Essay about Tourism

Essay about Tourism

Essays on tourism may seem to be too easy to write. However, until you have not identified your topic and issue under consideration, you cannot know how complicated or easy this task will be.

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There are lots of problems that can be considered in your essays on tourism. One of them is the harm that tourism causes to the environment.

So, if you decide to discuss this problem in your essay on tourism, you may consider the following points in it:

  • A brief overview of the industry of tourism and its development. If you disclose this point in your essay on tourism, you will produce a good Introduction. The key point here will be your thesis statement. While writing the Introduction of your essay about tourism, you can say that the development of tourism has both negative and positive sides about it. Many tourists do not care about the places they are visiting – simply doing sightseeing, without any respect to these places. Besides, tourists pollute the sights they visit. So, you can discuss it in the Body of your essay on tourism;
  • The most frequently visited places and the affect of tourism industry on them. Tourism essays can compare a deep respect to the sights from the side of native inhabitants of this land and tourists’ indifference towards the spiritual essence of these sights. In this part of essays on tourism essay, writers can also tell about some famous spiritual places that should be respected.
  • Some possible solutions to the problem. This part of your essay about tourism can present your own suggestions on solving this problem. How to make tourists behave more appropriately? How to cultivate the feeling of respect towards these famous sights? Discuss it in your tourism essay.
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