Reflective Essay Examples: Check Great Specimen of Writing Now!

Reflective Essay Examples: Check Great Specimen of Writing Now!

Well, it seems that you’re already through the stage of asking such questions as “What is an essay paper?.”

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However, that doesn’t mean that the troubles are over – the question “What is a reflective paper?” is coming up next. Well, it seems that some examples of reflective essay writing might come in handy…

Well, it’s time you saw a couple of free reflective essay examples!

Reflective Essay Examples: Remember Which issue to Start from.

When you’re dealing with reflective writing, essay examples are exactly what you need! To see all the peculiarities of a reflective essay, you’ll need some personal reflective essay examples.

First of all, take a look at the outline of one of the best examples of a reflective essay:

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  1. Introduction: The Issue and Its Significance
  2. Main Body
    1. Paragraph #1
      1. Topic sentence.
      2. Statement#1
      3. Evidence
      4. Mini-Conclusion
    2. Paragraph #2
      1. Topic sentence.
      2. Statement#1
      3. Evidence
      4. Mini-Conclusion
    3. Paragraph #3
      1. Topic sentence.
      2. Statement#1
      3. Evidence
      4. Mini-Conclusion
  3. Conclusion: Listing the results and Summarizing Them

Now learn how to impress your audience straight from the start with one of your reflective essays!

Reflective Essay Examples: Introduce the Issue Most Effectively.

Take great care of the introduction – that’s the face of your paper. Check this sample:

A Reflective Essay Example: Introduction

One’s character and behavior are pretty much defined by the people around (that’s your smooth start). In my case, the person who influenced my world picture the most was Mrs. Johnson, my neighbor (subject introduction). Unless I had had the opportunity to talk to her and see the way she handles various issues, I wouldn’t be able to solve difficult issues now (thesis statement).

Reflective Essay Examples: Create a Conflict, Make an Argument!

Add some drama to your story or even create a certain conflict:

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An Example of a Reflective Essay: Main Body

1st Paragraph

Mrs. Johnson allowed me to see the way conflicts could be solved easily. For instance, she managed to find the compromise to the most complicated situation. Thus, she helped me to become more diplomatic.

2nd Paragraph

I also realized how to find the arguments to support my opinion. As she advised me, I had to find the positive evidence to claim that I was right. Thus, I learned to argue the proper way with her help.

3rd Paragraph

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In addition, with the help of Mrs. Johnson, I realized that even talking to the strongest opponents, one can win the argument. As she advised me, I had to work on my people skills. Thus, I learned how to overcome the slightest communication difficulty with her help.

Reflective Essay Examples: The Secrets of a Fabulous Conclusion.

To write a truly impressive conclusion, follow these tips:

  • Summarize the essay;
  • Restate the thesis;
  • End your paper in an unusual turn.

Take a look at the example of reflective essay writing:


Therefore, I believe that Mrs. Johnson has played the greatest role in my personal development. Without her help, I wouldn’t have solved all the complexities which I had to face so far. However, I believe that I still have a lot to learn in terms of diplomacy, which is why I will continue to work on my people skills.

This is exactly the reflective essay sample you need for complete success!

Reflective Essay Examples: Top Eleven Topic Suggestions!

Woman wearing graduation cap ceremony robe holding degree.

A good topic makes 50% of an excellent mark. So choose exciting issues to devote your paper to! For example, reflective essay writing can touch upon…

Reflective essay topics

  1. The Phenomenon of Fashion: What Makes People Look Exactly the Same;
  2. Is Altruism Natural? Only the Strong Survive vs. the Art of Being Sympathetic;
  3. What People Need Art for: Self-Expression vs. the Portrayal of the World;
  4. The Importance and Hardship of Making a Choice;
  5. Beauty Standards throughout Centuries: The Essence of Gorgeousness;
  6. Moral Norms and Values in the XXI Century: On the Slight Shift in Ideas;
  7. Graphic Novels in Modern Art as a New Means of Expression;
  8. The Shift in Gender Roles in the Modern Society and Its Effects;
  9. Early Learning: The Advantages, the Drawbacks and the Prospects;
  10. Teen Rebellion: Subcultures and Their Meaning in the Process of a Personal Development;
  11. Is Being Ambidextrous a Gift or a Nuisance?

With these English reflective essay examples and fantastic tips, you’ll do just brilliantly in your assignments! Follow these tips, and you’ll learn to write reflective essay papers easily!

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