Essays about Women: Breaking Stereotypes

Essays about Women: Breaking Stereotypes

What most of the men think about women? The majority will answer that all women do is shopping, spending time in beauty shops, gossiping, spreading rumors, and complaining. Well, this is actually a stereotype.

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Do you agree with this? Do you not think that women can be great leaders, managers, etc.?

You have a great opportunity to express your thoughts in essays about women.

So, if you think that essays on women can be only about shoes, love, sex, and fashion, you are completely wrong.

Writing an essay on a woman may be much more difficult than writing an essay about the theory of market equilibrium.

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Many different issues can be discussed in essays on women.

First, everything depends on the subject you write an essay on women for.

If it is Literature class, you can analyze literature works about women and prepare:

  • Little Women essays;
  • No Name Woman essay;
  • Women Who Loved Too Much essays.

If it is your Social Studies class, you can discuss the role of women:

  • Essays on women rights;
  • Essays on black women in history;
  • Essays on Roman women.

Second, you should create a strong and catchy thesis statement for your essay on women. Take a certain position, formulate your own opinion, and present it in one-two sentences. This will be the thesis statement of your essay about women.

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Third, think of the facts to support your thesis. Use up-to-date information. For example, you can compare the image of women of the XX century with that of the XIX century.

On our site, you can also find reliable tips for writing an essay on Emily Bronte.

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