Tourism Essay: Topics, Writing Tips, & Essay Samples [2024]

Do you like traveling?

Adventures, meeting new people, and trying local foods are always exciting.

Tourism can be different, involving various purposes and characteristics. Besides just relaxing, you can travel on business, to improve your health or help the locals. Tourism has also changed significantly due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Today, we will discuss the types of traveling and think of how to write about them. You will find writing prompts for an essay on tourism, writing samples, and over 100 topics.

Let’s begin our journey!

📋 Tourism Essay Prompts

Traveling might involve enjoying new sights, seeking career and educational opportunities, or pursuing other goals. There are countless reasons for people to travel.

Here are different types of tourism and their main features.

Essay on Tourism during Pandemic

Lockdowns and restrictions made it hard for many companies to provide their services successfully. The sphere of tourism experienced one of the biggest hits. In 2020, the number of tourists worldwide went down by 84%. You can discuss the changes and their effects in your paper. 

As a result, representatives of the field had to invent new rules. Rules should’ve protected the industry from the crash and made traveling safe. Some include obligatory vaccination or taking a COVID-test, limiting the number of people in a plane, and the requirement to wear face masks. You can discuss these precautions in your essay on tourism.

The number of tourist arrivals.

Niche Tourism Essay

Niche tourism is a definition of specific types of tourism that meet particular needs.

We will describe some examples of niche tourism below.

  • Leisure Tourism
    The primary goal of such travel is to rest and have fun. It might be your vacation or just a small break from daily life. Most of the things you do during leisure tourism is for pleasure.
  • Business Tourism
    It means you still work with or without getting paid for your trip. Traveling to meetings, conferences, or international events connected with your work are all examples of business tourism.
  • Wellness Tourism
    It is all about maintaining or enhancing your physical, mental, and social wellbeing. You can do it with sports, alternative medicine, healthy nutrition, meditation, and other activities.
  • Medical Tourism
    Mostly, the primary purpose of this travel is to get medical or dental procedures at a lower price. Also, some tourists might look for alternative medicine that is not legal in the United States.
  • Cultural Tourism
    Cultural tourism is about immersing in the culture of the place you visit. This might include local cuisine, traditions, features of a society, spiritual and historical heritage, arts, modern lifestyle, etc.
  • Ecotourism
    Ecotourism is sustainable traveling that includes taking care, observing, and preserving nature or local communities. It should minimize all the negative impacts on the environment and contain educational or interpretation features.
The picture provides six examples of niche tourism.

Tourism Seasonality Essay

Seasonal tourism means that some destinations are more attractive to tourists due to weather conditions or other factors during a particular season.

For example, most Mediterranean countries become popular destinations when the temperature is high enough to swim in the sea. Some places do not depend on the weather, but there are still more tourists during the summer and winter holidays.

Here are the matters you can discuss in your paper:

  1. Employment of the locals.
  2. Environmental impact of tourism.
  3. Businesses and countries’ economies.
  4. Peak seasons and their frequency.

Digital Nomadism Essay

Digital nomads are people who travel to various places and continue working remotely.

They choose extended stays instead of short trips and are not attached to any specific place. As more and more people select remote jobs during the pandemic, we will see more and more digital nomads over the years.

Space Tourism Essay

Space traveling is only an evolving industry with possible growth in the next decade. Blue Origin, owned by Amazon, and Virgin Galactic have already launched multiple private suborbital flights.

Describe the economic, scientific, and other benefits of space travel. Discuss the prospects, opportunities, and risks of the industry.

🛫 137 Tourism Essay Topics

Take a look at our selection of topics on all types of travel:

  1. What is the place of your dream? Explain your motivation.
  2. Contemporary tourism business growth in the UAE.
  3. Describe your best traveling experience.
  4. Forecasting Taiwan’s medical tourism.
  5. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of traveling alone.
  6. The intercontinental hotels group: hospitality management.
  7. What dangers might you face due to cultural differences as a tourist?
  8. How would your life be different without traveling?
  9. Hotel industry performance & environmental consciousness.
  10. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of traveling with family.
  11. What popular destinations are overrated? Explain your position and include your experience.
  12. Radisson Blu hotel quality management.
  13. What should people do to become a part of sustainable tourism?
  14. Is there any difference between a traveler and a tourist?
  15. Paris major tourist attractions: artwork, architecture, sceneries.
  16. What are the ways for the traveling industry to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic?
  17. Obscuro business in the tourism market.
  18. What do you need to know if you travel to Africa for the first time?
  19. Customer service department management on the example of Etihad Airways.
  20. How to spend less money without losing your comfort while traveling?
  21. WeChat e-marketing tool prospects in the tourism industry.
  22. What are the advantages and disadvantages of traveling in a van?
  23. How to plan your time wisely on a short trip?
  24. International hospitality development: how do hotels and restaurants use marketing principles?
  25. What are the pros and cons of tourism for the environment?
  26. The prospect and constraint of ecotourism in Malaysia.
  27. Why is tourism important for the world economy?
  28. Branding Abu Dhabi as a tourist destination.
  29. What European countries depend on tourism the most?
  30. Airline industry and customer satisfaction: how to deliver quality service?
  31. Would you rather spend on clothes or on traveling?
  32. What are the most critical factors that define a good traveling experience?
  33. Restaurant review on a business trip.
  34. The most well-known destinations for medical tourists from the United States.
  35. The international tourism hotel for elderly service: Internal marketing practices.
  36. Why do you travel? Describe your goals and motivation.
  37. What are the things you need to consider when choosing a traveling destination?
  38. Studying abroad: how to maintain a good environment between domestic and international students?
  39. How can you use your traveling experiences in daily life?
  40. Total logistics costs and strategic planning in tourism.
  41. What is the essential life lesson traveling has taught you?
  42. Descriptive analysis of Pacific Palms Hotel, Los Angeles.
  43. What kind of traveling suits you the best and why?
  44. The role of gastronomy in tourism development.
  45. How to survive jet lag and recover after a long flight?
  46. As an ecotourist, what place would you choose to visit?
  47. Comparative analysis of two vacation destinations: Dubai and Cape Town.
  48. How did digitalization change our traveling experiences?
  49. What are the possible outcomes of time traveling?
  50. Effects of ecotourism on Eskimos in Canada.
  51. Is space-traveling a safe experience for ordinary people?
  52. The impact of social media on the tourism industry.
  53. What role does traveling play in your life?
  54. What are three things essential for all tourists?
  55. Emirates Airlines: operations and high quality of one of the most luxurious airlines.
  56. Describe the worst experience you had while traveling.
  57. Empowering leadership practices and job satisfaction in tourism.
  58. If time travel was possible, what epoch would you choose to visit?
  59. Tourists’ trends in the Albaha region in Saudi Arabia.
  60. What is your favorite transport for traveling and why?
  61. Comparison of all-inclusive hotels in Turkey and Greece.
  62. Internal marketing practices of the international tourism hotel for elderly service.
  63. What are the advantages and disadvantages of seasonal tourism?
  64. Human resource management in the Saudi tourism sector.
  65. If a tourist wants to see your town, what would you recommend them to do?
  66. Sustainability and responsible tourism in Dubai.
  67. The positive and negative effects of traveling on the human mind.
  68. Abu Dhabi’s brand as a tourists’ destination.
  69. How are traveling experiences different for adults and children?
  70. Tell about the traveling experience you will never forget.
  71. Strategies employed by Fairmont Mayakoba Riviera Maya Resort management.
  72. What do you need to know to make traveling easier?
  73. Medical tourism in Tunisia and Morocco.
  74. How does knowing foreign languages help while traveling?
  75. The positive and negative effects of tourism for a country.
  76. How do airlines satisfy customers? Emirates Airlines case study.
  77. What is the riskiest thing you have done while traveling?
  78. Terrorism effects on tourism in the United Kingdom.
  79. How has world tourism changed because of the COVID-19 pandemic?
  80. What do you feel when you get home after traveling?
  81. The influence of globalization on tourism in France.
  82. Describe the longest journey that you made while traveling.
  83. Concepts of tourism in the UAE.
  84. How to make your traveling less harmful to nature?
  85. Why do people tend to spend more money while traveling?
  86. Human resource management as a core success factor in airlines industry.
  87. What are the famous tourist destinations that you would not like to visit?
  88. The Hong Kong tourism industry.
  89. Describe your first traveling experience in a foreign country.
  90. Location planning for tourist attractions.
  91. The evolution of tourism as an industry.
  92. Innovations in the tourism sector: hospitality management.
  93. How does seasonal tourism affect the economy of a country?
  94. How does hospitality differ in different cultures?
  95. Intercultural communication and staff in tourism.
  96. Are low-cost airlines harmful to the environment?
  97. H1N1 in the elderly and its impact on the tourism industry.
  98. The reasons why traveling is always a good topic for discussion.
  99. What are the easiest ways to save money while traveling?
  100. The UAE hotel industry: quality management strategies.
  101. Is traveling a luxury or a natural need of a human?
  102. What are the main dangers of traveling for a developing country?
  103. Taiwan: Tourism industry for the elderly.
  104. What is the most exciting thing about traveling to you?
  105. The typical types of tourists in the United States.
  106. Environmental management in the hospitality industry.
  107. Lifehacks for students: the things to need to know to travel smartly.
  108. The reasons why you should study a country’s culture before you visit it.
  109. Effects of tourism industry innovation on elderly care.
  110. How to become a digital nomad and combine tourism and work?
  111. The most exciting professions in the tourism industry.
  112. American Airlines’ environment and strategies.
  113. Top of the most useful mobile applications for tourists.
  114. Indian and Hungarian medical tourism.
  115. Do geography lessons help you in real life when you travel?
  116. Innovations and changes in the hospitality industry.
  117. What is the best traveling destination to heal your soul?
  118. Emirates Airlines customer need analysis.
  119. How do you see the future of the space tourism industry?
  120. Would you like to work in tourism? Why or why not?
  121. The sex tourism industry in Thailand.
  122. How to know that you need to visit a new place?
  123. Have you ever wanted to move to a place you’ve visited before?
  124. The Ritz-Carlton Hotel quality management system.
  125. Discuss the ecological effects of seasonality on seaside areas.
  126. Influenza in the elderly and tourism demand in Asia.
  127. What is the next place you want to see and why?
  128. Would you like to try space traveling?
  129. What are the prevalent stereotypes about American tourists?
  130. The potential for community-based ecotourism development.
  131. Where would you like to go on your honeymoon?
  132. If you had unlimited money and time, where would you go?
  133. Causes and effects of employee turnover in hospitality industry.
  134. Why do people want to travel to new places?
  135. What precautions ensure your safety while traveling alone?

✍️ Essay on Tourism – 2 Samples

And here are a couple of essay samples to get a general idea of the essay about tourism.

Tourism in Pakistan Essay

The British Backpacker Society marked Pakistan as the best adventure destination of 2018. It might not be a prominent place for a vacation, but it is definitely worth attention. Pakistan is an attractive traveling destination for cultural tourism and nature lovers. While Pakistan’s potential in tourism is just developing, it is an excellent opportunity to visit a beautiful and not overcrowded place.

Pakistan’s mountain ranges are rich with spectacular views, flora, and fauna. Various activities are available for tourists that will let you interact with nature. Everyone can find something to do depending on their preferences. You can choose from extreme sports such as mountain climbing and white water rafting or quiet time spending such as fishing and birdwatching.

Located in South Asia, Pakistan is home to Indus Valley Civilization various dynasties. This country was part of several empires that made its cultural legacy unique. Pakistan is also a country where several UNESCO world heritage sites are located. Some of them are Historical Monuments at Makli, Thatta, Rohtas Fort and Taxila, Archaeological Ruins at Moenjodaro, and Buddhist Ruins of Takht-i-Bahi.

Avoiding big crowds and long queues is one of the advantages of traveling to Pakistan. Enjoying virgin nature and seeing sights without any distractions is something that many tourists look for. This country is not on everyone’s bucket list. That is why your experience of visiting Pakistan becomes unique and sacred. Being among the firsts to discover something worthy is always a pleasure.

Pakistan is a perfect traveling destination for those who like to explore nature and enrich their cultural knowledge. If you are a fan of unusual places and beautiful scenery, Pakistan will win your heart.

Space Tourism Essay

Space tourism might have sounded like a fantasy a couple of decades ago. While it is still not a cheap adventure, progress makes it more and more accessible to people. Space tourism has massive potential as a business and stimulus to scientific progress and new career opportunities.

Virgin Galactic, Space X, Blue Origin, Orion Spain, and Boeing already offer commercial travel to space for recreational purposes. Each of them hopes to launch suborbital flights regularly, making it a profitable business. Virgin Galactic experienced growth in demand by 15% for suborbital flights in autumn 2021, selling a seat for $450,000.

As we can see, space tourism is a promising and highly lucrative sphere. With such wealthy and innovative companies leading the market, there is no doubt that scientists will have more opportunities to conduct experiments in space. The central aspect of any space travel is power generation, making it so expensive. Space tourism might become more affordable with advancements and research on this issue.

The development of space tourism also means that there will be new jobs and careers. Some of them might be completely new. Others might be like regular jobs but with adjustments and special training. For example, doctors, nurses, fitness trainers, or excursionists. These and many other professions will require special or additional education to function in space tourism successfully.

Space tourism is a dream that has become a reality in the 21st century. As for now, not so many people can afford it, but there will be more opportunities available with the development of the sphere. Rising demand stimulates the growth of companies offering space tours as well as the science and job market expansion.

Essays on tourism may seem too easy to write. However, until you have identified your topic, you cannot know how complicated is this task.

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