example compare and contrast essayAlthough compare and contrast is one of the main essay types students have to learn writing, it is not that complicated compared to other types of papers. Many rules that you use for preparing other essay types can also be applied when writing compare essays.

The main problem students have when it comes to making compare and contrast essays is organization. This is when examples of compare and contrast essays will be especially useful and will serve as perfect models for writing.

So, how exactly can you benefit from using examples of compare and contrast essays? Let us explain you the main points to be checked and analyzed in samples that you are going to use.

Introductions in examples of compare and contrast essays

Introductory paragraphs in compare and contrast essays are similar to other essay types in the way they are organized. They should include background information about a topic and present what exactly will be compared and contrasted. Check out these aspects in the example of a compare and contrast essay you have.

Body paragraphs in examples of compare and contrast essays

This is the trickiest part of compare and contrast essays, because body paragraphs can be arranged in several ways. How did the authors of your examples of compare and contrast essays organize bodies? What method do you find the most suitable?

Examples, contrast words in sample compare and contrast essays

Compare and contrast essays, just like any other type of papers, should be well-developed and supported. Find in the examples of compare and contrast essays supporting evidences, facts, and examples. Look whether necessary contrast words (on the one hand, on the other hand, etc.) are used.

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