Remembered Event Essay: Writing about Memories

Remembered Event Essay: Writing about Memories

Even if you are rather young, there are still a lot of events that you can remember. Most probably, this variety of memories causes you obstacles in completing a remembered event essay. You just cannot concentrate and decide on the most significant issue to highlight in your remembered event essay.

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Actually, your paper can be devoted to anything, and we really mean it – you are free to write about anything you remember. Just make sure you will be able to explain the significance of an event. Anyway, all people have their values and priorities.

Thus, do not be afraid that some of your peers or a teacher will find your event insignificant. It is your experience and your remembered event essay.

Now, let us present you more details on how to write an effective remembered event essay.

Remembered event essays may be either personal or a kind of “national”. Let us explain you what we mean.

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Personal remembered event essays

It is not hard to guess that you will describe an event that affected you personally. It can be whatever you like:

  • A first date/ kiss/party/concert, etc;
  • The death of your close relative or friend;
  • Vacations or a trip to an exotic country;
  • A job, some sort of competitions, and so on.

In other words, any experience of yours can serve as the main idea of the remembered event essay.

“National” remembered event essays

As the main idea of your remembered event essay, you may choose something that happened on the national level and affected many people in your country, including you.

The first example that comes to mind is writing about 9/11, although we do not recommend you consider this issue in the remembered event essay. Probably, you will find more ideas in our article about a hurricane Katrina essay.

Tips for writing a personal experiences essay might be helpful as well.

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