Writing an Essay on Water: Outline, Topics, & Samples

The picture provides introductory information about an essay on water.

Environmental problems will stay a burning issue for a long time!

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Well, they already are. Global warming is getting worse, the ozone layer is becoming thinner, and water worldwide – more polluted.

In this article, we are considering one of the most sensitive subjects. We discuss water pollution and shortage.

You will have a clear idea of how and what to write in your water pollution essay. Also, we’ll provide you with a set of great topics and essay examples for inspiration. Get down to reading now and get the highest score!

πŸ‘£ Essay on Water: Writing Guide

We all know very well that it’s crucial to save water. But how to elaborate on this thought in a water essay most properly?

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In this section, we are analyzing the structure of your future essay step-by-step. Having a plan will make the process very simple, we promise!

Essay on Water – Step 1: Choose the Topic

The water pollution subject is pretty broad, although it’s only a part of an environmental topic. You have a vast field for creativity.

For instance, you can write about the environment, nature, and natural resources. It’s easy to find something unexplored there. A much more challenging task is to come up with an authentic topic.

Here are the tips on formulating a good topic for an essay on water pollution:

  • Avoid trite mainstream.
  • Put your topic in the form of a question.
  • Conduct a mini-research to make sure there is relatable information on your case.
  • Estimate its relevance.
  • Add some specifying context.

Now, look at these two examples of water essay topics.

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✘ How not to do:

There was more water in the medieval period because people rarely washed.

βœ“ How to do:

How did the use of water change over time, and what is the water crisis we face today?

Essay on Water – Step 2: Research

With any written assignment, you are supposed to state an opinion or draw solid arguments. To accomplish it, you are going to need some foundation.

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The fundamental constituent of a water essay (or any other paper) is relatable data. Choosing trustworthy sources with quality information makes you able to speak on your topic

At the same time, unreliable sources decrease your work level.

We don’t want it to happen!

So, here’re the examples of websites where you can find all the information you need:

Essay on Water – Step 3: Outline

Now, let’s make out how the water pollution research paper or essay should be structured.

  1. An introduction with a catchy hook, a clearly defined problem, and background information. The first thing for you to consider is how to introduce your topic to the readers. It is crucial to attract readers’ attention from the very beginning.
  2. A thesis statement is another part that should be included in your introduction. It’s a central idea of your essay: a brief but consistent claim of an issue. Check out our free thesis-maker to get an excellent thesis statement.
  3. A literature review. You will especially need it if you’re working on a research paper. Make a small digest of what has already been written on your topic.
  4. Solid arguments. Make sure they are valuable and go along with the thesis statement. Keep in mind that all arguments have to be backed up with reliable proof.
  5. A conclusion is a final touch. It should address the problem in the introduction and cover it up logically.

Essay on Water – Step 4: Write

Alright, you have analyzed the sources and created a draft of your essay on water. Still don’t know what to start with?

When you define your topic and thesis statement, move on with writing arguments. As we have said, they are the pillars of your work. After it’s done, you can switch to the introduction and conclusion

Remember that each case is individual. The only universal piece of advice is: proofread everything you write at each stage. Make sure you follow the logical structure and don’t make critical mistakes.

πŸ’§ Water Essay Prompts

Realizing the vastness of the subject opens up a perspective of options. Let’s get straight to the point!

Below, you can see the topics that can be used in the essay on water.

The picture provides a list of the most perspective topics for a water essay.

Water Pollution Essay

Here we elaborate on themes you can touch upon in the water pollution research paper.

  • Highlight the global acuteness of the water pollution problem: draw the facts that prove that pollution is rapidly spreading.
  • Speak on the contaminants: what substances make water polluted?
  • Name some industrial factors contributing to water pollution. Check out the information about the most contaminating plants.
  • Mention the sewage issue: there’s a lot of information on how they impact water resources in some countries.
  • Tell about nutrients and what effects they have on the water. Show their connection to the eutrophication subject.
  • It also makes sense to discuss different kinds of water contamination, its effects on human health, and measures that are being taken to improve the critical situation.

Importance of Water Essay

  • Everything on Earth needs water to function: plants, human beings, mushrooms, insects, animals – for all of them, water is vital.
  • Speak on how the natural cycle is essential. For example, biological processes allow water to circulate in the world – without them, there wouldn’t be enough water for living.
  • Destroy a myth about the abundance of water in the world. Fresh drinking water is minimal.
  • Mention the connection of water with oxygen and weather conditions.

Water Cycle Essay

  • It’s good to introduce your readers to the essence of the water cycle. What is it? The water cycle means that water is circulating between the atmosphere and all the water reservoirs.
  • How does it happen? Define and explain the main constituents of the process: evaporation, transpiration, and sublimation. Water on Earth turns into gas when it gets heated by the sun. The next stage includes vaporization. This process is non-stopping.
  • Condensation is another part of the hydrologic cycle. It’s the phenomenon when vapor turns back into a liquid state.
  • Finally, reveal the essence of precipitation. Your readers want to know how rain occurs.

Water Scarcity Essay

  • Water scarcity is the shortage of drinking water available. The problem is enormous and brings damage to millions and millions of people globally.
  • Water stress can lead to such negative consequences as deterioration, droughts, and depletion. Plants and agriculture suffer badly from these factors.
  • Why does it happen? There are two significant reasons: intense water usage due to overpopulation and lack of sufficient freshwater reservoirs.
  • Tell about preventive measures that help stop or slow the process down. For example, introduce eco-friendly habits, search for new water resources, and build strategies to slow down global warming.

Mineral and Water Function Essay

  • Our health directly depends on what we consume. To support our well-being, we need to get enough high-quality fresh water and minerals.
  • The most vital minerals for our body are zinc, magnesium, iron, and calcium. They contribute to our teeth health, muscles and blood condition, and other factors.
  • The presence of nutrients in the water means a lot to the human body. Due to water contamination, we might lack the necessary minerals, which leads to various dysfunctions.
  • It is essential for water to be filtered appropriately to make it drinkable and healthy.
The picture depicts the percentage of freshwater and how much of it is available for living beings.

🌊 130 Topics for an Essay about Water

If you have any difficulties choosing an essay subject, we’ve prepared this set of topics. We guarantee they are relatable, acute, and fruitful to discuss!

  1. Elaborate on the importance of the water cycle: How it affects life on the planet.
  2. Magical 80%: What is the general meaning of water for the human body?
  3. Classify the most water contaminating industries in the world.
  4. How does the lack of minerals affect our body condition?
  5. Why in the 21st century is there still an issue of ill-curated sewage?
  6. Water is life: Compare the impact of the high and low-quality water.
  7. Write a five-paragraph essay on water wars in Africa.
  8. The water cycle: Reveal in detail how the precipitation occurs.
  9. Describe the importance of nutrients contained in the water for the human body.
  10. What health dysfunctions can low-quality water cause?
  11. Describe in detail the essence and process of the hydrological cycle.
  12. Speak on the interrelation between global warming and the water crisis?
  13. Is switching off the tap while brushing teeth reasonable?
  14. How can the authorities get information about the water crisis?
  15. Describe and analyze different kinds of water contamination.
  16. What methods of water purification do you know?
  17. Tell about the most dangerous substances that poison water.
  18. What do such diseases like cholera have to do with the water crisis?
  19. Deterioration and depletion: Which problems are hidden under these terms?
  20. Droughts issue: Why is it bad that desserts become larger?
  21. Why is water so vital for all living creatures?
  22. Reveal how the instant growth of the population affects water quantity.
  23. Does it make sense to take a shower instead of a bath?
  24. Water wars: Speak on the problem different societies face to water shortage.
  25. How does agriculture suffer from water shortage?
  26. Why can’t we just obtain enough freshwater out of glaciers?
  27. Speak on the problem of acid rain.
  28. What impact do pesticides have on freshwater quality?
  29. Do washing machines and dishwashers save or waste water?
  30. Can rainwater be collected for usage?
  31. How to avoid the risk of cardiovascular diseases by consuming good quality water?
  32. Describe the simplest methods of water conservation.
  33. Share your opinion on water conservation: Why is it essential?
  34. Should the government start controlling the use of pesticides more?
  35. Why do business owners fail to provide proper disposal facilities?
  36. Why is it so important to drink at least two liters of water daily?
  37. Tell about the composition and qualities of water.
  38. How is the importance of water presented in different cultures and art?
  39. Write about the different states of water: Liquid, ice, and vapor.
  40. What methods of water conservation work in agriculture?
  41. Describe the essence and process of groundwater absorption.
  42. How does humanity use water for electricity?
  43. Has the hydrological cycle changed over the years, and why?
  44. How do the cleanup technologies for water function?
  45. How is the drinking water produced and transported?
  46. A proverb in English says: “Water, water everywhere, and not a drop to drink.” How can we interpret it?
  47. What industries use water for their producing activities?
  48. Explore the phenomenon of floods: How does it happen?
  49. Are there any ways we can reuse water?
  50. Why do children and women especially suffer from water issues?
  51. Eutrophication: What is it, and why is it so bad?
  52. How do invasive species contribute to water shortage?
  53. What water protection programs exist now?
  54. Describe the methods and models of water research.
  55. Why is the high concentration of nutrients disastrous?
  56. Can we catch diseases from water while swimming?
  57. What are the proper methods of disposing of waste?
  58. How does water affect the climate and weather?
  59. Life on Mars: Analyze the information about water on Mars.
  60. What are the regions that suffer from water scarcity most of all?

πŸ“ Water Essay Samples

Go through these short examples to understand how your essay on water can look.

Get inspired and move on with your paper!

Water Pollution Essay

Are you sure that the water you consume every day is of decent quality? Water contamination is one of the most acute ecological problems. People just prefer not to discuss it much. But that doesn’t mean this issue will disappear one day. On the contrary, the situation is getting worse and needs immediate decisions. One thing is clear: water is vital for the whole planet. And we should never forget about it The list of reasons why water becomes polluted is vast. They include ill-curated sewage, pesticides, acid rain, industrial waste, and many others. Have you ever noticed people throwing litter on the streets or in rivers? Probably, you have. It happens all the time, which is one of the reasons we might run out of freshwater. There are also many other factors leading to low water quality. Industrial waste plays a starring role in this process. For many factories and plants, it’s “too expensive” to build qualitative disposal facilities. That’s why they barbarically use rivers and lakes to get rid of waste. Several massive catastrophes took place just this year. Oil leaks occurred in the Gulf of Mexico, and it was no good for the environment, indeed. Such cases should bring us to take measures. It’s clear that humanity very likely might face a severe water crisis globally. We need to invent methods of water purification and find new sources of water. But we also must try to protect the water we have from contamination.

How Can Failing to Conserve Water Contribute to Greater Water Contamination Essay

More than a billion people all over the world suffer from water shortages. Even more, they are risking their health by consuming low-quality water. Others just irresponsibly use tons of water in vain causing endless water waste. Such a state of things can lead to a fatal outcome for everything that lives on the planet. If we don’t learn to spare water, we won’t be able to exist at all. Humanity keeps exploiting water resources intensely. With overpopulation, the question of water scarcity became even more acute. Each year our current freshwater resources become dirtier due to contaminants of all kinds. There is water conserved in ice sheets and glaciers, but it’s not accessible yet. Water conservation is the sensible use of water. It includes various techniques that make this process possible. In times of growing water crisis, it’s vital to be aware of this concept and its methods. The decision to this problem is spreading awareness of the ways to save water. Such simple things as turning off faucets, taking showers instead of baths, using water sparingly can help. The government should control pesticides and oblige factory owners to construct advanced disposal facilities on a larger scale. There’s a proverb in Hindi saying that there are both lotuses and crocodiles in the water. One of humanity’s most significant challenges and goals is to make water free of “crocodiles”: waste, litter, pesticides, and other contaminants.

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