papers on footballWriting about different sport games is quite a common academic assignment. Many students have an experience of writing an essay on basketball, baseball or hockey. Now, it is your turn to write an essay on football.

Football is a game that millions of people around the world love to watch and play. Football fans can be called the most dedicated. What is so special about this game? It is hard to explain, but you can make an attempt in your essay on football.

It seems that writing about rules of the game is not the most beneficial topic for papers on football. Then, what is going to be a good issue for discussion in your paper? Probably, you will like some of the suggestions for the football essays below.

  • It is a good idea to write a narrative personal essay on football. If you are really into this kind of sport, you have all the chances to produce a perfect paper. Tell about your experience from the very beginning, describe your ups and downs.
  • Football essays can be devoted to the history of the game or the history of a certain football team. Do you have your favourite team? Then, write about it in your essay on football.
  • Football has a lot of prominent personalities: coaches and football players. Why not to write about an outstanding person in the essay on football. Do you like David Beckhem or Diego Maradona, or Ronaldo, or maybe Pele?
  • You can write a compare-contrast essay on football comparing it with hockey, for instance. Both games have similar objectives. However, the rules and many other aspects are completely different.

So, I am sure that even students who are not into football will like writing football essays.