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It goes without saying that each level of an academic paper (school, college paper etc.) has its own structure or, in other words, its format.

And if you want your work to be successful you should follow the requirements.

The format of a college essay is rather simple but nevertheless it is important to mention about it:

  • the introduction;
  • the body or the main points;
  • the conclusion;

Let’s discuss each of the elements of a college essay.

First of all, comes the introductory part. It reflects the main idea of the work and gives more or less concrete statements which you are going to enlighten in your further work. The introductory part of a college essay should have an appropriate style, language and make a reader keep on reading your college essay.

The body of a college essay usually consists of several paragraphs where you develop your ideas and give the examples. As for the body it is better to use different citations, but it is very important not to abuse them, leave a space for personal thoughts and prepositions.

In the conclusion of your college essay you can state your personal vision of the problem and state in other words the information presented in the introduction, also taking into consideration the issues written in the main body.

Knowing the rules of the correct format of a college essay helps a student to pull the thoughts together and to have an idea of the process of work.

Well, as for the format of the body you should be aware of the main requirements:

  • font – Times or Times New Roman, 12;
  • space – double;
  • paper – white, 1\2 x 11;
  • printing – one side;
  • margins – 1 – for top and bottom, 1, 25 – for right and left.

In case your college might require a different format you will have to consult your tutor on the requirements.