restaurant essayWhen did you visit a restaurant last time? Actually, we do not mean some sort of fast food restaurant that you, probably, visit almost every day. We are talking about a good and rather expensive place, where you can taste delicious dishes and enjoy a very pleasant atmosphere.

We suggest you not to put off and go to a place like that. First, we are sure you will like it. Second, it will be extremely useful for a restaurant essay that you have to prepare.

Well, sure you can go to any place that you can afford before starting to work on your restaurant essay. We are here to give you other recommendations for completing restaurant essays if you are stuck with this assignment.

Let us remind you about different types of essays. You will have to choose one of them for your own restaurant essay. Check several examples below.

Descriptive restaurant essays

It is rather an easy way to prepare your essay, but you have to be very attentive in a restaurant. Pay attention to the following:

  • building;
  • waitresses, managers, and other staff;
  • overall atmosphere (furniture, customers, sounds, smells, colors);
  • dishes that you are served, etc.

Our tips for writing a short descriptive essay can be rather useful as well.

Compare and contrast restaurant essays

To prepare such restaurant essay, you will have to visit two places, eat two similar dishes, and compare your impressions from two restaurants.

Argumentative or persuasive restaurant essays

If you choose this type for making your restaurant essay, you can simply tell about your favorite restaurant and try to convince the reader that it is the best place to eat and spend time.

See, your task is not complicated indeed! Besides, you have a chance to visit new places and taste delicious dishes.

Reading our article about an essay on cooking might be helpful either.