AI Writing Checker

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📊 How to Interpret the Result

AI writing checker analyzes how predictable each word in the text is. The first thing you’ll see after clicking the “Check the text” button is the general result. After it, you can get acquainted with the analysis details.

AI Text Probability Chart

Below the general results, you’ll see a probability chart with 4 categories in different colors:

  • Red shows the top 10 words most commonly used by AI in this context.
  • Orange represents the top 100 words most often used by AI in the context.
  • Green highlights words less likely chosen by AI on the topic.
  • Blue indicates words that AI is least likely to use in this context.

The more words are highlighted in blue, the lower the risk that the text is AI-generated.

The Analyzed Text

In the end, the AI writing checker shows your text, with each word marked in a different color. The colors have the same meanings as on the "AI text probability” histogram. So, here you can see how probable it is for an AI to use a particular word when creating a text. If you click on any word, you’ll see which place it takes among other terms being used by GPT in this context and what are the other most frequently used synonyms. You can use these synonyms to paraphrase the text and make it more human-like.

Nowadays, chatbots like ChatGPT are becoming more and more intelligent and accessible. They can create texts that are almost identical to human writing. And it’s challenging to see at a glance whether a text has been generated by AI.

We developed our AI writing checker to help you analyze any text in a few clicks. This free tool allows you to check how much of your text might be recognized as AI-generated. Continue reading to learn more about the AI writing finder and its features.

⚙️ How to Use the AI Writing Checker?

AI writing checker is very easy to use. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Copy and paste the writing piece you want to check (up to 4500 characters).
  2. Specify the topic and the title if you can. This step is optional.
  3. Click the “Check the text” button and wait for a moment.
  4. Receive a detailed text analysis for free.

🌟 AI Writing Finder: Benefits

Many benefits make our AI writing finder stand out among similar online tools. Consider them:

🧮 Mathematical approach Complex math formulas in the core of AI writing checker help predict how often AI uses your words.
🔎 Detailed analysis Besides the general probability chart, you get your text with each word clickable to check its probability and synonyms.
🤖 AI scanning It is almost impossible for a person to tell the difference between AI and human-generated papers without specialized software. Our tool can help you with that.
🔌 Online access You can use any electronic device to identify if a text is AI-generated in a few clicks.
🆓 Accessibility You get unlimited access to the instrument with no hidden payments.

✍️ ChatGPT — AI Essay Writer

One of the main reasons why ChatGPT and other AI writing tools are so popular among students is that they can write essays. Let’s see if AI is actually that good at academic writing.

Can ChatGPT Write an Essay?

Writing an essay with the help of an AI tool might be a tempting idea. However, there are certain risks and ethical issues you should be aware of:

  • It is a violation of academic integrity. When you submit an AI-written essay and claim it to be your own work, it’s cheating.
  • It often provides wrong information. ChatGPT relies on the information it was trained on; you’ll never know if it is trustworthy.
  • It has a hidden word limit. ChatGPT cannot write a lengthy essay in one go. The chatbot’s limit is about 600 words per message, so it won’t write more in one answer even if you ask.
  • It can’t convey your perspective. AI writing tools cannot express original ideas for you. It only produces responses based on the training data it was fed.
  • It can generate biased responses. Like the online content, ChatGPT’s answers can contain harmful stereotypes and offensive language.

Can Chat GPT Edit Essays?

We don’t recommend writing essays with the help of AI because of the risks described above. However, ChatGPT can help edit your text. Here’s what you can ask an AI bot to do for you:

  • Check the text for grammar or lexical mistakes.
  • Polish the writing and eliminate the repetitions or redundant information.
  • Paraphrase the essay so you don’t have to look for synonyms yourself.

Keep in mind that ChatGPT cannot check facts. For example, it cannot identify if your arguments are valid and if your sources are trustworthy.

❓ Chat GPT Writing Checker: FAQ

📍 What Does GPT Stand for in Chat GPT?
ChatGPT is a popular AI bot that produces human-like responses based on a prompt. GPT in the title stands for generative pre-trained transformer, a program that can write like a human. With the help of this program, ChatGPT went through training on a sizeable textual dataset and can now generate relevant texts.
📍 Chat GPT: How Does It Work?
First, ChatGPT was fed a large textual dataset, including books, articles, blog posts, and online conversations. The chatbot then used this data to learn the structure and patterns of the language. As a result, ChatGPT can now generate its own human-like text based on a prompt and maintain a conversation on a topic.
📍 What Can You Do with Chat GPT?
As a student, you can use ChatGPT to do the following:
  • Summarize long texts down to the main idea.
  • Generate essay topics and creative story ideas.
  • Write emails and fill in applications.
  • Summarize the lecture notes.
  • Prepare for tests by generating practice questions.
  • Check grammar and spelling.
📍 How to Detect AI Writing?
At first sight, it’s almost impossible to identify if AI has written the text or a human. Therefore, we recommend using our AI writing checker, available online for free. Just copy and paste the text and optionally state the topic. The tool will provide a detailed analysis of the text and each word in a few moments.

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