My Favorite Relative: Essay about Family Love [2021 UPD]

The picture provides introductory information about a family essay.

A family essay is a popular task in college and high school. It might seem a simple topic, but that’s the trick. Some students don’t expect such a task or ignore the structure. Remember that an essay about family is like any other paper. It needs an outline, consistency with the structure, and proofreading English grammar and spelling.

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Use this article to write a perfect short essay about family. We have prepared a list of useful tips, fifty essay topics, and some writing examples at the end.

πŸ—‚οΈ Family Essay Writing Guide

An essay about family, love, and support is an excellent topic that allows you to explore your inner world. It doesn’t require much research in most cases. That is why you have to build a narrative that will be interesting to your audience and academically valuable.

What to Include in a Family Essay

At some point, it might be hard to filter what you’re saying. Avoid going very deep into details that only family members understand. Such things are very dull for readers, and they don’t do any good to your essay.

Instead, consider using the following themes in the paper:

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  1. Your position in the family. Describe your role and responsibilities in the family.
  2. Family traditions. Write about your customs and usual time spending together.
  3. Extended family. Define your relationships with distant family members and tell how often you see them.
  4. Family conflicts. Explain how you cope with them and how to avoid such situations.

Focus on a Specific Topic about Your Family

Focus on one strong idea. Most probably, it will be your personal experience and your reflection on it. Put this idea in the form of a thesis statement and make it prominent in each paragraph.

Once you define the storyline of your essay about family, stick to it. Devoting some time to planning what you are going to write is very helpful. However, consider the word limit: 100 words and 250 words are two different papers. The shorter the essay, the fewer details it should include.

Share the Unique Detail in Your Family Essay

Think about the things that make your family special. Use it as the main idea of the essay. It can be an unusual hobby, a story, a tradition, a possession, or even a person.

For example, if you describe family traditions, try to find something in your regular practices. The family members don’t notice it, but it might be a very unusual thing to do.

The picture provides tips for writing an essay about family.

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘§ 50 Family Essay Topics

Now that you know what to write, it’s time to choose a topic. You can adjust any of these to your writing goals.

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We’ve prepared a list of titles below:

  1. Describe your family’s customs and traditions.
  2. What is the most exciting thing about your family’s history?
  3. What does your family mean to you?
  4. Who is your favorite relative, and why?
  5. How close are you to your parents?
  6. Describe your relationships with siblings.
  7. How much time do you usually devote to your family and friends?
  8. What is the most critical advice that one of your family members has given you?
  9. How can you describe a happy family?
  10. What is your position in the family, and how does it affect your life?
  11. Do you share any hobbies with your family members?
  12. What are the best ways to prevent conflicts in a family?
  13. How often do you see your extended family members?
  14. Who is the closest person to you among family members?
  15. Who is your role model in your family?
  16. What do you want your future family to be like?
  17. How can a family support a queer child?
  18. What is your brightest memory connected with your family?
  19. Have you ever felt any kind of pressure from your family?
  20. Who are you similar to in your family?
  21. What are the main problems parents face while raising a child?
  22. In what ways are modern families different from families 50 years ago?
  23. How do you think your life will change when you have children?
  24. How does growing up in a low-income family affect a person?
  25. How does religion affect family life?
  26. Would you prefer to work with your family members or friends?
  27. In what ways is your family special?
  28. How well do you remember your early childhood?
  29. Describe the best vacation you had with your family.
  30. What character features have you inherited from your parents?
  31. Describe the way you share responsibilities in your family.
  32. Would you prefer to be an only child or have siblings?
  33. Describe a difficult situation that made your family bonds stronger.
  34. The advantages and disadvantages of a big family.
  35. What is the point of family counseling?
  36. Does the generation gap affect your communication with parents?
  37. How do families in Hindi culture differ from the American ones?
  38. What is your attitude to divorce and re-marriage?
  39. What is your attitude to surrogate parenting?
  40. Does your family support your ideas and aspirations?
  41. What is the most important lesson your family has taught you?
  42. How does having a pet affect family life?
  43. Did your parents devote you enough time when you were a child?

πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦ Short Essay About Family: 5 Examples

Here are some short essay samples that you can use to outline your writing. Pay attention to the structure and the narrative. Try to find some ideas for your future essay using these examples.

Family Traditions Essay

My family has one interesting tradition. Each time we plan our vacation, everyone writes their destination ideas on paper. We put these papers in an old hat, and then my father chooses one without looking at it. It is a great tradition because it allows us to see beautiful places, enjoy time together, and each one knows that their opinion matters. Last time we went to explore Alaska. It was my mother’s idea. I have never seen such beautiful views and landscapes. And it wasn’t as cold as I expected. We spent most of our time hiking, walking, and trying local restaurants. It is probably one of my favorite trips. A couple of years ago we just stayed at home. My older brother had just bought a new Xbox and wanted to spend most of his time with it. Although we wanted to travel that Christmas, it wasn’t a problem for us. We chose a Christmas tree, decorated it together, cooked many foreign dishes, and played Mark’s Xbox. I wanted to go to Disneyland so much when I was a child. It was unbelievable when I saw my handwriting on a piece of paper my father was holding. It felt like a fairytale. However, there were long lines in the amusement park, and we didn’t see everything we planned. But that doesn’t seem a problem to an eight-year-old kid. Even my older brother liked the trip. A tiny family tradition can lead to multiple adventures and exciting experiences. You can travel, explore new locations and communicate with each other. And it feels so nice to know that each family member is equal in vacation planning.

Family History Essay

Half of my family originally comes from Germany. It’s the third generation of us in the United States. My grandparents moved here in the ’70s and faced many difficulties on arrival. It was hard for them to become fluent in English, get used to new customs, and stop missing their friends and relatives. Paul and Anna, in their mid-twenties at the time, were enjoying their family life in Munich. They already had one child, Nicole. Then Paul had an opportunity to obtain a new position in the American office as they were looking for people who knew English and were fluent in German. But the problem was that Anna didn’t know English at all, and Paul knew only the basics. They moved to Chicago. The company helped my grandfather find a place to live, but Anna faced the most difficulties. She had to buy groceries that seemed different from German ones, cook, clean, and look after their children. Anna spent most of her daytime alone as she had too many household chores and didn’t know anybody she could talk to except Paul. Anna missed her friends and family who stayed in Germany. His new job almost entirely consumed Paul, but he also felt homesick from time to time. Anna gave birth to their second child, Nick, my father. When both of their kids went to school and had more time to themselves, they finally felt at home in the United States. I love listening to my grandparents’ stories about Munich and moving to the USA. It took a lot of courage to move to a different continent and start their life from scratch. I also hope I will visit Germany one day so I can see their motherland.

What Does Family Mean to You Essay

My family, especially my parents, are the dearest people to me. I respect their wisdom and the way they treat others. Having a family means that you always have support, people you can trust, and unconditional love. I knew my mother would support my career choice even though it was untypical for my family. I have decided to become a photographer in a family of lawyers. She was happy that I finally decided what I wanted to do and told me that creativity always was one of my strengths. I was the happiest person in the world when we went to choose my first camera together. When I was choosing a college, my parents became my best advisors. They found some people to talk to in these colleges, helped me structure all the information, and make the right choice. I know I can always rely on my parents when I am not sure what to do. We never had this barrier of children and parents. I trust them all my secrets, and I know I won’t be judged. They assured me I could ask them anything and tell anything about my life. That is why I have never had anything to hide because I knew they would accept and love me the way I am. In conclusion, nothing can be compared to having a family which will be entirely on your side no matter what you choose. It means I can always count on them and never be afraid that they will not support me. My parents love and respect me the way I am, and I feel the same way about them.

Family Definition Essay

A family might have different sets of values but still do their best to understand each other. There are three children in my family. My younger brother Kyle, my older sister Cathy, and me. We all have different hobbies and interests, but try to find common ground and spend time together. Cathy taught Kyle and me to play tennis, even though we are not huge sports fans. We had a great time learning and making jokes. It doesn’t mean that we didn’t take the game seriously. Kyle and I know that we will never become such good players as Cathy, but we wanted to try the game. Kyle always tries to impress us with his amateur guitar concerts in our living room. He even has a band. They play in our garage sometimes. Knowing that learning to play a musical instrument would be too hard for me, I just try to listen to their music and support the band. I love Korean culture, so I often tell my siblings about interesting series and music. We watched a couple of doramas and anime cartoons together. We even went shopping for Korean fashion once or twice. I feel grateful that they appreciate my interests and try to understand my hobbies. Family is more than just a group of people. These are in some ways alike and some ways different personalities. They all have their own lives but still make an effort to share their time and interests.

My Favorite Relative Essay

All of us have the closest family member. My sister Claire is two years older than me. There is no other person who can understand me better. I like her because she is honest, caring, and, most importantly, my best friend. Probably, my sister is the most honest person I’ve ever met. She doesn’t try to make any false impression on other people pretending to be cooler or better. My sister also believes in a fair contest and never cheats. Claire always tells others what she thinks. Even if a dress that I’ve chosen doesn’t suit me, she will be honest. Claire is the one who completely takes care of our dog. She walks with it, feeds it, and deals with all the problems it creates. She also helps me with my homework and gives advice when I ask for it. Claire is always ready to assist our parents with all kinds of tasks, and I see how proud they are of her. I believe we have a special bonding that only sisters can have. Claire is the closest person to me. I can trust her with all my secrets and entirely rely on her, and she can do the same. I am delighted that we became such good friends even though we used to fight a lot when we were children. Claire is so adorable. I feel lucky that I am her sister. She is probably the most sincere and responsive person I know. I believe that relatives can make the best friends. The way you know each other like no one else is the reason why you can understand each other so well.

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