagiarism detection software?

No, we use plagiarism detection software developed by the leading services in the field. It is better for many reasons. The companies we cooperate with are the pioneers in creating powerful scanning systems. Plus, with this software your scanned paper will not be submitted to any other databases, including TurnItIn.

How can my writer receive additional materials from me?

Via the communication panel on your personal account, attach files to the message that you will send to your writer. If for any reason this option does not satisfy you, send us additional materials by e-mail or fax.

What if my order does not satisfy me?

The staff of writers and editors is ready to revise it until it reaches perfection. We strive to deliver only high quality writing. This is why you are entitled to an unlimited amount of amendments.

How can I contact the writer?

Log in to your personal account and use the communication panel. All information, including writer's ID and messaging to both your writer and live support is available and easy to find with a user-friendly interface, created especially for our customers.

What time can I contact you?

Contact us any time! Our live support department works every day 24/7, even on weekends and holidays. We are ready to answer all your questions and assist you at any level. Our writers are also available for communication, but since they are working on your orders, keep in mind that sometimes they can go to sleep. Send a direct message, and the reply from your writer will come within 24 hours.

How do I know my paper is ready?

E-mail notifications are available. E-mail notifications are sent automatically.

How can I receive my paper?

After being notified, either go to your personal account and download your order, or wait until our service delivers it by e-mail.

How about discounts for big orders?

You may ask for an individual discount. This is a unique opportunity offers every customer. Contact live support for details. Also, you will get plenty of additional and seasonal discounts.

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“I feel like prices could’ve been a little lower, but then again, the quality of work is outstanding, so I guess you gotta pay for it.”

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