Essay on Describing Your Favorite Relative: Winning Guidelines

Essay on Describing Your Favorite Relative: Winning Guidelines

People might have many relatives: grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, etc. Some people do not have too many relatives.

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We love all of them equally, but definitely there is a person among all of your relatives that you love and appreciate more than others. This person will be the main character of your essay describing your favorite relative.

If you have some troubles with the completion of your essay describing your favorite relative, we are glad to provide a simple but winning plan for writing.

Before you get down to writing the essay on your favorite relative, think for a while about this person. What thoughts, feelings, and memories do you associate with this relative? How would you characterize this person in a few words? Jot down all these first ideas that can be used as an introduction of your essay describing your favorite relative.

After that you may take the following steps.

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Step 1

Tell the name of your relative and his/her status (aunt, uncle, etc.).

Step 2

Describe how your relative looks like. Start with some general descriptions like height, weight, color of his/her eyes, hair. Then you can add more details. Think if there is something special about your relative appearance.

Step 3

Tell about some habits of your relative, hobbies, and favorite activities. Probably, there is something you do together. You may provide some details about his/her occupation, education.

Step 4

Finally, explain what makes this person special for you. Why is it your favorite relative? Maybe, he/she used to give you the best presents for Christmas and birthday. Or, you have learned some very important things with this relative.

Our hints for writing a life changing experience essay and describing a person essay might be useful too.

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Diane Clark

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