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Research paper

One of the assignments students have always struggled with is research paper writing. In order to get rid of the unnecessary workload and save some precious time, you are welcome to use our assistance. We will provide you with relevant sources for your paper, prepare an outline, include tables and graphs (if needed). Our service can use one of the citation styles you require in your paper.

Term paper

A term paper is one of the most problematic assignments, even for an experienced writing service. It may come in the shape of an essay, research paper, or a report. Whatever it may be, it still needs to be done properly and carefully. In case you have not been to a single lecture, OvernightEssay.com is here for you. The writing services we offer include writing any kind of academic assignment and thorough editing of that assignment.


We know how hard undertaking report writing may seem. That is why OvernightEssay.com offers you a wonderful opportunity to use our report writing service. We will gladly assist you with an acknowledgments page, contents, introduction, methodology part, literature review section, conclusion, appendices, and bibliography.


One type of assignment that needs a special attitude is coursework writing. By presenting the knowledge that you have gained during the study period, Coursework of any kind has to be thoroughly thought through, perfectly written, and properly cited. All of these requirements will be followed strictly when completing your order. Also, our service is always open to your suggestions.


To write a good critique of a book or a movie, you need to attend the course or, at least, read the needed material. In case this is the first time you see the book used in class, you are welcome to use our writing services. With our help, you will get quality writing according to your special requirements, adjusted to your writing style.


Unlike essays and courseworks, dissertation writing is not something a student completes often. Your dissertation is a huge project which is to be done properly and thoroughly. This is when the problems start popping up. Lacking professional assistance, writing skills, and experience, students usually get too nervous and tend to spoil the entire outcome. This is when OvernightEssay.com steps in. We offer professional assistance along with a careful attitude as we know how frustrating and backbreaking dissertation writing can be.


Thesis writing is the result of years of studies. Our experts have professional experience to provide you with a perfect and quality service. Whether you need a literature review for your thesis or reports on the financial data of some companies, we know how to research and how to get the most niche information. You are welcome to turn to our writing services for help even if you need help only with specific parts: Introduction, Methodology, Results, or Conclusion.

Annotated Bibliography

The hardest thing to do is to write the final part of your project. Our service will gladly assist you with this task. Moreover, apart from including necessary information: title, date of publication, number of pages, publisher's name and location, we will take into consideration the target audience, focus of the paper, etc. Annotated bibliography writing service is taken seriously as it is evidence of your true work on the paper.

Editing and Proofreading

No matter what kind of academic assignment you have completed, you are always welcome to edit and proofread it with our writing service. Every single piece of writing needs to be thoroughly checked in order to avoid any possible mistakes and get the highest grade.

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