303 Persuasive Essay Topics: List of Ideas for Students

The picture defines the key aim of persuasive writing and speaking.

Since Ancient Greece, rhetoric remained to be the cornerstone of comprehensive education. Debates teach you to:

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  • defend your point of view,
  • choose the correct arguments,
  • provide evidence.

This article features a selection of easy persuasive essay topics, as well as those more challenging.

💬 What Is Persuasive Writing?

Persuasive writing in essays attempts to convince the readers that the author’s opinion is the only right one. And while argumentative and opinion essays admit the possibility of a different point of view, persuasive essays are more self-centered and less tolerant.

For example, in an argumentative essay, you would explain why children make our life more fulfilled. But in a persuasive essay, you would rather fight against child-free families.

🤔 Persuasive Essay Topic: How to Choose

The following questions will guide you to the most suitable topic:

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  • Does the debatable question match the expected length of your paper? (Be sure to find out)
  • Does the persuasive essay topic require more generalization or analysis? (Opt for the second)
  • Does the issue raise an emotional response in your heart? (A positive answer will be an asset)
  • Is there enough material available on the topic? (Your answer should be yes)
  • Is it a threadbare issue? (Never choose such research questions)

We insistently recommend you to feel free to change your topic as soon as you find out it was a wrong choice. The sooner – the better.

Below you’ll find a large collection of challenging and easy persuasive essay topics. Feel free to use them as they are or get inspiration to formulate your own topic. If you still have difficulties with that, you might want to use our free essay topic generator to get more options.

🙋 Easy Persuasive Essay Topics

Animal Persuasive Essay Topics

  1. Breeding mutating breeds creates animals with more diseases.
  2. The rights of stray animals must be equal to the rights of pets.
  3. The development of animal rights movements from the 1950s to the present day is not structured.
  4. Urbanization advances animal cruelty.
  5. The poaching of wild animals should be punished more severely.
  6. Children growing up in families with animals grow to be more humane.
  7. There is no alternative to animal testing of drugs.
  8. Bullfighting (corrida) in all its forms is outdated.
  9. We should produce more artificial milk.
  10. Hunting is a semi-natural way to control the population of wild species.
  11. Schools should have pets to teach children how to take care of them.
  12. Pets should be sterilized for longer and healthier life.
  13. Endangered animals will disappear sooner or later.
  14. Fur and leather production turns humanity into a primitive society.
  15. Should cosmetic testing on animals be banned?
  16. Animal rights for a dignified existence are within our power.
  17. We are responsible for those we have tamed.
  18. Caring for animals is the key to a proper human upbringing.
  19. Respect for animals increases human intelligence.
  20. A zoo is a utopian idea of saving animals.
  21. Are animals the most violent creatures on Earth?
  22. Does natural evolution consider animal health as breeding does?
  23. Genetic polymorphism: A choice of fashion and demand?
  24. Should we protect animal rights with a constitution as human rights?
  25. Our love for animals is an insufficient reason to lock them in our homes.
  26. Animals should have moral and legal rights for painless existence.
  27. Why should we ban the exploitation of animals in circuses?
  28. Pitting animals against each other should be forbidden by law.
  29. We should punish households who throw their pets into the street.
  30. We should leave wild animals in peace, protecting only their habitats.
  31. The abolition of meat farms is a question of time.
  32. The use of pesticides in crop production kills not only insects.
  33. Humanity is an exploiter of fauna.
  34. We are far from ensuring animal rights because businesses do not benefit from that.
  35. If we had to kill an animal to cook every meal, we would become vegetarians before long.
  36. Animals are not your entertainment.
  37. Pigs are highly intelligent and can have a complex social life among their species.
  38. Domestic animals have a similar level of biological complexity to that of humans.
  39. Animals who are bred for meet know what is happening.
  40. Most religions treat animals as servants to human beings.
  41. Animals should have moral rights not because they know what morality is but because we do.

Sports Persuasive Essay Topics

  1. Should soccer goalkeepers have better body protection?
  2. Hockey: The most traumatic sport.
  3. The side effects of food additives for sportspeople.
  4. Is car racing a sport or an expensive hobby?
  5. Sports is a means to develop international relations.
  6. Do sports build tolerance, respect, and friendship in children?
  7. Sports are powerful leverages to raise women’s rights.
  8. Can doctors prescribe going in for sports as a treatment?
  9. Is professional sport an alternative for higher education for youth?
  10. Sports give us priceless instruments to establish peace all over the world.
  11. Do sports impact global warming?
  12. Can sports be a self-financing sphere of activity?
  13. Should we make sports compulsory in schools and colleges to raise a healthier nation?
  14. What makes people who never practiced any sports watch them on TV?
  15. Do sports make you a better human or a less competitive professional?
  16. Sports: Art or business?
  17. Sexualization of gymnasts’ outfits.
  18. Women’s achievements in traditionally “male” sports are underrepresented.
  19. Equal access to funding could beat gender inequality in sports.
  20. Paralympic Games: A veil of a nightmare of disability.
  21. Is instrumental aggression indispensable in all combat sports?
  22. Sports is the only sphere that allows humans to reach their highest potential.
  23. Do character traits and temperament types define your success in sports?
  24. At some point, no world records will be possible without dope.
  25. Can men and women compete in the same kind of sports?
  26. Sports highlight the difference between genders too much.
  27. Masculinity dominates in sports.
  28. Sports news discriminate and objectivize women.
  29. Cheerleaders: Is it a dance or a sport?
  30. What is currently the most unbreakable world record?
  31. COVID-19 hit hard on the sports industry.
  32. Is it too late to start doing sports for adults?
  33. Are sports worth those traumas and wasted youth?
  34. If only those who break the rules succeed, why doesn’t it work in sports?
  35. Should we measure an athlete’s success by their performance at championships?
  36. Why is soccer not as popular as football in the US?
  37. Should college teams have a chance to compete with professional teams?
  38. Sportspeople should donate a share of their salaries to charity.
  39. Is it worth it for countries to host Olympic games?
  40. Professional sports are growing to become dangerous.

Persuasive Topics about Music

  1. Music is representational art.
  2. Compulsory or subsidized music education will give us a generation of brilliant people.
  3. Country music and folk music is the same.
  4. Listening to aggressive music in a car harms your driving style.
  5. It is a myth that classical music affects plant growth because otherwise, all farmers would use it.
  6. Why do some religions consider music sinful in some instances?
  7. Doing intellectual work while listening to music reduces your productivity.
  8. Mozart was the pop music composer of his time.
  9. Michael Jackson is more of a legend than a prominent musician.
  10. All totalitarian countries used music to motivate their people.
  11. Why are some tunes more addictive than others?
  12. Music is a smooth form of hypnosis
  13. The music you like tells a lot about you.
  14. Each generation likes the music they listened to in their youth.
  15. Sometimes music can ruin one’s life.
  16. Violence-inspiring songs should be banned.
  17. Most talented musicians had a challenging life.
  18. Technology is killing live music slowly but steadily.
  19. The focus of the public has shifted from music and lyrics to videos with naked female bodies.
  20. Can music help in treating mental diseases?
  21. Music is a mirror that reflects the true face of society.
  22. It is never too late for adults to learn how to make music.
  23. What is so special about Vietnam war epoch music?
  24. Hip-hop is not music; it is lyrics.
  25. Music should be used for the rehabilitation of prisoners.
  26. The price of music on the App Store is inflated.
  27. Should music be on in public transport?
  28. “The Beatles” were the first group to bring worldwide attention to British music.
  29. Can music instigate suicidal thoughts?
  30. American and British musicians get higher salaries than those of any other nationalities.
  31. Which is more beneficial for children: Dancing or making music?
  32. Music is a universal language that unites people.
  33. A career in classical music is a challenging path nowadays.
  34. Does playing music require more talent or skill?
  35. When does music become irritating?
  36. Music is another way to procrastinate doing one’s job.
  37. Should offices allow background music?
  38. There are no more girls’ groups like “Spice Girls” anymore.
  39. Why do people hate Justin Bieber?
  40. The modern music world is almost sexism-free.

👨‍🎓️ More Challenging Persuasive Essay Topics

Technology Persuasive Essay Topics

  1. Smart homes: Give up your privacy for convenience.
  2. Are smart devices helpful or annoying?
  3. You cannot program a computer to be creative.
  4. SpaceX is the most important project of our era.
  5. In the future, we will all become computerized creatures.
  6. Everything in the world can be made using a 3D printer.
  7. Will artificial intelligence ever start its independent research?
  8. Mobile phone producers should cooperate with the police to track criminals by their fingerprints.
  9. Quantum technologies give rise to entirely new jobs.
  10. Cyberattacks on hospitals: Who is the beneficiary?
  11. We depend on technologies more than on each other.
  12. The danger of social media for kids.
  13. What is an art since computers can paint as genius artists?
  14. In a couple of decades, everything will be electrified.
  15. Technologies will never replace some professions.
  16. Can virtual reality make people more empathetic?
  17. Do technologies make our world a safer place?
  18. Think of the best way to use genetic engineering.
  19. How much do technologies define who we are?
  20. What is the long-term impact of living in a highly technological world?
  21. Does social media resolve or create problems?
  22. Do you think the governments of North Korea and China will keep their monopoly over Internet access for years to come?
  23. Will technologies make emerging countries even poorer?
  24. AI won’t solve our problems because we created it in our image and likeness.
  25. Does our vision of the world influence the choice of technologies we strive to create?
  26. COVID has made us more dependent on technologies.
  27. Internet addiction will gradually become a norm.
  28. Will self-driving cars eliminate the profession of a driver?
  29. Humanity will reach a point where further scientific developments should have to be banned.
  30. Will brain-controlling technologies change our society?

Business Persuasive Essay Topics

  1. If you get something for free, you are the product.
  2. Who is the beneficiary of sophisticated domestic appliances: You or the selling company?
  3. Gender inequality harms the economy.
  4. Should we force businesses to help the poor?
  5. Business offices will disappear in about a century, giving way to work from home.
  6. Multinational companies are a perfect place for bullying.
  7. Does a given dress code influence your productivity while working from home?
  8. Dating of colleagues is not an issue for the employer.
  9. Social media is the thief of your business time.
  10. Self-employed workers are more productive.
  11. Is your MBA worth its cost?
  12. All management should pass a lie detector test from time to time.
  13. Financial incentives are weaker than emotional ones.
  14. It is impossible to bring gender equality to business.
  15. Do you think gender quotas are beneficial for a business?
  16. Small businesses should pay low or no taxes as it creates workplaces.
  17. In democratic states, political candidates should not be subsidized by large corporations.
  18. Paternity leave should not be optional.
  19. We should reconsider the notion of advertisements as now they are a waste of time for consumers.
  20. Open-space offices: A nightmare for introverted people.
  21. A family business is an influential factor that keeps the pair together.
  22. It is a question of time until all cash becomes digital.
  23. Corporations should create their own business schools.
  24. Can fewer working days per week make a company gain more?
  25. Job burnout is the most severe threat for modern businesses.
  26. Job interviews fail to show an actual picture of a candidate.
  27. Does the place of negotiations influence their outcome?
  28. What is the leading cause of business failures?
  29. What does it mean to make a successful presentation?
  30. Why shouldn’t you feel uncomfortable when firing someone?

Education Persuasive Essay Topics

  1. Should parents do homework with their kids at home?
  2. Gender-neutral education is our future.
  3. Standardized testing never shows the real knowledge of the subject.
  4. Does the level of education define you as a person?
  5. Is online education a viable alternative to in-class studies?
  6. Online education is the only opportunity for talented children in third-world countries.
  7. Which leadership style is good enough to be taught at high school?
  8. We should treat children as if they already were adults.
  9. Internships should be compulsory for students.
  10. Middle schools should have more play-based and fun classes.
  11. Is a university degree a must for a well-paid job?
  12. Boarding schools are good for parents, not children.
  13. Is it reasonable to ban cell phones at schools?
  14. There should be no religious classes in schools.
  15. Can homeschooling be a better option?
  16. Is learning a second language at college a waste of time?
  17. Public speaking skills are the most critical thing one learns at college.
  18. Should governments decide what schools should or should not teach their students?
  19. Female students should be encouraged to study STEM subjects.
  20. Politics should not be discussed in educational institutions.
  21. Peer pressure: The end of motivation.
  22. Teachers should consider the family situation of their students.
  23. Uniforms do not influence academic performance.
  24. Emotional connection with students is essential for a teacher.
  25. Calligraphy should be taught even though most people type.
  26. Girls are more dress coded at schools than boys.
  27. E-books are a lousy alternative to paper books.
  28. Should we allow children to stay at home when they don’t want to go to school?
  29. Student engagement in class depends on the professor’s soft skills.
  30. At what age should we choose our career path?

🌶️ Controversial Persuasive Essay Topics

  1. Everyone procrastinates on something in their lives.
  2. As most severe diseases become less deadly, we are growing a less healthy nation.
  3. The intention to have another child after giving birth to one with disabilities is an attempt to recompense.
  4. Celebrities don’t give young girls a choice to decide how they want to look.
  5. Are women expected to look and act like children?
  6. Bullying harms both its victims and bullies.
  7. Our lives consist of coincidences.
  8. Does humanity need human cloning?
  9. Will genetic engineering change the value of life?
  10. There should be no limitations for human research.
  11. Voting rights should depend on the amount of taxes paid and education level.
  12. The existence of religious books does not prove the existence of God.
  13. Is it morally wrong to use genetic engineering while planning a child?
  14. Should we give painkillers to people on the verge of death?
  15. Do organ donors feel anything after their brain dies?
  16. Can we use animal tissues to treat people?
  17. Today, more people die of obesity than hunger.
  18. Should healthcare be more expensive for people with obesity?
  19. Guaranteed minimum income deprives people of motivation to work.
  20. The millennials are the least motivated generation.
  21. Climate change is more dangerous than the third world war.
  22. Parents of adopted children would never treat them as their own.
  23. We can beat lung cancer only by banning smoking and selling cigarettes.
  24. It will take many years until alternative energy replaces fossil fuels.
  25. Historians will call 2022 is a breakthrough year in multiple spheres.
  26. The social impact of accepting refugees surpasses the moral obligation for doing so.
  27. Are gender-neutral toys good for children?
  28. Opinion leaders from social media should be regulated.
  29. It should be illegal to force underage children to eat only vegan food.
  30. Holographic models of the deceased can help people overcome their loss.

We hope that the collection above will be useful for you. Remember that choosing a suitable topic is the initial step. After doing that, you will still have to outline your paper and think of a convincing thesis statement. By the way, you are welcome to use our thesis generator if you are stuck with the latter task.

❓ Persuasive Essay Topics: FAQ

What Is the Purpose of a Persuasive Essay?

As far as persuasive essays traditionally express an opinion on a debatable topic, their purpose is to convince the reader that the author’s vision is correct. In a broader meaning, this genre creates an atmosphere where the reader can try on the author’s point of view to see if such an approach makes sense.

How to Write a Persuasive Essay?

1. Choose a debatable or controversial topic for persuasive essays. 2. Study the issue and the available opinions. 3. Take a side that attracts you the most. 4. Outline your argumentation: why is this opinion the only valid one? 5. Write an essay following your outline.

Outline How to Start off a Persuasive Essay.

1. Introduce a relevant hook to make the reader interested in your essay. 2. Describe the background of the chosen persuasive writing topic. 3. Narrow the background and introduce the debatable issue. 4. Formulate a good thesis statement that explains the purposes of your writing.

How to End a Persuasive Essay?

You can use one of the following strategies alone or in combination with each other: 1. A summary of the main points. 2. A provocative or rhetorical question. 3. A related quotation. 4. Evoking a vivid image. 5. A call for action or further research on the topic. 6. A description of the scenario if nothing changes. 7. Universalizing (comparison to other similar situations).

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