8th Grade Essays So, very soon you will be proudly called an eighth grader. Congratulations! Are you ready to learn new things, read new books, and complete new assignments?

Although you will face new tasks, some of them will actually be quite familiar to you, and you will be able to complete them successfully using knowledge and skills you already have. Particularly, we are talking about 8th grade essays now.

Yes, you definitely have experience in essay writing, but it is pretty normal if you still have many questions about eighth grade essays. We are ready to answer some common questions about grade 8 essays right now.

What types of writing are used in 8th grade essays?

Ideally, you should have already learned the most popular types of essays. It means that persuasive, descriptive, or narration essays will not be a new thing to you. You will just have to develop your skills of preparing these types of grade 8 essays.

How long should 8th grade essays be?

You know, giving some universal answer in this case will be incorrect a little. Sure, we can say that an 8th grade essay should be 5-8 paragraphs long. However, if among these paragraphs there is no:

  • catchy introductory paragraph;
  • thesis statement;
  • body paragraphs with topic sentences and arguments;
  • and conclusions,

your eighth grade essay will not be long enough.

What topics are appropriate for 8th grade essays?

Ideally, there should be no limits as to the topics you may wish to cover in your eight grade essays, because of the freedom of speech in this country. Yet, some religious, political, or other issues might be viewed as inappropriate by some teachers. Thus, it is better to discuss topics of your 8th grade essays with teachers.

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When you are writing an essay, it is really easy to omit minor mistakes that can greatly affect the whole work: formatting, citation style, grammar and punctuation, etc.