Research Proposal Help

Research Proposal Help

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Another article is: research proposal and realize the functions of research proposal, find sample organization of research proposal and information on each part of research proposal. The materials are intelligible, presented in a form of a table.

One more article for you to writing a research proposal It’s a well-organized fund of resources providing research proposal help. The goal of the site is to direct an inexperienced proposal writer to more precise sources of information concerning writing an academic research proposal. The materials available here are arranged in the following sections:

  • Beginning the proposal process.
  • Writing the proposal.
  • What to do after sending in the proposal.
  • Tips, terms and FAQ.

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Research Proposal Essay Topics

Haven’t decided on the topic of your research proposal yet? We’re here to help. In the sections below, you’ll find a list of ideas for writing your research proposal essay.

Research Proposal Essay Topics on Branding

  1. The Chinese perceptions of brand equity of hotels in China.
  2. Branding effects on the Singapore IT industry.
  3. The impact of branding on consumer purchasing behaviour.
  4. Cross-cultural luxury brand consumption.
  5. Brand influence in China’s hotel industry.
  6. Impact of social cues on consumers’ purchase intentions regarding luxury services.
  7. The analysis of the environmental impacts of the proposed Third Runway at London Heathrow Airport.
  8. Branding Abu Dhabi as a tourist destination.
  9. Use of Facebook for brand building in confectionary companies in the UAE.
  10. Generic brands’ effects on organizational sales.
  11. Consumer brand loyalty in the electronics industry.
  12. Silence of brands: Advertising for luxury products.
  13. Apple company’s branding strategy in China.
  14. Brand name’s importance in making Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory competitive in the market.
  15. Relationship between accounting ratios and stock returns: Case study of Hong Kong.

Research Proposal Essay Topics on Business Communication

  1. Non-verbal communication in organizations.
  2. Group support systems: Significance in increasing efficiency in organizational meetings.
  3. Public-private partnerships and partnering.
  4. Conflict resolution strategies in the workplace.
  5. The successful use of reframing in conflict transformation: The case of Oslo Accords.
  6. Crisis management: The importance of crisis communication.
  7. Family business: Issues and conflicts.
  8. Time management importance in business communication.
  9. Emirates Airline: Corporate communication.
  10. Communication in working groups and organizations.
  11. Nonverbal communication in strategic management.
  12. Organizational communication and success factors.
  13. Cross-cultural communication in project managers.
  14. Cultural differences affecting negotiations.
  15. The advantage of a good communication system in the organization.

Research Proposal Essay Topics on Management

  1. A good manager from the employee’s perspective.
  2. The subscription business model’s benefits and drawbacks.
  3. Incentive conflicts in the pharmaceutical industry.
  4. Effective management of change during merger and acquisition.
  5. Root-cause analysis of the drop in sales.
  6. Strategies for celebrating success in organizations.
  7. The benefits of adopting a stress management program in organizations.
  8. Women expatriates’ challenges in management.
  9. Abusive supervision and its effects on employees.
  10. Cultural diversity and its impact on businesses.
  11. The reward management practices: Kazakhstan’s hospitality industry.
  12. The influence of green procurement on supply chain management in the UK.
  13. Challenges facing operations management today.
  14. Management: Power distance effects on team performance.
  15. Importance of social media in human resource management.

Research Proposal Essay Topics on Marketing

  1. Voting with a wallet as a way to fight greenwashing.
  2. Sensory marketing: How can marketers use sensory marketing to their advantage?
  3. Marketing management of Al-Mazunah Free Zone.
  4. Social media usage for business promotion.
  5. How Ikea company understands its target market.
  6. Pricing in declining markets: Increasing prices.
  7. Vulnerable consumers in regulated industries.
  8. A study on the impact that generic brands have on organizational profit margins.
  9. Pringles: Global brand marketing research.
  10. Internal marketing in business organizations.
  11. Allstate: The role of slogans and creative campaigns.
  12. How McDonald’s culture impacts a marketing strategy.
  13. Culture and marketing communications in international environments.
  14. Marketing techniques: Enticing customers and imposing artificial needs.
  15. Service quality and customer satisfaction in marketing.

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I need assistance developing the introduction and purpose statement for my research question: ” How can African-American communities establish models of sustainability in self-determination and economics which offer residents, investors, and private businesses, equity positions in mixed-use land developments, and allows residents to leverage private exemptions, and rights to issue bonds, via their full faith and credit? Assignment is due by 12:59 am (est) 10-27-12