Writing an A+ Essay about Water Is Easy!

Writing an A+ Essay about Water Is Easy!

Do you want to get an A+ on your essay about water? Well, it is possible and your desire and appropriate mood will help to complete this task successfully.

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Still, these are just a few factors affecting the outcome. You need to keep in mind many other things when writing essays about water. Some of them we introduce below.

Facts and statistics

No matter what the main idea of your essay on water is, facts and statistics will make your paper more impressive.

You may include the following into your essay on water:

  • 71% of the earth’s surface is water;
  • People consume 3% of fresh water;
  • Turning off taps saves nearly 4 gallons of water every year.

Some burning issues

What burning issues can you discuss in water essays?

Well, have you heard about so-called “water wars” in South Africa? Did you know that nearly 40% of population in South Africa lack drinking water? Did you know that in 2003, 300 people died because of cholera, which was caused by the lack of water? It seems to be a worthy idea to discuss in essays about water.

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Every problem has solutions. You can write an essay on how to save water. Discuss measures that can be taken to preserve water. Consider the following:

  • Turning off taps;
  • Taking shower instead of bath;
  • Effective use of water machines and dishwashers;
  • Conserving rainwater, etc.

You can get more ideas for your essay on water after reading our article about a soil and water conservation essay.

Tips for writing essays about pollution can also be helpful for your water essay.

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