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Check each section to find the best topic! First are the hottest 20 basketball topics – these are the themes relevant all the time. The following selection suggests topics for literally any taste; then read topics for research about basketball. And, finally, basketball speech topics, in case you have to prepare a speech about basketball.

🏀 Top 20 Basketball Essay Topics

  1. The history of NBA creation and its influence in the modern world.
  2. Do elite basketball athletes deserve their high salaries?
  3. Basketball athletes train hard: describe their workout and eating routines.
  4. Salary discrimination in NBA.
  5. The benefits of basketball socialization among children and young adults.
  6. Basketball vs. football. What are the key differences between the games?
  7. How to become a successful professional basketball player?
  8. Playing basketball in high school and college helps to develop communicational skills.
  9. How was basketball created and popularized?
  10. Doping ussue in basketball.
  11. Basketball at the Olympic games. The critical historical moments.
  12. Gender inequality in basketball.
  13. Is professional basketball an appropriate type of sport for amateurs?
  14. The psychological benefits of team sports. The case of basketball.
  15. Playing basketball is an excellent activity for people with sedentary lifestyles.
  16. The dangers of playing basketball: from bullying to physical traumas.
  17. The culture of basketball among American citizens 20 years ago and today.
  18. Management and marketing of basketball.
  19. Does talent or persistence play a primary role in a basketball career?
  20. Why do basketball fans support particular teams or players?

🗑️ Basketball Essay Topics for Any Taste

In this section, you will find basketball essay ideas on various topics: game rules, rules violation, famous basketball players, college & high school basketball essay, and funny basketball essay topics. Make sure to read them all and choose the best one!

Basketball Essay Topics: Rules of the Game

  1. Who created the rules of the basketball game? Describe James Naismith, the teacher who started the game. What was his incentive? How did he develop the idea?
  2. What were the original 13 rules of dr. James Naismith? Basketball rules were not the same as we can see them today. Compare the modern practices with the original ones.
  3. Why are there only five players on a basketball court? At first, there was no rule like this. There could be seven or even eight players on the court.
  4. The main types of basketball shots and the scoring. Explain the types of shots from different lines. Write about shooting techniques.
  5. The requirements for basketball courts: the size and the markings. You can write about it from a historical perspective and describe the changes. Also, you can talk about men’s and women’s basketball courts.
  6. Using foul strategy in basketball.
  7. The differences between the rules in NBA, WNBA, and NCAA.
  8. The way basketball rules changed over time.
  9. The rules of the offense and defense teams: the key differences.
  10. The rule differences for men and women in basketball.

Basketball Essay Topics: Rules Violation

  1. The primary rule violations in basketball. You can write about traveling, the 5-second rule, etc. explain why they are breaking the rules and when they appeared.
  1. NBA rule number 10: violations and penalties. Describe the critical moments of rules violation, provide the corresponding sections of the rule, and explain the cases.
  2. Fights and quarrels between basketball teams during games. Provide some examples of the most famous fights and reasons for them. Include media coverage and overall reaction.
  3. The consequences of breaking the rules in basketball. Explain what the difference between the occurring fouls and violations is.
  4. Time, dribbling, and goaltending violations in basketball. Describe each type of violation and why they happen.
  5. Non-foul and foul rules violations in basketball.
  6. What are the most common types of basketball infringement?
  7. Performance-enhancing drugs in basketball.
  8. Steroids in basketball. Legalized and prohibited supplements.

Basketball Essay Topics about Famous Players

  1. Michael Jordan: training program, lifestyle, and habits. No doubt, he is one of the key players of all time. Write about Michael Jordan’s routine and explain why it helped him to achieve such results.
  2. Bill Russell: one of the greatest defenders of all time. Explain how he earned such a reputation playing for Boston Celtics. Describe his rebounding abilities.
  3. Lebron James’s sports career and social activity. There were several teams he played for, including the US national team. He is also a supporter of several non-profit organizations and has an active social life.
  4. Earvin “Magic” Johnson’s charity and struggles with AIDS. Describe his HIV activism and participation in the national commission on AIDS. Write about the charity events he organized.
  5. Oscar Robertson’s statistics and contribution to basketball. Write about his achievements during the 1963-1964 season. Mention his key career points.
  6. Who is the most famous basketball player of today?
  7. Larry Bird’s biography and his way to success.
  8. How Lebron James became one of the most significant players of all time?
  9. How Wilt Chamberlain changed basketball as a sport?
  10. How Tim Duncan earned his nickname “the Big Fundamental?”

College & High School Basketball Essay Topics

The picture contains information about the most-attended basketball game ever, which was between Michigan State University and the University of Kentucky in 2003.
  1. A basketball scholarship is a way to start a successful career. Many professional players begin their career playing for a college team. Explain why scholarships give young players a chance to become pros.
  2. Why do children feel less motivated to play active games? The reason might be the role of mobile phones and other technologies, lack of time, or overprotective parents.
  3. The benefits of playing basketball for children. Like any active sport, basketball has a positive effect on physical development. Describe why sports, especially team games, are suitable for children.
  4. The role of team sports in high school and college. Players, fans, and competition. Describe how this system is organized, the (un)written rules, the distribution of roles, and other aspects.
  5. Why are team games such as basketball important in children’s development?
  6. Basketball, volleyball or football: which game is the safest for children?
  7. How to motivate young players and keep them interested?
  8. Why do children dream of becoming basketball players?
  9. The significance of basketball championships at the college level.

Funny Basketball Essay Topics

  1. How many calories do professional basketball players consume?
  2. What is the scariest thing to a basketball player?
  3. The funniest nicknames given to basketball players.
  4. How being tall as a basketball player changes your life?
  5. Why was the ball color changed to orange?
  6. What are the hilarious rules that don’t make sense?
  7. Simulation and exaggerating in basketball: lousy acting.
  8. Why were Jordan sneakers banned from the NBA?
  9. The funniest basketball variations that are surprisingly popular.
  10. The shortest and the tallest players in NBA.

⛹️‍♀️ Excellent Topics for a Basketball Research Paper

Now, if it is more serious than an essay – here are some good topics to write a basketball research paper on. The history of basketball, psychology research, and some controversial topics for a good basketball research paper – will make a great paper.

Women’s Basketball Topics

  1. Gender inequality in team sports. Is women’s basketball a popular sport? Compare several team sports. Write about media coverage, pay gaps, and other statistics.
  2. The portrayal of female basketball players in the media. Describe the most popular women in the sport and their public appearances covered by the media.
  3. Levels of competition in women’s basketball in the United States. Describe college games, types of professional leagues, and international competitions.
  4. Women basketball players in cinematography and literature. The three films that you might need are Off The Rez, She Got Game, and Training Rules. You can also compare them to men’s portrayal in cinema about basketball.
  5. The history of WNBA creation and its role in women’s sports.
  6. An overview of the professional leagues in women’s basketball.
  7. Why do female basketball players receive a lower income than men?
  8. The best women’s basketball teams of all time.
  9. The best women basketball players of all time.
  10. The career competition among women basketball players in the United States.

Topics for a Paper about Basketball History

  1. Basketball uniform variations and changes through history. Basketball exists more than one hundred years. Indeed, materials and styles change. Discuss the significant modifications in uniform and footwear.
  2. The evolution of basketball: significant changes and perception. Describe how a school game became one of the most popular team sports.
  3. The first basketball game in Europe: Paris, 1983. Explain why it was an important sport event and what its impact was. What challenges did they face?
  4. Top highest-scoring game in NBA history. You can write about the statistics of each game. Mention the members of the teams who played the most prominent roles in the result.
  5. The Naismith memorial basketball hall of fame. Describe the location and the members. Explain who built it and why.
  6. Basketball in the 20th century and now. What is different?
  7. The early years of basketball. How did the sport become popular?
  8. How the culture of basketball evolved and changed?
  9. The greatest basketball coaches in history and their contribution to the sports.
  10. The role of YMCA in basketball popularization.

Controversial Basketball Topics for Research

The picture provides the information about basketball being a very traumatic sport.
  1. Cardiovascular diseases and joint problems among professional players. Each professional sport is a risk of trauma. Describe typical injuries and illnesses among basketball players.
  2. “No tolerance rule” and technical fouls injustice. NBA created a new rule at the start of the 2006-2007 season. Officials can sign technical fouls to players who complain about calls.
  3. The connection between basketball and politics in the modern world. Describe the political positions of NBA players. Write about protests and activism.
  4. The bond between basketball and hip-hop culture. Explain the influence of hip-hop subculture on the sport. Then, describe famous players’ music careers.
  5. Bullying and accusations of racism in basketball. Write about the issues and famous examples. Then, describe the positions of associations and the way they fight the problems.
  6. When is the right time for professional basketball players to retire?
  7. A career in sports: pros and cons of choice.
  8. Do great basketball players inevitably become great coaches?
  9. Should tournaments be held during the lockdown?

Basketball Psychology Research Paper Topics

  1. Basketball is a way to cure mental illnesses. How do sports help mental health? What are the benefits of team sports in particular?
  2. Sports psychologist: the primary responsibilities of the profession. Research the spheres of their work. It might be motivation, anxiety, or rehabilitation.
  3. Why do basketball athletes need to train their minds? Sports are challenging not only on the physical level. Discuss why mental stamina is vital for athletes.
  4. Mental pressure in professional basketball: the ways to deal with it. Pro players deal with a lot of attention. Media, fans, and haters – how to fight all the negative coming from the outside?
  5. The bond between mindfulness and exemplary performance in basketball. Write about typical practices of athletes and how it affects performance. Physical and psychological relief with the help of basketball. Myth or reality?
  6. The benefits of playing basketball for curing depression.
  7. How can your attitude to life change performance in basketball?
  8. Why do professional athletes struggle with depression and stress after retirement?
  9. How can basketball affect the mental health of the players?

⛹️‍♂️ Good Topics for a Speech about Basketball

Do you need to prepare a speech about basketball? Consider these themes: iconic basketball moments, international basketball, motivational and informative topics about basketball.

Speech about Basketball Iconic Moments

  1. Karem Abdul-Jabaar won his sixth MVP award in 1980. It is NBA’s most valuable player award. Explain why he deserved the honor and what its significance was.
  2. Shaquille O’Neal became one of the “50 greatest players in history” at the age of 24. In October 1996, he became a part of the NBA’s top 50. It was a great honor to join the list at such a young age.
  3. Magic Johnson at 1980 finals, game 6. It was one of the greatest moments in his career. Magic Johnson scored 42 points, and the Lakers won the game.
  4. Michael Jordan’s final shot at the finals of 1998. NBA finals of 1998 have the highest TV rating in history. It was his last game for Chicago Bulls before retirement.
  5. Bill Russell: top 10 iconic moments in his career.
  6. Michael Jordan’s most significant moments in NBA history.
  7. Game 5 between Boston Celtics and Phoenix Suns in 1976.
  8. What was the most excellent game in basketball history?
  9. The 1965 eastern division finals. Bill Russell and Wilt Chamberlain’s rivalry.
  10. Larry Bird’s steal at the eastern conference finals in 1987.

Topics for a Speech about International Basketball

  1. FIBA: the eight founding nations and amateur sport. FIBA was founded in 1932 in Geneva as an amateur organization. At first, there were only seven national associations.
  2. The popularity of basketball outside the United States. Of course, Americans were the first nation to popularize the sport worldwide. These days basketball is one of the most famous team sports in any country.
  3. The United States “Dream Team” and the 1992 summer Olympics. It was the first national team in which were only pro players from the NBA. Discuss their legacy and performance.
  4. Basketball in South Africa: BSA and teams. BSA is a part of FIBA and consists of six national teams. Discuss the impact of NBA and FIBA on basketball in Africa.
  5. Basketball in East Asian countries: the influence of the cultural aspects. Discuss the pro and amateur leagues. Talk about basketball’s popularity among children and adults.
  6. The differences between basketball leagues in Europe and the USA. International basketball association organization and franchises.
  7. FIBA Europe. How is it organized?
  8. Famous European basketball teams and athletes.
  9. Professional basketball leagues outside the United States.

Topics for a Basketball Motivational Speech

  1. Famous basketball players as role models for the young generation. Many young boys and girls want to become rich and famous athletes. Write about why they like basketball players and use them as role models.
  2. Michael Jordan: from a pro player to a successful brand owner. It was hard for him to retire fully, so he even came back several times. Now he is an owner of the Jordan brand and a billionaire.
  3. Why mental stamina is as important as physical abilities. Talk about stress and pressure pro players face in their careers.
  4. The advice of famous basketball players on building a career in sports. Talk about renowned player’s interview moments when they answer this question. You can also include their speeches in front of young players.
  5. What motivates successful basketball players to achieve more?
  6. How much does it take to become a professional basketball player?
  7. Why basketball community is the best way to motivate junior athletes?
  8. How do coaches motivate their team before essential games?
  9. Why is discipline more essential than talent in basketball?

Informative Speech About Basketball

  1. The greatest basketball exhibition games in history. There are usually eight NBA preseason games per year. You can also discuss college exhibition games.
  2. Basketball tournaments and workouts during coronavirus pandemic. Discuss how the pandemic changed the lives of athletes and fans. Describe the training routine and safety measures.
  3. The significance of basketball Guinness records. The highest jump, the longest shot, the fastest run, etc. Discuss the impact of the records.
  4. The responsibilities of basketball officials during tournaments. There are two or three referees with a court area to watch for each one. Discuss their positions and roles in the game.
  5. How do basketball players train in winter and summer?
  6. How are basketball training programs developed and implemented?
  7. Basketball terminology and slang. How to sound like a pro?
  8. Basketball coaching and teaching styles vital differences.
  9. Professional basketball player’s training and nutrition facts.
  10. The importance of keeping the positions in professional basketball teams.

💡 Where to Get Ideas for a Basketball Essay or Speech?

There are so many movies, books, and blogs about basketball. They can be motivational, informing, and even touching. Each of them can inspire you to start playing basketball or to write a perfect essay.

We offer to pay attention to the following cultural product


Wondering what books are informative and engaging at the same time? Just choose one from this list! Here are our top picks.

  • ‘The Breaks of the Game’ (1981) by David Halberstam
  • ‘A Season on the Brink’ (1986) by John Feinstein
  • ‘The Jordan Rules’ (1991) by Sam Smith
  • ‘Pistol: The Life of Pete Maravich’ (2007) by Mark Kriegel
  • ‘Eleven Rings: The Soul of Success’ (2013) by Phil Jackson and Hugh Delehanty
  • ‘Dream Team’ (2013) by Jack McCallum


Do you enjoy watching movies? Well, it is a great idea to prepare your assignment while doing what you love. Check our compilation

  • ‘He Got Game’ (1998), dir. Spike Lee
  • ‘White Men Can’t Jump’ (1992), dir. Ron Shelton
  • ‘The Basketball Diaries’ (1996), dir. Scott Kalvert
  • ‘Coach Carter’ (2005), dir. Thomas Carter
  • ‘Love and Basketball’ (2000), dir. Gina Prince-Bythewood
  • ‘High Flying Bird’ (2019), dir. Steven Soderbergh

For more ideas, see this list: The 20 Best Basketball Movies Ever Made

Media + Blogs

It is a great way to read some real-life stories and to know a lot of new information. You can read blogs about sports lifestyles, basketball championships, and training routines.

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