Essay on Brain Drain

Essay on Brain Drain

The brain drain is one of the most frequent and burning problems of the present days. That is why it is an interesting meat for discussion in your essay.

To write an essay on brain drain means to touch upon the most disturbing problems of the science development in the modern research centers.

Below, you will find the ideas that can be disclosed in your essay on brain drain.

  • General information on the brain drain. What does this term means? Where can it be observed? This information can be included into the introductory part of your essay on brain drain, where you will have to present your thesis statement as well;
  • Historic background of the brain drain phenomenon. Is this phenomenon intrinsic only to the modern generation of scientists or it appeared long time ago? Within what states was the brain drain rather frequent? Why? The paragraph devoted to consideration of these questions should be supported by reasonable examples. Statistical data taken from the internet or literature sources can add reality to your essay on brain drain;
  • Reasons for the brain drain phenomenon. This paragraph of your essay on brain drain can aim to disclose the scientists’ points of view on the problem and provide your personal viewpoint on what the reasons for the brain drain are. Your essay on brain drain should also present sensible explanations for why you think this way or another;
  • Possible ways of the problem solution. Do you think the problem is solvable? What are your suggestions as for its solution? Summarize all that you have said in the concluding part of your essay on brain drain.

The most important thing you should disclose in your essay on brain drain is to answer your research question. So, good luck with your essay on brain drain!

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