Happy african man smiling listening to music in headphones. White background. Closed eyes.

Are you assigned to write a music essay, but do not know what ideas to include into it? No doubts, music essay writing needs inspiration. So, you have to think of something that would inspire you. Then, why not to visit a concert in the Philharmonic?

The part of strings in combination with piano melody sounds like the angels calling from the heaven. What images does this music create in your mind? Heaven? Mountains? Forests? Fields? Fix the images in your mind; you will have to recollect your impressions later.

  • Now it is high time for you to work on your music essay. First of all, formulate the topic of your essay and collect the sources needed. Your music essay will definitely consist of 3 main parts: Introduction, Main Body and Conclusion. So, let us consider what you might include into each of them:
  • Introduction
    Start from the most common to the single case. Tell about the role of music in our life and its influence on people. Go on telling about your personal experience of music listening. The introduction is the opening of your music essay, so it should involve your reader;
  • Main Body
    The Body of your music essay is the description of your experience itself. Recollect the images you had in your mind and state them on a paper for the reader to feel the spirit of the atmosphere. Your music essay should sound like music itself, thus it will be effective;
  • Conclusion
    The conclusion of your music essays should sound convincing. It should give a kind of lesson to your reader. Write about the wonderful affect music makes on people in your music essay.

Remember that your descriptive music essay should not only describe the facts dryly, but present your feeling and emotions using vivid language.