Cultural Analysis Essay: Topics, Tips, & Example

A cultural analysis essay focuses on social and cultural aspects of life.

Writing an essay on cultural issues is an exciting yet a challenging task to complete. Cultural analysis essays are assigned to those who study literature, business, marketing, and social work.

What is a cultural analysis? How to choose a topic for such an assignment? How to write a cultural analysis essay? You’ll find the answers to these questions below. This article contains cultural analysis essay topics, writing tips, together with cultural analysis example added as a bonus.

📝 What Is a Cultural Analysis?

A cultural analysis essay focuses on social and cultural aspects of life: the ways people interact with each other, create communities, etc. It also explains how these interactions are based on the backgrounds and common practices of the participants.

Your cultural analysis essay can be short – for example, a 500-word essay. Or you can go for a long piece of writing. It depends on your topic and the number of arguments you want to cover.

In terms of the style, you can pick an expository, a descriptive, a narrative, or a persuasive type of essay. Your decision will depend on what you aim at when writing this paper.

🖊️ How to Write a Cultural Analysis?

You might be wondering: how to write a cultural analysis essay? And what exact steps should you take?

  1. First of all, you need to choose a topic you’re going to explore. It shouldn’t be too broad, as, for example, ‘Culture of Islamic countries.’ It will be best to focus on a particular event or a custom and explore it. Further, we’ll provide you with cultural analysis essay topics.
  2. Then you can focus on researching, formulating a thesis statement, and creating an outline. The outline is an essential part of your writing, as it helps you to ease the process.
  3. After making these important steps, you can start writing.
    • In the introduction, you should mention your thesis statement and cover what you’re going to discuss in your paper. Remember that it’s vital to intrigue a potential reader in your intro!
    • Next, you’re going to focus on the main body. You can split it into several paragraphs. The number of paragraphs will depend on the length of your essay and the number of arguments.
    • The conclusion is the last paragraph of your paper. Here, you should confirm your thesis statement by summing up your arguments.

Here, you can learn more about a step-by-step plan for your analytical essay.

📃 Cultural Analysis Topic Ideas: How to Choose

Here, you’ll find three important points that will help you to choose the right topic for your paper.

Cultural Analysis Topics: Point 1

First, choose a society or culture that you want to talk about. Let us take American culture and society as an example.

Cultural Analysis Topics: Point 2

Cultural traditions are reflected in many ways: in literature, cinema, etc. We suggest you use films (this is not boring). You can even write the cultural analysis essay based on your favorite movies.

Cultural Analysis Topics: Point 3

Now, you have to decide on the central issue of your cultural analysis essay. What particular aspect of American culture do you want to discuss, e.g., men/women, drugs, minorities, etc.?

Finally, you need to watch a movie (better twice) that depicts the problem you want to consider. Your major goal boils down to analyzing the film and making the final decision. The question is whether this or that cultural aspect is depicted as it is. This is exactly why the article is called “reflecting the reality.”

As you know, truth is not always shown correctly, especially in movies. For instance, many African Americans living in the United States are depicted as drug pushers or members of some gangs. However, this is not precisely what happens in reality.

Sure, you can take any culture or even sub-culture as the basis of your paper.

📋 80 Cultural Analysis Essay Topics

We’ve prepared 80 exciting topics for your cultural analysis essay. Let’s dive in!

  1. Changing role of the institution of the family in modern Western society.
  2. Male and female roles in American society: In the past and nowadays.
  3. Cultural stereotypes: How have they occurred?
  4. The role of marriage: Western and Eastern countries.
  5. How are cultural minorities presented in American media nowadays?
  6. The role of traditions in modern American society.
  7. Does the media help in promoting social tolerance?
  8. Origins of racism and discrimination in American society.
  9. The role of migration in modern American culture.
  10. New professional ethics in the United States: What has been changed in the last decade?
  11. Role of religion in modern American society.
  12. Impact of Latin American culture on US culture.
A cultural analysis essay focuses on social and cultural aspects of life.
  1. Cultural unification mechanisms: How does it work? 
  2. Social media and global culture: A myth or reality? 
  3. The role of national cultures. 
  4. How is culture used in advertising? 
  5. The role of holidays and celebrations in American culture. 
  6. Multicultural societies: Positive and negative aspects. 
  7. The role of subcultures in American society. 
  8. American Revolution and its role in American culture. 
  9. World War II and its influence on world culture. 
  10. The role of religion in Islamic countries. 
  11. The role of feminism in American culture. 
  12. The role of feminism in post-Soviet countries. 
  13. Female and minorities in politics: Why it becomes important nowadays? 
  14. Hip hop culture and its influence on American society. 
  15. Race relations in the United States: Has the situation improved in the 21st century? 
  16. Do social networks support personal identity or suppress it? 
  17. What are the roots of international culture? 
  18. Social networks and its impact on national cultures. 
  19. Mexican culture and its influence on American society. 
  20. Nuclear family: What has changed in the 21st century? 
  21. Freedom of information and its impact on international culture. 
  22. Do national cultures lose their significance in the rise of international culture? 
  23. How did the technological revolution change European culture? 
  24. Changing female roles in Islamic countries. For this topic, you can choose two Islamic countries: the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. And discuss and compare the way female roles are changing. 
  25. Indigenous people and their impact on American culture. Here you can pick one particular area of American culture that indigenous people influenced. It could be, for instance, literature or cinema.
  26. The influence of religion on modern American politics. For this topic, you can focus on how Bible teachings are reflected in contemporary American laws. 
  27. American popular culture and reasons for its acceptance worldwide. You can discuss the origins of this phenomenon and why American culture got accepted all over the world. 
  28. Fighting gender stereotypes in mass media. For this topic, you can choose European Union and discuss how it fights gender stereotypes and sexism in the media. 

📑 Cultural Analysis: Example of an Essay

In this section, we’ve prepared a cultural analysis essay example for you.

You’ll see excerpts from an essay on social networks and their influence on national cultures in the table below. We hope you’ll get inspired by your paper!

Social networks and their impact on national cultures

IntroductionIt is undeniable that social networks have become an integral part of people’s lives around the world. Social media is shaping a new global culture. For this reason, an important question arises: how do social networks affect national cultures?
Thesis StatementThere are two contradicting views on the issue. Some believe that the Internet helps to promote national cultures worldwide. In contrast, others tend to think that social networks erode national cultures, making them irrelevant.
Main Body: Paragraph 1There is a widespread opinion that the Internet is a great tool to promote national cultures. Moreover, governments practice it using different platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and other networks. Besides, social media can be used for restoring a country’s reputation and attracting tourists.
Main Body: Paragraph 2A contradicting opinion states that the Internet and social networks harm national cultures. They become less important with the emergence of global trends. The absence or weakness of national cultures can lead to numerous issues within states.
ConclusionIn conclusion, it should be highlighted that there are two opposing views on social networks’ impact on national cultures. Some believe that the Internet is beneficial for national cultures, whereas others claim the opposite. Overall, it can be said that both views can be called relevant. Besides, more time is needed to assess the impact of social networks on national cultures objectively.

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