230 Equality Essay Topics: Gender, Racial, & LGBTQ Equality Essay Examples

Social equality title picture.

Social equality means showing equal treatment to all groups regardless of their age, race, gender, ethnicity, social class, sexual orientation, and other characteristics.

In 2024, people still experience discrimination in different spheres of life: career, private life, education, etc. Some types of discrimination are more severe, such as gender inequality or racial inequality.

In this article, our team guides you through writing an essay about equality. There also are plenty of topics on current issues for an argumentative, persuasive, or narrative essay. Don’t miss essay samples at the end of the page!

✍️ 3 Social Equality Essay Writing Tips

Equality is not a simple topic – it requires much research, understanding of the context, and logic. You need to study a lot of information to clearly state your position in a gender equality essay, for example. At the same time, you should remain objective.

3 tips for an equality essay.

Equality Essay Writing Tip #1

Choose your essay topic carefully.

At first, brainstorm and define your best ideas. Then narrow them to a specific issue you want to discuss in your equality essay.

Here are the characteristics of a good topic:

  • It is not overused.
  • It is relevant.
  • It answers a specific question.
  • It is possible to find enough information about it.

Conduct a preliminary analysis to evaluate your topic. It will help investigate the chosen area and see if it matches the criteria.

Equality Essay Writing Tip #2

Outline and organize.

Order is everything. Planning your paper is obligatory for structured and logical writing. Here is what you need to include in each part of your essay:

  • Introduction. Describe the context and briefly overview the following paragraphs. The final sentence is a thesis statement that presents the fundamental ideas of your paper.
  • Body. Present the main points. Each paragraph should represent one aspect or argument of your study.
  • Conclusion. Summarize what you stated and synthesize the presented information. Repeat the thesis statement once again.

Equality Essay Writing Tip #3

Show your respect and tolerance.

It is vital to be polite when writing on topics such as “Relationship between Equality and Justice Essay.” Here are the main rules you need to consider:

  • Pay attention to your tone of writing. You need to be convincing but not aggressive or offensive.
  • Avoid generalizations. Don’t state that a group of people shares the same feature even if most of its members do.
  • Choose only credible sources. Reliable and accurate data is one of the ways to show your respect for the issue.

⚖️ 203 Equality Essay Topics

Now it’s time to find your perfect topic for an equality essay.

Pick the best one from the list below or use our free essay topic generator:

  1. Racial injustice and its impact on employees.
  2. What are the best platforms for social equality activism online?
  3. What are the main social equality issues in the United States?
  4. Discuss the prospects of fighting discrimination among teenagers.
  5. Positive deviance applied to healthcare equality.
  6. What are the economic benefits of human equality?
  7. How to start supporting equal rights if you are a teenager?
  8. What is your understanding of true equality?
  9. How does fighting discrimination affect sustainable development?
  10. Why are diversity and freedom of self-expression essential?
  11. What are the most effective measures to reach equality in a short period?
  12. How to become a human rights activist in the United States?
  13. What are the main equality issues in Nepal?
  14. How to be perfectly tolerant in the 21st century?
  15. What are the similarities between racism and homophobia?
  16. Define the connection between scapegoat theory and discrimination.
  17. The difference between racism in African and Asian countries.
  18. Globalization drives inequality: Liberalist and structuralist perspectives.
  19. Why does intolerance cause physical aggression?
  20. Income inequality as an outcome of discrimination.
  21. Which anti-discrimination laws would make our society better?
  22. Regional inequality of Yogyakarta.
  23. Describe the waves of the feminist movement and their effects.
  24. What are the dangers of ageism in the workplace?
  25. LGBTQ members in professional sports: The main challenges.
  26. Do religions promote any kind of discrimination?
  27. What are the unobvious types of discrimination every human can face?
  28. In what ways does capitalism encourage discrimination?
  29. What is the gender wage gap?
  30. Is stereotyping a reason for discrimination in the United States?
  31. Wage gap as a form of discrimination in corporate culture.
  32. How does discrimination influence children’s mental health?
  33. What are the effects of discrimination on scientific progress?
  34. Discrimination against immigrants in European countries.
  35. How does the sex industry promote gender discrimination?
  36. Describe the impact of affirmative discrimination in the United States.
  37. The difficulties transgender people face in the healthcare system.
  38. How do social media influencers address discrimination?
  39. Why are people afraid to report discrimination against them?
  40. What can history teach us about the harmful effects of discrimination?
  41. How to make infrastructure more accessible for disabled people?
  42. The cases of religious discrimination in the United States.
  43. Bullying and harassment based on appearance.
  44. Work-life balance: legal support and discrimination.  
  45. Outbreaks of discrimination as a result of political conflicts.
  46. Describe the causes and effects of body positivity movement.
  47. Is preventing discrimination more efficient than fighting it?
  48. The difference between equal employment and equal opportunity.
  49. Do we need to apply higher taxes to wealthy people?
  50. A response to discriminative healthcare practices in the US.
  51. Women and glass ceilings in the hospitality industry.
  52. Tell about your experience of being a victim of discrimination.
  53. Social inequalities in health and illness in Britain.
  54. What would our society be like without any forms of discrimination?
  55. The critical points of equal employment opportunity.
  56. What art pieces promote discrimination, and what should we do with it?
  57. Racial discrimination practices in recruitment and selection.
  58. The forms of discrimination among politicians.
  59. Equal access to health care.
  60. What are the reasons for reverse discrimination in the United States?
  61. Avoiding wage discrimination based on gender.
  62. Describe the situations when we discriminate against people unconsciously.
  63. Define the career difficulties women face in the United States.
  64. What are the challenges of gender equality activism in India?
  65. How does gender discrimination affect mental health?
  66. Gender and race discrimination at workplaces.
  67. What is internal gender discrimination?
  68. Gender differences in life and at the workplace.  
  69. What challenges did the participants in the #Metoo movement face?
  70. In what areas of life is the gender gap the most prominent?
  71. Gender inequality and maternal mortality studies.
  72. Victim blaming is a part of gender discrimination.
  73. What is your opinion about gender equality prospects?
  74. Cultural, ethnic, and gender differences at the workplace.
  75. What are the main challenges for women in professional sports?
  76. How to teach the importance of gender equality in primary school?
  77. Diversity in the workplace: Advantages and challenges.
  78. What are the main achievements of the feminist movement?
  79. What is your understanding of the term “gender equality”?
  80. Compare gender equality issues in the United States 50 years ago and now.
  81. Racism against Chinese people caused by the Coronavirus pandemic.
  82. What do we have to do to eliminate racial discrimination?
  83. Compensation and workforce diversity issues.
  84. How do racists justify their positions and beliefs?
  85. What are the effects of racism in the workplace?
  86. How to prevent outbreaks of racism aggression in schools?
  87. What social groups’ members tend to be racist more than others?
  88. How is racism depicted in modern cinematography?
  89. What is the influence of racism on modern society?
  90. Bullying among children because of racial discrimination.
  91. Does race influence your behavior or character traits?
  92. What are the reasons for internal racism?
  93. The racial stereotypes we need to eliminate.
  94. The risks of ignoring racism as a social problem.
  95. Should same-sex marriage be allowed in Islam countries?
  96. How to ensure freedom of expression among LGBTQ members?
  97. Can you be a member of the LGBTQ community and a religious person simultaneously?
  98. What is the difference between sexual orientation and sexual behavior?
  99. How is the perception of LGBTQ men and women different?
  100. The laws we need to protect the rights of LGBTQ people.
  101. The most impressive speeches of LGBTQ supporters.
  102. How should families support LGBTQ children?
  103. In which countries do laws still criminalize homosexual and transgender people?
  104. What are the recent advances achieved by the LGBTQ community?
  105. Racial and cultural inequities in health.
  106. How has the LGBTQ community changed cultural norms?

♀️ Gender Equality Essay

Now we will focus on writing a social equality essay on the most popular topics.

Here, we will start with gender discrimination.

Essay on Gender Equality: Prompts

Let’s discuss the main issues to describe in an essay on gender equality:

🧑‍🎓 Equal opportunities for all genders. You can discuss access to qualitative education, well-paid jobs, and a chance to fulfill the potential in any life sphere.
🚫 Violence against women and girls. Focus on domestic violence or sexual harassment. You can also write about psychological pressure and bullying.
🦸‍♀️Countries that require women’s empowerment.While some countries have reached impressive results in empowering women, others need much attention. You can describe the situation in Arab countries, South Asia, or Africa.

Gender Equality Essay Topics

Take a look at these essay titles for a gender equality essay:

  1. Is it possible to reach total marriage equality? Evaluate the legal side of a marriage and the distribution of responsibilities.
  2. Why is gender equality in the workplace important? Do companies benefit from hiring women to top positions?
  3. How can feminism address transgender equality issues? Describe the problems that transgender people face and how feminism fights them.
  4. In what spheres do men have more opportunities than women? Discuss particular professions or educational paths.
  5. What are the most popular misconceptions about gender equality? Debunk the popular stereotypes about feminists and their values.
  6. How will men benefit from women’s empowerment? Describe the social and economic advantages of equal opportunities for men and women.
  7. What are the most surprising outcomes of gender discrimination? Discuss your experience or find unexpected consequences of the issue.

✊🏽️ Racial Equality Essay

As in the previous passage, we prepared some writing prompts and a list of racial equality essay topics.

Let’s take a closer look.

Essay on Racial Equality: Prompts

Here are some writing prompts for social equality essay on racism:

👨🏾‍💼Race and career prospects. Describe how the labor market has changed: what are the achievements and the problematic areas? You can also focus on black women’s career prospects.
🧑‍🎓 Equal educational opportunities. The average incomes of people of color are different from white people’s. Therefore, many families cannot afford good colleges for their children. Discuss the means that can help to resolve the issue.
🗣️Stereotyping and aggression.Some people face rude behavior in daily life because of their skin color. Suggest the ways we can fight this social inequality problem.

Racial Equality Essay Topics

We also prepared some topics for your racial equality essay:

  1. What are the recent achievements of anti-racism activists? Discuss the accomplishments and goals of people who fight racism.
  2. Does being white guarantee having privileges in American society? Support your opinion with research data or personal experience.
  3. What are the most prominent examples of racism in Asian countries? Find some situations that illustrate such behavior and use them as evidence.
  4. How does your origin influence your career prospects in the USA? Describe the hardships people might face in the educational and corporate spheres.
  5. What is the connection between poverty and race in the United States? Provide some statistics and highlight the existing problems.
  6. What are the roots of racism in the United States? Discuss the problem from a historical perspective.
  7. The impact of the Black Lives Matter movement in the USA. Discuss the positive and the adverse outcomes of the campaign.

🏳️‍🌈 LGBTQ Equality Essay

Now it is time to draw attention to LGBTQ equality and the community’s issues.

You will find writing prompts and topics on LGBTQ equality here.

Essay on LGBTQ Equality: Prompts

🩸 Cruelty against the members of the LGBTQ community. Describe the reasons for violent behavior and discrimination towards LGBTQ persons. Provide your solutions to the problem.
🧑‍🤝‍🧑Homophobia and transphobia in the United States. Define the reasons for such opinions and suggest ways to fight them. You can write about educating children on equality or making corporate culture more tolerant.
👨‍👨‍👧Children in same-sex families. Discuss the specificities of raising a child by same-sex parents. Explain your position on this matter using research data as evidence.

LGBTQ Equality Essay Topics

Choose your topic from the list below:

  1. What are the psychological benefits of coming out? Describe the positive sides of being open about your identity.
  2. The main goals and challenges of LGBTQ activists. List the current issues they try to address and the problems they face.
  3. How does making a coming out influence your career? Discuss the possible advantages and disadvantages of this decision.
  4. Compare the challenges of the LGBTQ community fifty years ago and now. You can describe the achievements and changes in society using this perspective.
  5. What are the main reasons for homophobia? Explain why some people tend to be homophobic and what the reasons are.
  6. What are the main misconceptions about the LGBTQ community? Write about popular stereotypes and debunk them.
  7. What are the main challenges non-binary people face? Discuss the difficulties they have to deal with daily or particular discrimination cases.

📝 Equality Essay Examples

And here are essay samples on equality. As both are less than 300 words, you can use these examples as a structure reference or inspiration for your work.

What Is the Relationship between Equality and Justice Essay

When discussing equality and justice, it is better to start with the definitions. These terms have different meanings, leading to a misunderstanding of their relationship. As for me, the connection between equality and justice in society is about receiving the same opportunities and treatment for all people.

In terms of equality, it is impossible to reach its whole meaning in modern society. We are born in different families, with specific talents and unique experiences. The only thing that matters is that people should have equal rights regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and other factors that might cause discrimination.

Justice means that everyone gets what they deserve. If a child is smart enough to get to a good college but cannot pay for it, they should get financial aid. If a person is a great professional, they should receive the job they apply for. In such a way, these people would move progress and economy forward.

If we connect these two terms, we will see that they have many in common. Equality means that the same opportunities are available to everyone. Justice means that people who deserve something because of their talents and hard work get it.

In conclusion, equality and justice should go hand in hand if we want to live in a discrimination-free society. Giving everyone equal chances to succeed and live whole lives is fair and beneficial for progress.

Gender Equality in Sports Essay

Gender equality in sports has reached some achievements. As for now, around 40% of all sports participants during significant sporting events are women. Even if this number is close to half, there are still issues to address, including unequal media coverage, income differences, and stereotyping in sports.

Women receive less media coverage than men do. Women’s sports get only four percent of all sports reports in media. While all types of media follow demand and create it, women need more attention and coverage to draw attention to their careers and achievements and earn more money.

Women should be paid equally for their effort and achievements. They try as hard as men and spend the same amount of time training. Here’s just one of the many examples to consider. The US Women’s National Soccer Team won the 2015 championship. They received three times less money than men who didn’t even make it to the finals. Even if football seems to be a sport created for men and by men, we should still value time and effort equally.

Some sports are considered feminine or masculine, creating gender barriers for women. For example, the media presents football as a manly sport. At the same time, such sports as gymnastics and figure skating are feminine sports according to popular stereotypes.

We need gender equality in sports to help women build careers and be more motivated. If women are paid, respected, and presented by the media equally, sports careers would be more rewarding for them.

We hope this article was interesting for you!

Now you have 150 equality essay topic ideas and some tips for writing an essay. Feel free to ask any questions below in the comments or via email. Also, check the list of additional materials we’ve collected for you.

We wish you lots of inspiration and the best grades.

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