Essays on World Hunger: What to Do to Stop It

Essays on World Hunger: What to Do to Stop It

At this very moment, you are working on your essay on world hunger, and meanwhile 800 million people around the world are hungry and are left with the problem face to face.

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Is it possible to help those 800 million people? Should their local governments find ways to solve the problem or should developed nations be involved? There are many other difficult questions you may touch upon in your essay on world hunger.

However, we have a bit different suggestion on how to complete essays on world hunger. Instead of talking how various governments will tackle the problem, we offer you to find some real-life solutions.

Particularly, explain in your essay on world hunger what can be done on the local scale, like what you, your neighbors, friends can do to stop world hunger.

These are some points to be included into essays on world hunger:

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Point 1

Use less fuel and energy. Explain in your essay on world hunger that this will help to save fuel for ships that are transporting products to starving nations. Saving energy is so easy. Just turn off the light or computer if you go out and do not use it.

Point 2

Eating less meat is also one of the ways to stop the problem that you can mention in your essay on world hunger. The thing is that a huge amount of grain is used to feed farm animals that later give us meat. Instead, this grain can be given to starving nations.

Point 3

Donating money is another important point to be included into essays on world hunger. We all know that even 1 dollar can save somebody. How much have you recently given?

You may also check information about essays about pollution and an essay on gas pricing that are also global problems.

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