Social Issues Research Paper: Example & Topics Related to Community Problems

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What is wrong with social media? What can we do to fight gender discrimination in workplaces? How to address the growing number of hate crimes?

Let’s pore over the sharpest social issues of 2023 and 2024!

A social issue is a problem that impacts both society and particular individuals. Such issues should be addressed and resolved as soon as possible. However, many of them remain acute, and it’s worth discussing. COVID-19 pandemic, vaccines, women’s rights, climate change – these and many other issues are discussed in our article.

Let’s go!

✍️ Social Issues Research – 7 Steps to Write a Paper

Before we get down to essay topics, let’s do some pre-work!

Follow these steps to get a perfect social issues essay.

Choose the topic wisely. Naturally, we tend to discuss something more passionately if the subject is interesting. If you can choose your topic, pick up one that excites you. Our free topic generator is here to help!
Get to know the chosen topic well. Once you have defined your subject, do some pre-research: learn background information and explore different viewpoints.
Write out all the worthy themes. When you have the data before your eyes, it’s much easier to compose a whole story.
Define a thesis statement. A thesis statement is a central claim you will be supporting in your paper. It’s crucial to compose it correctly.
Time for the outline! Take all the carefully collected information and make a road map for your future essay.
Create the first draft. Once you are done with an outline, put it in a text. Don’t try to make it perfect instantly and leave it for at least a day.
Revise the text and polish the structure. When you get back to your essay, check it for mistakes. Use our editing services to proofread the paper.

✅ Thesis Statement about Social Issues: Examples

Are you wondering how to formulate your thesis statement about social issues? Check out some excellent samples of thesis statements we’ve prepared to guide you!

TopicThesis statement example
Climate change social issue essayAlthough seemingly insignificant, individual actions like reducing consumption and supporting green initiatives represent a significant force for social change and environmental justice.
Immigration social issue essayThe ethical responsibility to safeguard universal human rights compels nations to prioritize developing accessible and secure migration pathways alongside addressing the systemic issues driving forced displacement.
Homelessness social issue essayThe stigma associated with homelessness creates barriers to effective intervention, limiting efforts to integrate homeless individuals back into society. Consequently, there is a need for community initiatives that actively challenge and dismantle negative societal perceptions.
Abortion social issue essayAbortion restrictions are particularly harmful to low-income women, marginalized groups, and teenagers, increasing existing social disparities and perpetuating cycles of poverty and disadvantage.

🔬 Social Issues Research Paper & Project Topics

Below, you will find the whole range of various topics: social media privacy issues essay, health, environment, & others.

The picture provides five possible topics for a social issues research paper.

Technologies & Social Media Ethical Issues

  1. Social media safety: are there reasons for users to worry about their privacy?
  2. Home offices and other trends that came with the digitalization and pandemic.
  3. Is social media presence in people’s lives excessive?
  4. People become more vulnerable and unstable because of social media.
  5. Phishing attacks: what harm can these bring to a user?
  6. Are there ways to protect your personal information from being stolen?
  7. How can unprotected data be used for manipulation and fraud?
  8. Why do hackers use malicious software?
  9. Destructive bots: tell about such a concept as a DDoS attack.
  10. Should cybersecurity be taught in schools and colleges?
  11. What are the effects of global digitalization on society?
  12. What are the signs that we should reconsider our social media use?
  13. How do social media affect people’s stress, anxiety, and insecurity levels?
  14. Are there methods to prevent or fight bloggers’ burnout?
  15. The effects of social media on sleep quality.
  16. Should social media addiction be considered a mental health disorder?
  17. How can social media positively affect our well-being?
  18. Do social media boost or reduce the sense of loneliness?
  19. How does cryptocurrency change financial awareness in society?
  20. The new digital reality: how to embrace the culture of work video calls?
  21. Is it possible to boost Internet speed and efficiency?
  22. Is automation of business processes profitable for any business?
  23. Deepfakes undermine our perception of reality.
  24. How not to overwhelm your business website with excessive plugins?
  25. Backup recovery: Is it possible to prevent your systems from going down?
  26. The number of ads on websites and social media platforms is overwhelming.
  27. How does tech companies’ concentration affect local public infrastructure?
  28. The extreme diversity of AI programs can be confusing for businesses.

Social Issues & Environment

  1. Is climate change a real issue that we should think about?
  2. Frozen planet: what are the consequences of air pollution?
  3. The burning of fossil fuels provokes CO2 levels to grow.
  4. How do deforestation and industrial activities lift the air pollution levels?
  5. Explore the statistics about the deaths caused by air poisons.
  6. Policies and financial issues need to be settled to implement new technologies.
  7. Tropical forests suffer from severe deforestation: what can we do?
  8. How do cattle ranching and plantations destroy forests?
  9. Forests help keep out CO2 from the atmosphere, and we need them.
  10. Conservation and restoration: describe the methods of forest recovery.
  11. Explain how bribery contributes to deforestation and pollution.
  12. Should ivory items be banned for the sake of extinct species?
  13. Explore and present the statistics concerning extinct species.
  14. The loss of biodiversity will hit hard if we don’t act now.
  15. Poaching is a huge problem that needs governmental control.
  16. Explore the different ways of wildlife conservation.
  17. Analyze different ways of soil degradation: monoculture planting, pesticides, and overgrazing.
  18. Fighting against poverty can improve critical climate change situations.
  19. Not just outside: how does indoor air quality affect our health?
  20. Explore environmental conditions in your region: water, soil, and air.
  21. It’s up to you: can you influence climate change by not taking flights?
  22. Analyze your awareness level and tell about your positive impact on the environment.
  23. Formaldehyde and other poisonous substances: why are they dangerous?
  24. What will happen if marine phytoplankton is extinct?
  25. Warmer soil can’t store enormous amounts of CO2: what does it mean?
  26. Nitrous oxide: analyze its impact on the greenhouse effect.
  27. Describe the methods of water conservation and filtration.

Health & Health Care Social Issues

  1. How has COVID-19 become one of the most burning social issues of 2021?
  2. Vaccination protests: are they disruptive or sensible?
  3. Doctors are the primary victims of COVID-19.
  4. How has COVID exposed the inadequacy of the whole medical industry?
  5. Explore the impact of lockdown on mental health in different societies.
  6. What is the connection between the pandemic and the high divorce rate?
  7. The power of unity: why is it vital for countries to hold together?
  8. Should we do vaccines if they haven’t been adequately tested?
  9. The authorities should address health care inequities and reduce them.
  10. Which social groups suffer from COVID the most?
  11. What is happening to those who suffer from polio, measles, and other diseases in the meantime?
  12. Antimicrobial resistance: reveal the concept and elaborate on its importance.
  13. Can attending public health forums help raise awareness in society?
  14. Nations should look for opportunities to avoid health-threatening dangerous situations.
  15. Authorities should enhance control over migration processes for the sake of safety.
  16. Inter-ethnic conflicts should be addressed, for they damage critical health infrastructure.
  17. The population needs to become more educated in terms of non-communicable diseases.
  18. People should realize and change their lifestyles to prevent non-communicable diseases.
  19. Compare and contrast statistics concerning NCD’s death rate in wealthy and poor societies.
  20. The food supply chain suffers a lot from agriculture, pesticides, and improper waste management.
  21. Veterinary medicine should be considered on a more advanced level.
  22. Classify the opportunities people have to make a positive impact on global health.
  23. Small contributions matter: how can you act for the sake of global health?
  24. Should songs with substance abuse romanticization be banned?
  25. Explore the dementia issue among young people.

Poverty, Homelessness, & Social Equity Issues

  1. How has COVID-19 shown huge disparities between countries and societies?
  2. Explore the correlation between homelessness and poverty.
  3. Why shouldn’t poverty always be viewed as a drawback for individuals?
  4. Does supporting poverty victims make an issue worse?
  5. We shouldn’t consider poverty a moral failure.
  6. Poverty is a societal issue: inequity and disparities are the significant reasons.
  7. Is it possible to overcome poverty due to the lack of work?
  8. Will poverty be fought if the wages become higher?
  9. How is discrimination connected with low life quality?
  10. Health and poverty: why do low-income families demand more health care resources?
  11. Can a person grow up properly in inadequate housing and with poor nutrition?
  12. Why do wealthy people become wealthier and poor ones – poorer?
  13. How do housing affordability issues bring family problems?
  14. Gender and wealth: how do gender prejudices affect financial well-being?
  15. Race and wealth: how do racial prejudices influence financial well-being?
  16. The concept of the minimum wage: explore and reveal it.
  17. What economic conditions can make the population wealthier?
  18. Wages and prices go up: is there a correlation between them?
  19. Is it possible to reduce financial insecurities in times of crisis?
  20. Classify the countries with the highest unemployment rate.
  21. Classify the barriers that prevent people from getting employed.
  22. Lack of work experience shouldn’t be an obstacle to getting a job.
  23. How can we change the fact that poor employment history decreases job opportunities?
  24. Can a formerly homeless individual become a full society member?
  25. Reveal the concept of hiring discrimination.
  26. Classify the countries with the highest homelessness rate.
  27. Chronically homeless individuals: why do some people get back to homelessness?
  28. Explore the social forecast in terms of the global poverty rate in the future.
  29. Sheltered and unsheltered homelessness: expose the essence of these phenomena.
  30. Is criminalizing homelessness an excellent strategy to fight it?
  31. Are there ways to make housing more affordable?
  32. Why is child hunger an acute social issue in America?
  33. Expose the connection between poverty and a criminal lifestyle.
  34. How does poverty correlate with chronic conditions?
  35. They know the secret: what are the wealthiest countries and why?

Migration & Overpopulation

  1. Migration: a natural process or danger?
  2. Describe how COVID-19 affected global migration processes.
  3. How can conditions in refugee camps be improved?
  4. Humanitarian protection for immigrants suffered a lot due to the pandemic.
  5. The pandemic has deepened inconveniences for immigrant families.
  6. How do transit countries suffer from pandemic consequences?
  7. What long-term consequences do global restrictions have on migration processes?
  8. Does the pandemic have any positive influence on migration?
  9. Migrant workers should obtain more protection due to the pandemic risks.
  10. Unsanitary conditions: the reasons that made refugees vulnerable to COVID-19.
  11. Is it fair that immigrant children don’t have proper access to quality education?
  12. Migrant labor should be regulated more responsibly.
  13. Explore the psychological reasons for violence against refugees.
  14. Violence and instability in refugee camps: what can be done?
  15. Back home: how does chaos at the borders complicate migration processes?
  16. Describe what role natural disasters have in migration.
  17. International colonies should receive more consideration from the authorities.
  18. The negative attitude towards migration should be eliminated in society.
  19. Classify the reasons for migration: human rights violations, natural disasters, etc.
  20. Explore migration out of wish and out of necessity.
  21. Expose the essence of such concepts as a “migrant” and “refugee.”
  22. How can safety be provided to immigrants and refugees?
  23. Does the crime rate have anything to do with a loose migration policy?
  24. We all are humans: how can we reach peace between migrants and locals?
  25. Prejudices or facts: do refugees undermine society’s well-being?
  26. Explore the connection between migration and overpopulation.
  27. What is overpopulation, and how can it be addressed?
  28. Overpopulation has a devastating impact on the global environment.

Human Rights

  1. Explore the tragic statistics on human rights violations in Russia.
  2. Classify the countries where human rights are violated to an extended degree.
  3. The concept of human rights: define its meaning and origins.
  4. Classify economic, cultural, and social rights.
  5. Bring up the history of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  6. Presumption of innocence: is it an archaic human rights concept?
  7. Classify civil and political rights.
  8. Tell about all human rights conventions being adopted since the 20th century.
  9. Does Human Rights Council cope with its responsibilities?
  10. Research the most acute human rights social issues in America in 2023.
  11. Is mandatory military service a human rights violation?
  12. Not all people should have equal access to political and social affairs.
  13. Plants and factory owners violate our rights to environmentally safe management.
  14. Freedom of expression: how can dangerous and hateful views be regulated?
  15. LGBTQ+ rights: how has the situation changed in the USA?
  16. Freedom of religion and fate: what can be done to provide it in intolerant countries?
  17. Classify the signs that can indicate your rights are being neglected.
  18. Are migrants’ human rights sufficiently acknowledged globally?
  19. The Gulag in Soviet Russia: tell about the human rights violation in the USSR.
  20. Far from being perfect: how did Peng Shuai case show that women’s rights are still an issue to work on?
  21. What are the countries with the most respected human rights?
  22. Guantanamo and the like: why is human rights violation so common in prisons?

Discrimination (Racial, Gender, Age, etc.)

  1. Fat-shaming: why do people care so much about someone else’s weight?
  2. Discrimination of people with disabilities: sexual violence, stigma, and lack of access to necessary resources.
  3. Discrimination of any kind is a severe obstacle in combating poverty.
  4. To eliminate discrimination, we should address the needs of the most vulnerable groups.
  5. A proper methodology for indicating marginalized groups is a must.
  6. Should ingenious people in each country be given more respect?
  7. How to teach people to stop being biased against other ethnicities?
  8. What is the point of discrimination based on marital status?
  9. Social status shouldn’t be a ground for discrimination.
  10. Why doesn’t the globalization process reduce the levels of discrimination?
  11. How to stop victimizing people by their economic position?
  12. How does ageism reveal itself in everyday life?
  13. Big corporations discriminate employees based on age.
  14. We all are good enough and worthy regardless of age, appearance, orientation, or social status.
  15. Explore the difficulties that people with albinism face.
  16. Young parents shouldn’t be judged for being who they are.
  17. Is there any chance to eliminate discrimination against people with HIV status?
  18. Analyze the critical situation concerning sex workers’ discrimination.
  19. Childfree people deserve to be recognized and left alone.
  20. Discover the most discriminated ethnicities in Europe.
  21. How are people with disabilities being victimized even in developed countries?
  22. It is unlawful for companies to be biased against employees for their religion.
  23. National origin discrimination: define the concept and elaborate on it.
  24. Is it fair to have a bias against pregnant women regarding job opportunities?
  25. The toxic rhetoric of politicians should be addressed immediately.
  26. Why is the LGBTQ+ community one of the most discriminated groups in Russia?
  27. Explore the discrimination issues in Middle Asia.

Social Issues in Criminal Justice

  1. Should marijuana-related sentences be so strict?
  2. Tortures and prisons: can this tandem be ever destroyed?
  3. Should criminals in jails be provided with good nourishment and other conditions?
  4. Should sentences for synthetic drug trafficking be more severe than for murders?
  5. Is it possible that cannabis will be legalized in every state in the future?
  6. Kids in jails: do we need juvenile detention reform?
  7. Research how states’ authorities are reconsidering the approach to civil rights.
  8. How were punishment trends changing over the last 20 years in the US?
  9. Analyze the statistics: what are the states with the lowest crime rate?
  10. Police officers should be tested more thoroughly and frequently.
  11. Police violence or a mistake: explore the different views on Breonna Taylor’s case.
  12. How did technologies improve the legislation system and police work?
  13. Prison buildup: do we need more prisons or fewer criminals?
  14. Can analyses of the prison population help reduce the crime rate in the long run?
  15. Police departments should provide advanced psychological assistance to their workers.
  16. Analyze the statistics: what are the states with the lowest crime rate?
  17. Explore the lack in the justice system.
  18. Are there any reasonable and peaceful measures against police brutality?
  19. Has the BLM movement contributed to justice reform?
  20. More significant amounts of state budgets should be put into preventing violence.
  21. Police should be prohibited from using force against civilians.
  22. Social injustice and racial prejudices in drug enforcement.

Research Topics on Social Issues in America

Explore these topics on social issues in America.

  1. Why can’t body positivity be an excuse for obesity? 
  2. Disney actors and pop singers: should children choose them as role models? 
  3. Should ingenious people in the USA obtain more human rights? 
  4. Should social disparity be an obstacle the access to higher education? 
  5. The political system in the USA is going through tough times. 
  6. Authorities should resolve social issues instead of equipping the army. 
  7. The government should support the rise of psychedelic retreats. 
  8. Explore the issue of the San Francisco homeless crisis. 
  9. Instagram has a strong negative impact on teens: how to protect them? 
  10. How to deal with the dramatic death rate growth during the pandemic? 
  11. Should schoolchildren be allowed to miss classes for mental health reasons? 
  12. What can be learned from the case of Britney Spears’ conservatorship? 
  13. Why do veterans look for support for psychedelic drug decriminalization? 
  14. How to nurture sympathy and kindness in new generation representatives? 
  15. Body shaming has many faces: what is wrong with fitness culture? 
  16. How does adult acne prevent people from being socially active? 
  17. How have hate crimes facilitated Asian Americans to undergo therapy during a pandemic? 
  18. Are Instagram and TikTok threatening American teens’ well-being? 
  19. What measures can be taken to protect citizens from personal data exposure? 
  20. Should the government take Meta under stricter control? 
  21. Drug abuse in nursing homes: what do we know about it? 
  22. Female refugees in America become victims of abuse and discrimination. 
  23. Are Generation Z representatives able to be responsible for the country’s future? 
  24. Hate crimes against Asian Americans: we need to address the issue. 
  25. Is it reasonable to let in the country more immigrants? 
  26. Why is religious freedom in the USA problematic? 
  27. What impact does media have on society? 
  28. The declining marriage rate in America: is it a threat to society? 
  29. The higher education costs grow, but the quality decreases. 
  30. It is essential to dispel environmental myths and address real climate issues. 
  31. Explore the state budget-related issues in the USA. 
  32. The welfare system in America doesn’t work correctly for the poor. 
  33. Is voter fraud a big problem in the USA? 
  34. Tell about the agricultural crisis in rural areas of the USA. 
  35. Parental care: do young parents in America receive sufficient support? 
  36. Who should be role models for American teenagers? 
  37. What are the most critical environmental issues in the USA? 
  38. The government should provide affordable housing for low-income families. 

Research Topics Related to Community Problems

If you are looking for a qualitative or quantitative research title about social issues for your essay, check out some ideas below!

  1. The role of social support networks in combating homelessness.
  2. Veterans’ barriers to accessing mental health services.
  3. How does war influence the level of terrorism in society?
  4. Global unemployment and methods of reducing it.
  5. The effectiveness of legal measures in addressing domestic violence cases.
  6. Assessment of understanding and support for transgender people’s rights.
  7. The prevalence and causes of teenage pregnancy.
  8. What are the benefits and pitfalls of abortion legalization?
  9. The experience of living with HIV/AIDS in vulnerable populations.
  10. How does modern technology promote social isolation?
  11. The main causes of war between nations in the 21st century.
  12. Attitudes and beliefs of young people about immigration.
  13. The experiences of individuals with disabilities in the workplace.
  14. The possible drawbacks of gender and racial stereotyping.
  15. What factors affect the level of crime in society?

Other Social Issues Essay Topics

📝 Sample – Social Injustice Essay

Here you can find an essay sample on one of the sharp social issues. Read this sample and complete your paper assignment!

Recent studies have shown that teens who are active social media users are more prone to depression and other mental health disorders. In comparison to those who use social media less, the former ones have higher rates of depression. [place for statistical evidence.] Even without statistical data, it has been known that social media abuse is critical to mental state.

The first reason is the seeming success bloggers display on their Instagram pages. It is difficult for an adult to avoid constant comparisons, but it’s even more challenging for teenagers. Their fragile psyches tend to be extremely sensitive and perceptive to the content. The feeling of being “not good enough” brings youngsters down, causing depressive conditions.

The other thing is perfect body images that teens see on the influencers’ and models’ pages. They start to look at their bodies critically. At the same time, they fail to understand that a perfect picture is just a part of modeling. We all are humans with flaws in real life, and it is okay.

However, the trend for real pictures without filters and Instagram masks is spreading. Besides, it has also become more popular to share one’s genuine feelings and emotions on Instagram without trying to conceal the flaws and struggles of one’s life. Perhaps, the trend for sincerity will grow into something bigger, and social media’s negative impact on mental health will recede.

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