Essays on Fairy Tales: Choosing a Completely Different Perspective

Essays on Fairy Tales: Choosing a Completely Different Perspective

It is hard to find a kid who does not know what a fairy tale is. All kids believe that fairy tales are true, that Good always defeats Evil, and two people who are in love will finally overcome all the obstacles and be happy together.

We grow up and realize that life is a bit different from that described in fairy tales. However, these magic stories remain with us for the rest of our lives.

So, your next assignment boils down to writing an essay on fairy tales. What are you going to write about? You have found and read several free essays on fairy tales to come up with a good idea, but this does not work.

Well, we agree that many students are not that creative. Their essays on fairy tales are devoted to some symbols in fairy tales, to their favorite stories, impact they had, and so on.

We presume you want to single out and create an outstanding essay on fairy tales. Let us help you a bit and suggest our exclusive idea for your essay on fairy tales.

Have you ever noticed that almost all fairy tales have a lot of vague issues, questions that we cannot answer? We suggest you discuss these issues in your essay on fairy tales. Do you not get what we mean?

Here are several examples for you.

  • All fairy tales end up with “and they lived happily”. Yet, we cannot know it for sure.
  • Why did not Cinderella try to resist humiliation of her step-mother and sisters? Try to explain this in your essay on fairy tales.
  • Where do all the Kings, Queens, Princes come from? We know that from a “faraway land”. Yet, why do we not know from what particular lands and kingdoms?

If you re-read several fairy tales, you will find a lot of other issues like that to consider in the essay on fairy tales. Such approach to completing the essay on fairy tales will be appreciated by your teacher!

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