Mona Lisa Smile Essay

Mona Lisa Smile Essay

Currently, “Mona Lisa” is one of the most famous paintings of the world. Who was she and why her smile is a secret for everyone? What makes this painting that significant and attractive? No one has managed to clear up the mystery yet.

You have a perfect opportunity to speculate about it in your Mona Lisa smile essay, where you will analyze different viewpoints on Mona Lisa and her beautiful smile and present your personal opinion about it. In this case, an approximate outline of your Mona Lisa smile essay will look like this:

  • Introduction. Description of the painting should be included into the Introduction of your Mona Lisa smile essay. Actually, the first paragraph of the given article can serve you as a good basis for your Mona Lisa smile essay. Do not copy it out. Just retell it using your own essay writing style. The most important thing is to present a thesis statement in this part of your Mona Lisa essay – What is the secret of Mona Lisa smile?
  • Main Body. In fact, the Body of your Mona Lisa smile essays will be devoted to consideration of different points of view on Mona Lisa smile. Some researchers believe that the secret of Mona Lisa smile is in the model’s positive and cheerful mood while musicians and clowns entertained her. According to this viewpoint, Leonardo da Vinci hired those musicians to create a real masterpiece. The others consider Mona Lisa to be da Vinci’s personal fantasy. Find more viewpoints on this problem and consider them in your Mona Lisa smile essay;
  • Conclusion. Do not be too bold to tell that your point of view is the only right when presenting it in your Mona Lisa smile essay. Mona Lisa smile essay should be as enigmatic as Mona Lisa’s smile itself if you want it to be effective. Let your reader keep thinking about the problem after having read your Mona Lisa smile essay.

If you need help in writing the essay itself, the article “How to write an essay” can be much useful for you. Good luck with your Mona Lisa smile essay!

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