Hobbies Essay: 80 Topics, 2 Examples, & My Hobby Essay Outline

The picture provides introductory information about a hobby essay.

Do you need to write a perfect leisure time essay?

It is an exciting topic – you can write about the things you are genuinely interested in! Try to think about what makes you feel inspired and share it with your readers. We will show you how to prepare a worthy paper in this article. You will find a hobbies essay writing guide, some topics on hobbies, and essay samples in the end.

🗂️ Hobby Essay: 3 Writing Rules

Here we will give some advice and discuss common mistakes in a “My hobbies” essay.

Follow these rules to prepare your paper wisely.

Essay on Hobbies Rule#1 Choose the Topic

First of all, you need to ensure that the hobby essay title you chose is appropriate to your paper’s length. If it is a short 100-word or 150-word essay, you can pick a simple topic. The longer the paper, the more complex issue you need. It also depends on your level of studies: high school and college paper topics have different requirements.

Your paper might also require some scientific research. In this case, look for a topic on which you can find enough information. Don’t be afraid to change or adjust the focus if you can’t find sufficient materials.

Use our amazing free essay topic generator to get the best topic!

If your instructor gave a list of topics, choose the one that interests you the most. You can also make a shortlist before you pick the most suitable title.

Essay on Hobbies Rule#2 Plan before Writing

Create a list of the essential points of your hobbies essay. Planning is vital as every paper needs a structure. Otherwise, you just might end up worshiping your hobby. This is the number one mistake.

Your outline should consist of three main parts:

  1. Introduction. You need to state your topic and describe what the paper is about.
  2. Body. Develop your arguments or narrative and provide evidence if necessary.
  3. Conclusion. Summarize the information you provided in the previous paragraphs.

Find rare aspects of your hobby. They can include equipment, locations, your achievements, and inspiration, etc.

If your hobby is rather popular, share a unique story connected with it.

Essay on Hobbies Rule#3 Filter What You Say

The first thing you should remember: be as objective as possible. No matter how much you love your hobbies, you better stick to the facts. All the information you provide should be unbiased and reliable.

How can you do it?

  • Make references. Statistics, facts, and all other data will support your statements.
  • Pay attention to vocabulary. You can use jargon and specific terminology as long as it has explanations. Avoid emotional words such as “very,” “terrible,” “awesome.”
  • Don’t use reductions. As for academic writing, it is better to choose full forms.
  • Show opposing points of view. To stay objective, indicate that your ideas have counterarguments.
  • Check English grammar and spelling. Literacy is a must-have for any academic paper.
The picture contains 5 key rules of writing an essay about hobbies.

🧙 80 Hobby Essay Topics

You can discuss one of these essay topics in your paper:

  1. What is the hobby you dream of taking up?
  2. Are active or passive hobbies better for children to develop properly?
  3. Woodstock: An important event for those who have music as their hobby.
  4. How much time do you devote to your hobbies and interests?
  5. Reading as a family hobby.
  6. Should a hobby be affordable or require extra spending?
  7. Hobbies in ancient Rome: The importance of games and baths.
  8. Who or what inspired you to take up a new hobby?
  9. What equipment do you need for your hobby?
  10. Art as a hobby in the UK: Why it is worth supporting.
  11. Is it essential for a person to have a hobby?
  12. Is there a childhood hobby that you gave up?
  13. Sociology of music: What music means in our life.
  14. How many hobbies can a person have?
  15. What is your favorite hobby that you genuinely enjoy?
  16. Did your parents force you to choose your leisure time activities?
  17. What hobbies should you include in your resume?
  18. Folk music as a hobby.
  19. What is the right age to take up drawing?
  20. Gambling as a controversial hobby.
  21. Is it possible for a person not to have any hobbies?
  22. Sports as a hobby: Fan habits and behaviors on a game day.
  23. What is the most important lesson your hobby has taught you?
  24. Japanese manga and anime: A popular hobby worldwide.
  25. Which hobbies can you take up with a low budget?
  26. Rock music as a hobby.
  27. What hobby is the most popular in the United States?
  28. How can you define the word “hobby”?
  29. Game of Thrones: A proof of why watching TV can be a legitimate hobby.
  30. Can singing be your hobby if you are not talented?
  31. When can you say that activity became your hobby?
  32. Music as a hobby: Its influence on the mind.
  33. Who has the most exciting hobby in your family?
  34. Why do people choose extreme or dangerous hobbies?
  35. What are the benefits of reading books?
  36. How to help a kid to pick their hobby?
  37. Yoga as a stress-reducing hobby.
  38. What should you do if you are no longer interested in your hobby?
  39. Is it essential to achieve something in your hobby?
  40. Music technology: Effects on professional and amateur musicians.
  41. Can your hobby become a profession?
  42. How can you define that a hobby is not suitable for you?
  43. Graffiti as a hobby and an art form.
  44. How to choose your hobby if you are interested in too many things?
  45. Is gardening a hobby or a duty?
  46. Teenage gaming: Balancing between an innocent hobby and addiction.
  47. What free time activities are the most common among high school students?
  48. What is your favorite family free time activity?
  49. Video games: Are they an appropriate hobby for children?
  50. Why do people lose interest in their hobbies over time?
  51. What are the differences between sports as a profession and as a hobby?
  52. What hobbies have you already tried?
  53. Do you prefer participating in your hobbies alone or with other people?
  54. Is gaming an appropriate hobby for the elderly?
  55. What hobbies, in your opinion, are the most expensive?
  56. Violent video games: A hobby causing behavior problems.
  57. Did you enjoy your hobby when you first tried it?
  58. Music, media, and culture: Influence on behavior.
  59. How can a hobby be helpful in your career?
  60. Video games as a hobby producing cognitive benefits.
  61. Is volunteering an unpaid job or a hobby?
  62. Music as a hobby: Personality traits and music preferences.
  63. Have your hobbies ever interfered with your studies?
  64. Toys and games as important activities for children’s gender socialization.
  65. What hobbies are harmful to human health?
  66. Online games: Are they a suitable hobby for children or adults?
  67. Is taking up a new hobby stressful for you?
  68. The importance of music as a hobby.
  69. How much money do you spend on your hobby?
  70. Video games: A hobby with controversial effects.
  71. Do you want to devote more time to your hobby?
  72. Hip hop music as a hobby.
  73. Have you ever inspired anyone to take up your hobby?
  74. Music as a popular hoppy among Americans.
  75. How do your hobbies help you in life?
  76. Heavy metal music as a hobby: Gender differences.
  77. Who is your role model in your hobby?
  78. Leisure satisfaction in school teachers in Taiwan.
  79. Does sharing a hobby make people better friends?

✅ My Hobby Essay Outline

Writing an essay about your hobby is so exciting! If you don’t know where to start or how to organize your ideas, consider the following outline we’ve prepared to guide you.

IntroductionStart your essay with an intriguing hook in the form of an anecdote or a question related to your hobby. Then, briefly introduce your hobby and include a thesis statement indicating its significance in your life.
Main body
  • Body paragraph 1: Discovery and development. Describe how you got into this activity, what drew you to it, and how you progressed in this hobby.
  • Body paragraph 2: Benefits and rewards. Dwell on how this hobby benefits you physically, mentally, emotionally, or socially.
  • Body paragraph 3: Challenges and obstacles. Focus on the difficulties you have faced in your hobby and the actions you have taken to overcome them.
  • Body paragraph 4: The impact. Explain how your hobby has influenced your personality, worldview, and relationships with people.
ConclusionIn the end, restate the thesis about the significance of the hobby and add a closing statement to make a good final impression.

📔 Hobby Essay Examples

And here are some short hobby essay examples for you. Read them to find inspiration. Pay attention to the structure and use them as a reference to your paper.

Let’s start!

Free Time Activities Essay

Each person needs to change their activities. If you have a sedentary job or study a lot, it is great to do some sports. If you move too much, you can enjoy reading a book in a quiet place. People need free time activities to make their lifestyle more enjoyable, healthy and get to know themselves better. First of all, having a hobby creates new experiences for you. Any kind of free time activity develops new skills and teaches you something new. It is excellent to know that you do something for yourself just for pleasure and new emotions. You can also find new friends, visit new places, and participate in events just because you have a hobby. For example, you like running. You can do it alone or join a local community. There are also plenty of amateur competitions that take place in different locations. Hobbies are beneficial for both your mental and physical health. They help you to keep your life in balance. Lacking movement in your daily life means you can compensate for it with sports. If you work from home and don’t communicate with people, you can sign up for group classes. Also, hobbies that require effort make your character more vigorous and more resistant to difficulties. When you spend your free time the way you like it, you become more self-aware. Knowing yourself means that you discover your strengths and weaknesses and understand your preferences better. You know what you are capable of now and what you need to learn to do. It is great to have a hobby to participate in different activities and enrich your life experience with new skills, places, and people. Hobbies also keep you healthy. Free-time activities are crucial for understanding your self-worth, motivations, and strong and weak spots.

My Favorite Hobby Essay

As for a high school student, my hobby might seem untypical. I design custom clothes for my family and peers. I am a seventeen-year-old boy who knows how to sew an evening dress for my mother or to create a tailored suit for any event. I chose this hobby as I was always interested in fashion, I am good at drawing and sketching, and my progress motivates me. It was always curious looking at people on the street when I was a kid. I noticed patterns, silhouettes, and various combinations. I knew some were good, some didn’t suit people, and some were just outdated. That was the moment when I started to notice the difference between fashion and style. Later, I watched fashion shows and educational YouTube videos. It is my dream to own a fashion brand, so I also paid attention to the business part of the process. Sketching clothes is the first step to their creation. I am a good drawer, so there is no problem showing all of my design ideas on paper. You just need a lot of practice. I needed to hone my skills to make proportions and colors seem as natural as possible. I also try to memorize how people look and draw them when I have an opportunity. I own more than twenty sketchbooks full of ideas and inspiration. The more ideas I generate, the easier it becomes. When I see my old sketches or pieces of clothing that I created, I can notice how much I’ve improved. Hard work and knowledge can make your goals achievable. If I don’t know something, I just search for it on the Internet and try it. Maybe you will need to try more than once, but eventually, I can see the result I want. Fashion is one of my greatest passions. That is why I never hesitate to spend some extra money or effort to create something new. I never regretted choosing fashion over any other hobbies because I always knew I was doing what was suitable for me. I know I developed my taste, drawing skills, and persistence because of this hobby. I hope one day it becomes a profession. My dream is to use all my skills and knowledge to create something people will like to wear.

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