Writing an Essay on Football: How-to Guide, 100+ Topics, & Prompts

The picture provides introductory information about football appearance.

Football is one of the most popular and beloved team sports around the world. People of all ages enjoy playing or watching it.

Millions of fans supported their teams during Euro 2022 this summer. Did you?

Whether you are a football fan, writing an essay on sports is an exciting and challenging task.

In this article, we will explain how to write a perfect essay on football. No need to be a sports guru to complete this task successfully. We prepared some theoretical overview, writing prompts, and lots of essay topics. Let’s start!

Below, we will explain what you should do to complete this task.

⚠️ How to Write an Essay on Football?

Even if you are a football fan, you will need to do some research.

For example, you can write a football match essay about one game. You need to know a lot of details to write such a paper properly.

Below, we will explain what you should do to complete this task successfully.

Football Essay Purposes

Your purposes may vary depending on the type of essay. College and high school papers differ a lot. They also can be different for students in class 5 and class 10, for example. But here are the fundamental purposes of writing a football research paper:

Show your expertise. You need to do thorough research – evaluate several sources to do it.
Provide a logical structure. If you introduce a thought, support it with some evidence and data. Each idea should be in a separate paragraph.
Analyze different points of view.Inspect several secondary sources and find the most popular opinions.
Be literate and scientific.Even if the sport is so much fun to you, it is still an academic task. Proofread your essay and check if the tone is suitable.

Football Essay Challenges

Such a paper can be a trap for football fans. There is a high risk your essay might look like just sport praising. Try to keep your emotions out of the paper. You have to focus on the analytical or narrative features.
Avoid too much evaluation and condemnation. You might not like particular players or teams, but it is not the right place and time to show your feelings.
Don’t use such sources as blogs, social media, Wikipedia, and forums in your essay on football.It is the easiest way to find information. You can use them to be updated on the events. However, they don’t suit as something you refer to in your paper.

Football Essay Requirements

Suitable topicAsk your instructor if the topic is okay. Some football essay titles might seem attractive, but you can’t find reliable information on them.
Credible sourcesMake sure the information you use is not older than 3-5 years. Use scientific databases to avoid irrelevant data.
Objectivity Sport can be a sensitive topic for many people. Make sure you stay calm and interpret the sources without prejudice.
Word limitIf it is 200 words, do your best not to exceed it. If it is 1000 words, make sure you don’t have any unnecessary information in your paper. The quantity of words does not define an essay’s quality.

⚽ 100+ Football Topics to Write about

Now it’s time to pick a good essay title. There are many interesting debates and areas to explore about football. That is why we prepared a wide variety of topics for you.

Let’s take a look at them!

Compare and Contrast Football and Basketball Essay

Football and Basketball are the most popular team sports in the world. People often argue which one is better.

Here are some examples of topics:

  1. Professional traumas of professional football and basketball players.
  2. Similar psychological traits of football and basketball players.
  3. Responsibilities of football and basketball officials during matches.
  4. Football and basketball players’ workout routines between seasons.
  5. The intensity of football and basketball as physical activity.
  6. Football vs. basketball: Socializing, teamwork, and community.
  7. Competition on the job market for football and basketball players.
  8. Psychological pressure and responsibilities in football and basketball.
  9. Income and lifestyle of football and basketball players.
  10. Goal scoring rules in football and basketball.
  11. Chances to receive a scholarship for football and basketball players.
  12. Breaking the rules in football and basketball.
  13. The popularity of football and basketball as recreational activities.
  14. Defense and offense in football and basketball.
  15. Football and basketball fans in the United States.
  16. Football and basketball: Professional leagues around the world.
  17. Football and basketball: Amateur leagues around the world.
  18. Football or basketball: Which one is better for weight loss?
  19. Football vs. basketball: Endurance and strength improvement.
  20. Equipment and uniform needed for football and basketball.

Football Debate Topics

Some football debates never end. It is an excellent opportunity for an argumentative essay!

Choose one of these topics to write an impressive essay:

  1. Does instant replay help to be objective?
  2. Should football fans be censored during matches?
  3. Should college football athletes earn money by playing?
  4. What companies can’t become sponsors of football matches?
  5. Should we legalize and monetize steroids in football?
  6. Is playing football too dangerous for children?
  7. Which football team is the best one?
  8. Who is the greatest player of all time?
  9. Should football players become role models for kids?
  10. How to define simulation on the pitch?
  11. Why is associate football not so popular in the United States?
  12. Do football players need sports psychologists?
  13. Which country has the most talented football players?
  14. What is the difference between legal and illegal supplements?
  15. Who is the best football coach of all time?
  16. Who will win the next Champions League?
  17. Which football club has the most considerable number of fans?
  18. Should children be allowed at stadiums during matches?

Soccer Vs. Football Essay Topics

In English-speaking countries, the term “football” stands for two different sports. You can write an essay on football history to explain why two different games have the same name in different countries.

Here is our selection of topics:

  1. The main differences between European and American football.
  2. What do European and American football have in common?
  3. Why term “football” has different meanings on different continents?
  4. The history of the word “soccer,” its meaning, and usage.
  5. What are the different variations of football around the world?
  6. The rules of American and European football: Differences and similarities.
  7. Should European football be called soccer or football?
  8. The popularity of soccer in the United States.
  9. Why did the British stop using the term “soccer”?
  10. The comparison of leagues in American football and soccer.
  11. Should betting on American and European football be allowed?
  12. An overview of American and European football college teams.
  13. American and European football most recognizable competitions.
  14. Is American or European football better for children as a hobby?
  15. How much do professional European and American football players earn?
  16. The revenue of American and European football explained.
  17. Is racism a problem in American and European football?
  18. The physical abilities required for American football and soccer players.
  19. The cultural impact of American football and soccer.

American Football Essay Topics

American and European football are both beloved sports. However, it causes some confusion when you use the word “football” in different countries.

Take a look at these topics if American football is your passion:

  1. The history of rules in American football.
  2. How has American football changed in the last 20 years?
  3. The risk of injuries and long-term traumas in American football.
  4. How rugby and soccer formed American football that we know today?
  5. Should parents let their children play football knowing the risks?
  6. Psychological pressure on American college football athletes.
  7. At what age is it better to start playing American football?
  8. American football workouts and nutrition for young athletes.
  9. How to build a successful career in American football?
  10. Gridiron football: The history of the term.
  11. What is the difference between professional and college American football?
  12. Training methods and techniques for professional American football players.
  13. How can an American football player receive a college scholarship?
  14. The most significant events in the last Super Bowl.
  15. Concussion: The consequences of the trauma and how to avoid it.
  16. Career prospects for NFL pro players after sports retirement.
  17. How to fight violent behavior in American football?
  18. The role of coaches in American football: Training and psychology.
  19. How to spot and fight corruption in American football?
  20. Who is the best American football player of all time?

Descriptive Essay on a Football Game

Some football matches stay in our memory forever, some of them don’t attract much attention. You can write a good essay describing particular games, players, or football clubs.

Here are our essay topics for descriptive essays.

  1. Describe the business model of Manchester United football club.
  2. Describe the characteristics of a successful football player.
  3. Describe the benefits of playing football for health.
  4. Describe your favorite football player and their most famous match.
  5. Describe the roles of referees in football during the game.
  6. Describe your favorite football team and its achievements.
  7. Describe the role of football in your life.
  8. Describe the market value of an average football club.
  9. Describe football’s influence on the human body and spirit.
  10. Describe the most popular professions in the football business.
  11. Describe the history of football popularization in Europe.
  12. Describe the most significant football events in the twentieth century.
  13. Describe the sponsorship system in the football business model.
  14. Describe the changes in football rules and their meaning.
  15. Describe the difference between football uniforms a century ago and now.
  16. Describe the emotions that football fans experience during matches.
  17. Describe the contribution of football to European culture.
  18. Describe how former football players become great coaches.

🔬 Topics for a Football Research Paper

If you want to dig deeper, these topics are for you. Football has a great history and much space for scientific research. It is your chance to explore more sophisticated aspects of the game.

  1. Does psychological endurance help to build a career in football? You can explain the role of mental power when it comes to football. It helps to face competition and constant pressure, embrace losses, and have hope.
  2. Football hooliganism: How does crowd psychology work on the stadium? Explain why people tend to act irrationally in stadiums. Describe what measures every sporting event should take to prevent chaos and violence.
  3. How do genetic factors influence performance in football? Compare the role of genes and hard training when it comes to football. You can analyze several successful football players to support your opinion.
  4. How did technological progress influence football players and matches? Multiple cameras, the ability to watch a game from every corner of the world, medical support, and many other factors changed how we see football today. Choose one of them to explain its role and influence on the game.
  5. The efficiency of sports psychology among high school football players. Explain why sports psychologists need to work not only with professional athletes but also with young athletes. Describe why working with teenagers involves other approaches and areas of expertise.
  6. Changes in knee joint biomechanics of football players. Balance and technique training is an integral part of football. Describe the changes they make in knee joints and overall performance.
  7. Clinical outcomes after multiple concussions in professional football. You can mention the rehabilitation period after traumas and how it affects sportsmen’s careers. It is also essential to discuss the long-term consequences such as chronic diseases.
  8. Tendencies in high school and college football injury rates. Use statistical data to estimate the trends and try to explain the reasons for them.
  9. Do safety regulations in football guarantee fewer injuries? Regardless of countless safety measures and rules, football players still have a high risk of trauma. Analyze their efficiency and suggest your solutions.
  10. How do nutrition and supplements influence football players’ performance? For example, you can explore diets such as veganism and vegetarianism. There is a lot of scientific research on this topic, so make sure you use it.
  11. Elite football officiating: Physical challenges and psychological pressure. Referees assume a great responsibility when they officiate matches of global significance. Describe why it is always hard to make the right decision.
  12. Racial bias in football. The roots and the consequences. Depict the problem and provide a retrospective. Explain how the football community tries to fight racism.
  13. The correlation between economic development of countries and football advancement. In this case, you need to choose several countries to analyze and compare them. You can also take a historical perspective and explore the past correlations.
  14. Football events: How to raise ecological sustainability and decrease waste? Every mass event implies lots of waste products. Offer your solutions to the problem and explain why it is essential to be aware of it.
  15. The psychological influence of the football community on its members. Supporting football clubs or just playing football means that people socialize and feel like a part of something bigger. Describe how it helps to overcome psychological problems.
  16. How do altitude and temperature affect football players’ performance? Everyone knows that it is more challenging to be active in heat or high mountains. Compare the results of football games of particular players or teams.
  17. The analysis of team dynamics in professional football. Explain what does it mean to compete together for a player. Describe the psychological aspects that influence team dynamics. You can also compare men’s and women’s football.
  18. Using racking systems with multiple cameras during football matches. Explain how the advanced technology works and how they help referees and spectators. Analyze its efficiency and role.
  19. Image processing for crowd monitoring at the stadiums. Write about the importance of monitoring crowds during sports events. Compare image processing to other methods.
  20. The perception of losing a game among professional football players. Explain how they cope with losses and find the motivation to play again. You can also mention the roles of the team and family members, coaches, and sports psychologists.
The picture provides information about the fundamental goals, challenges, and requirements of a football essay.

🎾 Topics on Other Sports

In this section, we’ve prepared topics on others sports that you may find interesting.

  1. The healing effect of yoga.
  2. Sport exercises stages and their importance.
  3. Physical activity program for obese high school students.

🥅 Essay on Football: Prompts for the Most Noteworthy Topics

In the passage below, we’ve collected topics that are very suitable for an essay about football.

Why I Love Football Essay

At first, ask yourself, “Why do I like football?”. Then explain why football is your favorite sport giving exact reasons for that. For example:

  • Football helps you to maintain good physical shape and health.
  • Football helps you to socialize and find new friends.
  • Football is the reason why you receive funding for your education.
  • Football helped you to overcome specific life problems.

You can describe your life before and after football has appeared in your life. Share your achievements and goals, provide an overview of your experience.

This paper can also be a narrative essay. In this case, you need to tell a life story that explains your fascination with football.

Should Parents Let Their Child Play Football Essay

Of course, every parent has a right to decide what is better for their kid. Imagine that you have to make the same choice and explain it.

At first, you need to pick your side and state it in the introduction. If you are for letting children play football, here are your arguments:

If you are against it, use the arguments below:

  • It is easy for children to hurt themselves and each other playing football.
  • There are sports that better suit children.
  • Children need to focus on mental development and school.

Why Football Is the Best Sport Essay

It can be an expository essay that explains why people choose football over other sports. All in all, football is the most popular sport in the world.

You can describe how football unites people of one country:

  • It raises patriotism.
  • It makes people forget about their routine problems.
  • It makes people empathetic and inspired.
  • Boosts the economies of nations that host competitions.

Essay on Football History

Talking about sports, football history is relatively rich and exciting. Surprisingly, the game that resembles modern football was popular in Ancient China, Greece, and Rome.

Here are the things that you can mention in your essay:

  • The impact of football on the culture of a particular nation.
  • The way football changed in various aspects. For example, the rules, style of training and playing, uniform, profitability, and many more.
  • How football became famous all over the world?
  • The countries which contributed to football creation. What was the role of each?

Corruption in Football Essay

Corruption is a well-known problem of sports that generates high revenues. Corruption in football can exist in many forms and variations. In any case, it destroys the value of football and disappoints fans.

Here are the areas of corruption that you can use in your paper:

  • Corruption in sponsorship.
  • Corruption among football officials.
  • Manipulating game results.
  • Corruption in mass media.
  • Corruption among football players.

You can also write a paper about measures eliminating corruption.

Essay on My Favorite Football Player

Many great footballers deserve recognition. Diego Maradona, Lionel Messi, and Christiano Ronaldo – everyone heard these names.

For example, if you want to write about Lionel Messi, you can focus on the following:

  • His childhood and achievements in the Rosario club.
  • His achievements during his career in Barcelona.
  • International career and World Cups.
  • The match that you think is the best one in his career.
  • His contribution to charity.
  • The reason why he inspires so many young football players.
  • Whether he should be a role model for children.

Football World Cup Essay

FIFA World Cup is the most recognizable competition in football.

You can describe the last 2018 World Cup in Russia or the upcoming competition in Qatar. Here are the aspects which you can use to write about any World Cup:

Is Football too Dangerous for High School Essay

In this essay, it is better to mention specific cases or scientific evidence that proves your opinion on the issue.

If you think football is too dangerous for high school students:

  • The cases of CTE development among children.
  • The cases of concussions.
  • The cases of injuries that led to death or chronic diseases.

If you don’t think that football is too dangerous for high school students:

  • The improvement of muscles, bones density, and joints.
  • The importance of the proper technique.
  • How do uniforms protect players from injuries?

📝 Football Essay Samples

We also prepared a couple of real essays about football. You can use them as a reference or as a source of inspiration.

Should College Football Players Be Paid Essay

College football is a great business that brings millions of dollars and provides coaches with high salaries. Athletes train hard to present their universities and receive career opportunities. However, they should not be paid for it as they already receive scholarships or grants and have all the training facilities. Many other students contribute to their colleges and don’t receive payment either. Sports scholarships give many opportunities to talented athletes. Some of them cover all the costs of education and living expenses. Education is not cheap in the United States – even half of the annual payment is a significant sum. Football scholarships offer a “full-ride” for the students who participate in Football Bowl Subdivision. That is why they graduate without loans and don’t have to work during college. Moreover, they can receive a degree and sports opportunities after graduation, thanks to the scholarships. Funding can be considered as payment for their hard work and dedication. All the sports facilities on campus are relatively expensive. Colleges pay for the equipment and its maintenance so that athletes can use it all for free. Football athletes have a place to train, coaches, psychologists, and recognition. All this creates perfect conditions for working out and concentration. Of course, it is an investment, and colleges also earn money on selling tickets, drinks, snacks, and merchandise. As for students, the ability to train and play are the investments in their future careers.

Essay on Concussions in Football

Concussions are the most frequent traumas in American football. While uniforms’ design should protect the athletes, it is still a valid problem. Repeated concussions can cause chronic traumatic encephalopathy that results in brain deterioration and mass loss. The symptoms include memory loss, impulsive behavior, depression, and even dementia. Why are safety measures during training so necessary? It is hard to notice CTE during the first stages. An athlete could not spot the first symptoms for months, years, or even decades. JAMA published a study that shows that among 202 deceased former football players, 177 had CTE. It is hard to imagine, but safety and proper care could have saved the lives and health of those athletes. Such measures as rapid screening, adequate rest, and regular mental health screens should be integral parts of every football player’s life. They also should not return to play the same day the concussion was diagnosed and gradually return to sports. Full recovery takes up to two weeks for adults and up to a month for kids. We need to work on risky behavior. Coaches and healthcare providers have to educate football players on concussions and possible consequences from a young age. While it is impossible to control the risks during competitions fully, it can be achievable during training. It should be every team’s goal to prevent injuries during pre-season practice…

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