Essays on Hobbies: What People Like Doing in Free Time

Essays on Hobbies: What People Like Doing in Free Time

Scientists say that people who have no hobbies suffer from depressions and bad mood more frequently than those involved in some activities. We are sure it is true, because when you are involved into something you feel passionate about, there is no time to think about problems.

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If at the moment you are looking through your collection of stamps or trying to play a new tune on the piano, better stop for a while. Do you remember about an essay on hobbies that is due soon?

By the way, our hobby is giving tips and recommendations to students who are stuck with their assignments. So, let us explain you right now how to prepare an outstanding hobby essay.

An essay on “My Hobbies”

Sure, it is the easiest way to get your hobby essay done without getting bored. Tell about an activity that you like doing more than anything else. Try to make your essay on hobbies striking by adding more details and not just writing standard phrases like “I like collecting baseball cards. I have been collecting them since…”

Present more explanations in your hobby essay. Why did you choose this particular activity? Did you try something else? What are your accomplishments?

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An essay about other people’s hobbies

This option will fit you if you do not have a hobby or simply want to make your essay on hobbies more exciting. Interview several people and ask about their hobbies. Try to find someone with unusual hobbies like origami or, for instance, soap making.

Ask the following questions and introduce answers in your essay on hobbies:

  • For how long have you had this hobby?
  • Why did you choose it?
  • What do you like the most about your hobby?
  • What have you already accomplished? What further improvements can be made?

You will find other good ideas for your paper in our articles about a childhood experience essay and an essay on tourism.

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