Simple Reaction Paper Writing Gude & Short Example [2021 Upd.]

Simple Reaction Paper Writing Gude & Short Example [2021 Upd.]

Let’s face it: when you are used to writing academic papers, creating an original response to anything is quite hard.

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However, there’s nothing to worry about – with a couple of efficient tips, you’ll feel that your creative powers are returning!

Reaction Paper Definition: Figure out What You’re Dealing With

First of all, you might want to know the answer to the question that troubles all students:
“What is a reaction paper?”

A reaction paper is an essay in which you describe the emotions a certain person/object caused in you.

With this info in mind, let’s proceed to the most remote secrets of reaction writing.

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Reaction Paper Guidelines: Check the Best Instructions Ever!

Although writing reaction paper assignments is really easy, you need to know where to start. That’s why it’s best first to take a glance at this short guide to a perfect paper:

How to Write a Reaction Paper: Pro’s Instructions

  • Create a cool title for your paper;
  • Add some atmosphere to the essay;
  • Convince the reader to adopt your viewpoint.

Reaction Paper Example: Check How Professionals Handle It!

To understand the way a reaction paper works, consider this extract – one of the best reaction paper examples you’ll ever see:

Response Essay on Hamlet

Despite the common vision of Hamlet as a lost soul and a man who has plunged deep into the pit of despair, I believe that there is a different kind of insanity boiling within this character. For me, Hamlet has always been a human representation of despair descending into madness. For instance, the famous monologue, namely, the question “To be, or not to be?” sounds more sarcastic than lost to me […]

That’s the way professionals work! Follow their lead, and you’ll be able to write just as well as experts do.

Reaction Paper Format: Consideran Impeccable Paper Template!

To understand the basic principles of writing a reaction paper, check this example of a reaction paper format:

Reaction Paper Sample Format

  1. Introduction: name the subject (movie (character)/novel/artwork…);
  2. 1st Paragraph: Pick an issue, discuss it, provide evidence;
  3. 2nd Paragraph: Pick a related issue, discuss it, provide evidence;
  4. 3rd Paragraph: Pick an opposing issue, discuss it, provide evidence;
  5. Conclusion: Restating the thesis and winding up the discussion.

Writing reaction papers is unbelievably easy – just give it a try, and you’ll see it’s true!

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Reaction Paper and Response Paper Writing: When Extremes Meet

How to Write Reaction Paper TasksHow to Write Response Essay Tasks
Be emotional;
Use a lot of adjectives (e.g., absorbing, splendid, tragic, etc.);
Recall the most impressive elements of the issue.
Be critical;
Use a lot of linking words (e.g., since, therefore, thus, etc.);
Offer evidence that supports your ideas.

And now, you’re about to see a sample reaction paper and a sample of response essay writing!

Sample of a Reaction PaperSample of Response Essay Writing
I believe that the given poem is truly shocking. Filled with vivid and colorful imagery, it still leaves a taste of bitterness and the feeling of despair […]Thus, it must be admitted that the relationships between the main characters can be classified as different forms of enmity. Even though they display affection for each other […]

Out of all examples of a reaction paper and a response essay, the ones above are by far the best.

Having troubles with what to write a reaction paper on? Take a closer look at these fabulous reaction paper topics:

  1. Barack Obama’s Claim of a Stronger Economy: Any Objections?;
  2. Marriage Equality All Over the World: Supporting Women or Boosting the Economy?;
  3. Discovering the Protoplanet: On the Threshold of a Scientific Breakthrough;
  4. Fear of the Apocalypse and the Mayan Prophecy: The End of the World Is Postponed;
  5. The Hunger Games Have Just Begun: A New Vision of a Post-Apocalyptic Society;
  6. Where the Wild Things Are: A World of Children Through Adult Eyes.

Writing response papers is fun. Try creating your own – and you’ll see how enticing it is!

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