Internship Essays: Your Way to Future Career

Internship Essays: Your Way to Future Career

Are you applying to an internship program? Or, have you already finished one? Actually, it does not matter, since you need to write an internship essay anyway. Besides, in both cases, you make one more step to your future career, and this fact makes internship essays even more important.

Unfortunately, we do not know your particular reason for writing an internship essay. This is why we are going to provide tips for writing an internship application essay and an internship experience essay.

Internship Application Essays

Actually, application essays play a significant role in any application process. So, if you are applying to an internship program, writing essays is a must.

Internship will play a significant role in your future career. You will gain valuable experience, skills, and knowledge.

So, what important questions should be answered in your internship essay?

  • Why do you want to participate in this internship program?
  • What particular research areas are you interested in most of all?
  • Where would you like to work?
  • How will this internship program help you achieve your academic goals?
  • What important experiences and skills do you have?

Internship Experience Essays

This type of essay is about your internship and it should be written after you finish the program. First, it is a chance for you to analyze your experience, some of your personal strong and weak points, and come up with many other important things.

Such internship article should include the following:

  • Tell in your internship essay about experiences and knowledge you had before applying to the program;
  • Say a few words about an organization where internship took place;
  • Describe what new things you have learned and how you have managed to do it;
  • Tell in the internship essay about people you were working with, how they were/were not helpful.

Essay Topics on Internship & Career

  1. The importance of regular feedback in an internship.
  2. Where can a student find internship opportunities?
  3. Students’ expectations of internships.
  4. Discuss the skills you acquired during your internship.
  5. Benefits of hiring interns for businesses.
  6. Individual career development and self-management.
  7. Career path in human resources management.
  8. In what cases is an unpaid internship legal?
  9. Personal skill builder: Personal career development.
  10. Importance of gaining valuable experience in professional career.
  11. Work research as a type of internship.
  12. Sourcing and procurement internship: A case study.
  13. What innovative ideas have you brought to the workplace during your internship?
  14. Training, career development and retention of IT professionals in IT SMEs.
  15. How to get shortlisted for an internship?
  16. The reality of future career business.
  17. A career plan of a future manager.
  18. Have you ever been disappointed in your chosen career after an internship?
  19. Graphic designer, data scientist, and computer engineer careers.
  20. The importance of networking in getting an internship.
  21. The role of an internship in students’ career development.
  22. Give your recommendations on how to make the most of an internship.
  23. Benefits and challenges of an overseas internship.
  24. Workplace violence, its causes and prevention.
  25. Are virtual internships as effective as traditional ones?
  26. Causes of stress in the work environment and how to deal with it.

To get a general idea of how internship essays should look like, search for sample internship essays online. Our next articles are devoted to a nursing reflective essay and a “Why I Need this Scholarship” essay.

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