243 Informative Speech Topics for College Students: Fun & Easy Ideas [UPD 2024]

In an informative speech, your goal here is to share information on a certain topic with others.

Searching for informative speech ideas for college students can give you lots of trouble. However, when a team of professionals offers you a list of topics, you know that you can count on each of the informative speaking topics in the list being a real gem. 

Here, we’ve prepared lots of good informative speech topics for college students. Also, you’ll learn about the purpose of an informative speech and how to do it.

So, let’s not waste any time – let’s dive into the pool of fantastic ideas for informative speech writing!

📝 The Purpose of an Informative Speech

If you decide to prepare an informative speech, you should understand its central purpose. Your goal here is to share information on a certain topic with others. To achieve this aim, you should find a way to present the theme to your audience.

Another essential aim to keep in mind: your informative speech should be memorable. It means that people should be able to remember the main point. To make your speech stand out, you need to work out its structure.

It’s quite a challenging task! But don’t worry, we’re here for you. Dive into the next section to find out how to do an informative speech.

💬 How to Prepare an Informative Speech?

Before we offer you a wonderful list of informative speech topics for college students, have a look at this section! Here we’ve prepared a three-step plan on how to prepare an informative speech.

The picture contains a three-step plan on how to prepare an informative speech.

Step #1: Choosing Informative Speech Ideas for College Students

Firstly, you should decide upon what subject interests you the most. It is essential to be curious about what you’re talking. Below you’ll find 200+ informative speech ideas from different areas. You can decide to talk about art, nursing, business, cultural artifacts, or many other themes.

Step #2: Writing Your Informative Speech

Secondly, you should prepare your speech in a written form. To have your speech written is vital, as:

  • it is well-structured;
  • you don’t forget anything;
  • you can always go back to your notes.

Step #3: Checking Your Informative Speech

Thirdly, remember to have these essential parts in your informative speech:

  • Catchy introduction – pose a question for your audience.
  • Thesis statement – the main point of your informative speech.
  • Clear arguments.
  • Conclusion – answer the initial question.

📚 50 Best Speech Topics for College Students

Here we’ve created a list of 50 excellent informative speech topics from different areas. Enjoy!

  1. Differences in non-verbal communication in different cultures.
  2. Insomnia and its causes: Blowing the cover off the old mystery.
  3. Sleepwalking: Myths and prejudices.
  4. Communication technology impacts.
  5. Something people never knew about WWII: Unknown soldiers and their deeds.
  6. Anne Frank: The girl who believed in people’s good nature despite everything
  7. Hip-hop music, culture, and famous artists.
  8. Things people never knew about space: Bordering a sci-fi novel.
  9. Modern popular culture.
  10. Recent discoveries about neutrinos: Travel at the speed of light.
  11. Unknown inventors: Chester Carlson and his Xerox machine.
  12. The entire story of the Higgs boson: No parallel universe.
  13. Paris major tourist attractions.
  14. D. Squad against lung cancer: New prospects, new discoveries.
  15. The invention of Segway: Down with the cars of yesterday!
  16. Social psychology in people’s life.
  17. In the light of recent fuel issues: Storage of solar energy.
  18. The Manhattan Project and its effects.
  19. Stem cells as a probable solution to terminal diseases.
  20. Newest methods of child upbringing: Success and failure.
  1. The effect of music on culture.
  2. World War II in Africa.
  3. The Social institution of family in the USA.
  4. Social factors and family issues.
  5. What is cultural pluralism?
  6. What life of ordinary people looked like in the Middle Ages?
  7. Who created Latin America?
  8. Adolf Hitler’s rise to power in Germany.
  9. Ecotourism effects on Eskimos in Canada.
  10. Japanese & Chinese families and their differences.
  11. The impact of social networks on adolescent psyche.
  12. The lack of sleep and driving: The USA case.
  13. Is religion compatible with secularism?
  14. Cultural diversity and inclusion in society.
  15. US-Mexican border and drug problem.
  16. Artificial Intelligence and the problem of unemployment.
  17. Why is Latin America called ‘Latin’?
  18. Global warming: causes and consequences.
  19. Social workers in students’ life.
  20. How does YouTube improve our laziness?
  21. Women’s role in Victorian society.
  22. Medicine and life expectancy in the Middle Ages.
  23. Bilingual education: Advantages and drawbacks.
  24. Should cellphone use in cars be banned?
  25. The real effects of greenhouse gases.
  26. Humanism and Renaissance period.
  27. The Chinese Cultural Revolution and its effects.
  28. Corporate culture: West versus East.
  29. Should schools teach morals?
  30. Psychology: How do children succeed?

🔥 Mind-Blowing Informative Speech Topics for College

Here are some more wonderful speech topics for you. To better help you understand what your informative speeches should be about, we also provide a short description of the subject. Let’s go!

  1. Why is the sky blue? The mechanism of refraction.
    Many of us have wondered since our childhood about the color of the sky. Today, most of us can probably say that the sky is blue due to refraction, but very few can explain the mechanism of this process. Choose this as a topic for your informative speech and give others the ability to answer when their children ask them this question.
  2. Black holes: Concentrations of mass that can suck in the light.
    Black holes are some of the most interesting cosmic objects that are known today. They are massive concentrations of matter in a relatively small space. Their density is so high that their gravity is immense; even light cannot escape such gravity once it gets under the event horizon. If you want to prepare for an informative speaking event, you can choose this as your topic to impress your audience.
  3. The deepest depths: The Mariana Trench.
    The Mariana Trench is known to be the deepest place underwater on Earth. Its depth reaches almost 11 kilometers (nearly 36,000 feet) at specific points. However, the underwater surface of the trench also has its landscape; it is known that there are mountains in it. Find out more about these unimaginable depths and prepare an impressive and fascinating speech for your audience.
  4. The “dangers” of dihydrogen monoxide: A hoax for the scientifically illiterate.
    In the 1980s, a hoax was published by a newspaper on April Fool’s day, reporting the presence of “dihydrogen oxide” in the waters of a city. Later, in 1989-1990, the hoax was published on the Web; the name has been changed to “dihydrogen monoxide” to make it sound even scarier. Find out if your audience is as gullible as the people who organized campaigns to ban the chemical, or just make an informative speech to enlighten the naive ones.
  5. Qualitative versus quantitative: what type of research method to choose?
    When planning a study, you may not know what type of methodology to choose: qualitative or quantitative. However, the choice should depend on the nature of your inquiry, and sometimes even on how much is already known about the subject. Make an excellent informative speech on this topic and help your group mates with their next research project.
  6. The history of data storage devices.
    Computers are virtually ubiquitous nowadays, and data storage devices are used both inside computers (e.g., hard drives) and outside them (DVDs, flash memory, data storage arrays). Preparing and delivering an exciting and informative speech on this topic can cause your audience to enjoy themselves truly.
  7. Brown dwarfs: “stars that didn’t quite make it.”
    Brown dwarfs are substellar objects with a mass that falls in the range between the smallest stars and the enormous gas giants. They are, however, much more massive than gas giants due to their higher density. However, their mass is not enough to sustain the nuclear reaction of hydrogen into helium fusion; one might say that the most massive brown dwarfs only “barely” lack the mass to become the lightest stars. Selecting this as a topic for your informative speaking will help both you and your audience to learn more.
  8. The invention of photography.
    Making photos is one of the most popular hobbies today now that we have digital cameras. In the past, however, photo cameras used film to take pictures, and even before then, there have not been any cameras around. The invention of photography became a crucial point in the history of humanity.
  9. The mysteries of the Indian caste system.
    The Indian caste system is one of the most ancient traditions in India. While the caste system means formalized inequality, this idea has interesting religious and cultural roots. Your audience will enjoy an informative speech on this topic about the cultural tradition of a foreign country.
  10. Cannabis and the history of the word “assassin.”
    Did you know that the word “assassin” is derived from the word “hashish”? Hashish was a drug popular in a medieval Islamic sect known as Nizari Ismailis. Its members are reputed to have been well-trained killers performing surgical strikes at their opponents.
  11. Epigenome and its role in gene expression.
    Nowadays, virtually everyone knows that genes carry hereditary information from parents to children and provide the data for the creation of almost all molecules, cells, and tissues in living organisms. However, much fewer people are aware of the mechanism that allows for the formation of different cells and tissues for various purposes, for not all the information from DNA needs to be used when a cell is created. Learn more about the mechanism of the epigenome, and deliver an informative speech on this exciting subject to your audience.
  12. “Shining magic powder”: the Goiânia accident.
    In 1987, in the city of Goiânia in Brazil, a local businessman, the owner of a scrapyard, found a capsule with a mysterious powder that glowed with a thick blue light. Having thought that the dust was precious and probably magical, the businessman took the powder to his home to show it to his family and friends. However, the fairy tale soon turned into a deadly nightmare. Find out more about the accident, and make an informative speech for your audience to tell them about why glowing “magical” powders are probably very dangerous.
  13. The invention of the first clock.
    All sorts of clocks and watches are an indispensable part of modern life. However, before the first clock was invented, people could not tell the time precisely and had to rely on things such as the Sun, stars, and mechanisms such as sundials to tell the time approximately. Tell your audience about the history of the brilliant invention in an informative speech on this exciting subject.
  14. The phenomenon of male bisexuality in the culture of Ancient Greece.
    In Ancient Greece, it was believed that a middle-aged man should find a young man and serve as a mentor for him, also engaging in sexual contact with him. However, that older man still needed to have a wife and children. Tell your audience more about this exciting tradition in an informative speech on this topic.
  15. Does “real-life” water freeze at 0°C (32°F)? The freezing point depression.
    Today, virtually everyone knows that water freezes at 0°C (32°F). However, this is only true of pure water in certain conditions. Few people know that water freezing temperature depends on factors such as pressure and, importantly, the number of particles of substances dissolved in water. Tell your audience more about this in an excellent informative speech about such a phenomenon as the freezing point depression.

💡 Easy Informative Speech Topics for College Students

Here is another list for you if you’d like to choose one of the easy informative speech topics for college students.

  1. The Parisian culture: European and Islamic cultures.
  2. The future of snowboarding.
  3. New Olympic sports.
  4. Popular music in America.
  5. Tourism in France and globalization influences.
  6. Major religious beliefs.
  7. Current environmental issues.
  8. World history of smoking.
  9. Noise pollution in big cities.
  10. How do childhood memories work?
  11. Fashion trends during 2014-2015 years.
  12. Yoga as a phenomenon in Western culture.
  13. Heavy metal music: History.
  14. English East India Company: Interesting Facts.
  15. The history of money.
  16. Nelson Mandela: Important life facts.
  17. Negative impacts of fast food.
  18. How did the world population grow?
  19. Global poverty: Current situation.
  20. Why are trees important for our life?

📎 Short & Easy Speech Topics for College Students

Sometimes you need to be concise with your speech. For this reason, we’ve prepared a list of short speech topics for you! Let’s go!

  1. The influence of social media on concentration.
  2. United Nations: Main functions.
  3. Global warming problems and solutions.
  4. Why do people have stereotypes?
  5. The UK National Health Service.
  6. Death penalty around the world: Overview.
  7. Human rights organizations: Is it essential?
  8. Why is ethics inevitable in healthcare?
  9. Sustainability and obesity in the US.
  10. Healthcare informatics: Overview.
  11. Why should you not abandon fat in food?
  12. Why is iron deficiency dangerous?
  13. American health care system.
  14. Where did the manners come from?
  15. European healthcare systems.
  16. What news can be called ‘fake’?
  17. Electronic health record: Pros and cons.
  18. Mandatory health insurance: Advantages and disadvantages.
  19. GMO: Is it dangerous?
  20. Social networks: Major trends.
  21. Causes of depression.
  22. Why are so many people afraid of public speaking?
  23. What is environmental protection?
  24. Why do people have emotions?
  25. Where do cultural traditions come from?

📋 Interesting Informative Speech Topics for College Students

That’s not all yet! If you’re interested in even more speech topics, keep reading! Here is a list of other interesting informative speech topics.

❓ Mysterious Speech Topics for College Students

  1. The mystery of John F. Kennedy’s death.
  2. The mystery of Easter Island: Where did the statues come from?
  3. The mystery of the Bermuda Triangle.
  4. Stonehenge: What is still unknown?
  5. Top 3 mysterious places on the planet.
  6. Who is Banksy?
  7. Why are people attracted by mysteries?
  8. Snowman: Where does it come from?
  9. Loch Ness and its mystery.
  10. City of Atlantis: Has it ever existed?

🦄 Unique Speech Topics for College Students

  1. Origins of art: Where does it come from?
  2. What do people with bipolar disorder feel like?
  3. Where do trends come from?
  4. What regular actions can everyone take to care about the environment?
  5. What challenges do technologies bring?
  6. Based on technological development, what might our future look like?
  7. Mental illnesses stigmatization in the 21st century.
  8. Overpopulation: Can we solve this issue?
  9. What is culture for?
  10. What is positive psychology about?

📱 Informative Speech Topics for College about Social Media

  1. How has the world changed with the rise of social media?
  2. Body image: Is social media harmful?
  3. Politics: How is social media used for political purposes?
  4. Privacy: Is it still possible?
  5. Cyberbullying: What can be done against it?
  6. Social media and mental health: Overview.
  7. Male versus female: Who is more active on social networks?
  8. Fake News and social media: Overview of the problem.
  9. Why do people enjoy social media?
  10. Should social media be controlled by governments?

🏺 Informative Speech Topics about Cultural Artifacts

  1. How did people learn to understand cultural artifacts?
  2. What are the latest important cultural artifacts that have been found?
  3. Eastern ceramics: History and features.
  4. Postage stamps: History.
  5. Mexican pyramids: The meaning behind.
  6. Cultural artifacts from the Middle Age: Overview.
  7. Religious artifacts of Western cultures from the 19th century.

💼 Speech Topics for College Students on Business

Sometimes you might want to choose a broad topic for your informative speech. Don’t worry! Here is a list of broad informative speech topics on business, marketing, and management.

  1. Management information systems in business processes.
  2. Performance management in business.
  3. Activity-based management.
  4. Latest online marketing strategies: Overview.
  5. Levels of management.
  6. Concept of international marketing.
  7. Relationship marketing and its practical uses.
  8. Social media influences on marketing.
  9. How does business planning work?
  10. The concept of business communication.
  11. International business and cultural differences.
  12. Motivation theories in business.
  13. Ethics and morals role in business.
  14. Management in multinational companies.
  15. The future of small businesses.
  16. Small businesses marketing strategies.
  17. Business competitive strategies.
  18. Mission statements.
  19. Management in small businesses.
  20. Operations management.
  21. Growth strategy.
  22. Strategic financial management.
  23. Sustainability policy.
  24. Management functions.
  25. Team management.
  26. Cash flows statement.
  27. International standards.
  28. Project manager.
  29. Organizational communication.
  30. Organizational change.
  31. Human resource management.

🧠 Informative Speech Topics for College about Psychology

Psychology is a very popular topic today. Many people are curious to know more about psychological questions. So, you might think of preparing an informative speech on psychology. Have a look at our topic list!

  1. How can psychology be used to improve people’s lives?
  2. How to avoid burnout syndrome? Useful tips.
  3. How does our memory work?
  4. How is psychology used in marketing?
  5. Sigmund Freud: Central ideas and their influence on modern psychology.
  6. Business psychology: How does it work?
  7. Goals setting and psychology.
  8. Emotional Intelligence: Why is it essential?
  9. Can money make people happy? Psychological point of view.
  10. Why are people biased towards mental illnesses?
  11. Is it possible to learn stress resistance?
  12. Personality tests: Are they trustworthy?
  13. How does a lie detector work?
  14. Social networks and self-esteem: Does one affect the other?
  15. How is Emotional Intelligence measured?
  16. Dreams: What psychology says?
  17. What is critical thinking?
  18. Why does music evoke emotions?
  19. Does IQ really matter?
  20. Why do social networks make us addicted?

🎓 Easy Informative Speech Topics about College Life

Another idea is to focus on an informative speech about college life. It will be likely interesting for your classmates! Let’s dive in!

  1. How does college life benefit academic motivation?
  2. College life: Pros and cons.
  3. The first year of college.
  4. Living on campus: Advantages versus drawbacks.
  5. College education in the modern world: Pros and cons.
  6. Online education: Pros and cons.
  7. Extracurricular activities in college life.
  8. Major challenges in college life.
  9. College life for students of different ages.
  10. Expectations from college life.

️🗣 Public Speaking Topics for College Students

  1. Responsible ways of using ChatGPT in education.
  2. How trustworthy is online voting?
  3. The benefits and pitfalls of investing in cryptocurrency.
  4. Strategies to maintain work-life balance.
  5. Discrimination of women in sports and how to stop it.
  6. How can we protect mental health in the age of social media?
  7. The efficiency of yoga in reducing anxiety.
  8. Habits you need to have to become successful.
  9. The dangerous effects of air pollution.
  10. How do sports assist children in developing their character?

👨‍🎓 Fun Informative Speech Topics for College Students

  1. The evolution of Internet slang and abbreviations.
  2. Ten ways to find a lover on social media.
  3. How can humor heal our daily stress?
  4. Dropping out of the university as a strategy to become successful.
  5. The use of chemical reactions in cooking and baking.
  6. The key secrets of clowning: funny makeup and balloons.
  7. How can you cheat on exams without being caught?
  8. The beneficial side of telling a lie.
  9. Sports nicknames and their importance.
  10. What were the causes of depressive Tweets during COVID-19?

📢 Oral Presentation Topics for College Students

  1. The importance of recycling in the modern world.
  2. Co-educational institutions: benefits and drawbacks.
  3. Why should body-shaming be banned?
  4. The practical methods of stopping racial discrimination.
  5. How can we deal with terrorism in the world?
  6. Five ways of breaking bad habits.
  7. The efficiency of reading in transforming one’s life.
  8. How does the gender pay gap impact the economy?
  9. The value of protecting minority cultures in the US.
  10. The same rating system for all students: for or against.

🎤 Informative Speech Examples for College Students

If you are still in doubt about how the informative speech should look, we have helpful examples and famous speech samples that can come in handy!

Example of Informative Speech about Global Warming

Welcome, everyone,

Today, let’s talk about something that we are all responsible for — global warming. And it is not an abstract concept but a global phenomenon occurring ever so slowly, even at this moment. Over the past century, the average temperatures have increased by just over one degree. This may not appear to be much, but many experts agree that the Earth’s temperatures are beginning to rise more rapidly. But what causes global warming?

Global warming happens when greenhouse gases trap heat inside the Earth’s atmosphere. Consider what occurs when you open your car door after you have rolled up your windows on a hot day. The sun’s heat enters the car but cannot escape due to its frame. This is, to some extent, an illustration of what happens during global warming.

Global warming has detrimental effects on our planet. It is not just about extreme weather events. It is about issues that threaten the delicate balance of life on Earth. The rising sea level, driven by melting polar ice caps, inundates coastal regions, causing widespread flooding and damaging coral reefs, the very foundation of marine ecosystems. Air quality deteriorates, and seawater acidity increases, impacting marine life and disrupting the food chain.

Global warming, caused by greenhouse gas emissions, is not a distant threat but an impending catastrophe the consequences of which will escalate dramatically in the near future. The time to act is now. Individual actions to reduce energy consumption, using fuel-efficient vehicles and electronics, can make a significant difference. These efforts, coupled with collective action, will not only restrain greenhouse gas emissions but also improve air quality.

It is not enough to rely on global policies. Individual contributions are also crucial for preventing irreversible damage. Let us seize the moment, take action, and secure a brighter future for the generations to come.

Thank you for your attention.

More Sample Informative Speeches for College Students

Here are five famous informative speech samples that you can view to learn from the best speakers.

  1. Andrew Blum: What Is the Internet, Really?
    This speech dwells on the fundamental principles of Internet work, focusing on its physical side. According to Blum, the internet is not only a stream of 0s and 1s traveling over the air, but it is a physical network of cables and servers that connect people all over the world.
  2. Pranav Mistry: The Thrilling Potential of Sixth Sense Technology
    Pranav Mistry’s speech describes Sixth Sense technology, which allows people to interact with the world around them using gestures and movements. The author highlights how Sixth Sense may boost our productivity and efficiency while opening new avenues for creativity and innovation.
  3. David Gallo: Underwater Astonishments
    This speech explores the wonders of the underwater world, from majestic coral reefs to amazing marine life. Gallo’s purpose is to remind us that the undersea world is a magical place and that it is critical to maintain this endangered ecosystem.
  4. Pamela Meyer: How to Spot a Liar
    This speech lays up a framework for detecting lies based on the study of liars’ behavior patterns. While there is no reliable technique to identify if someone is lying, Pamela Meyer emphasizes that there are numerous crucial symptoms that can evoke suspicion.
  5. Greg Brockman: The Inside Story of ChatGPT’s Astonishing Potential
    Greg Brockman’s speech explains how ChatGPT works and how it can be used for various purposes, from education to entertainment. The author predicts a future where ChatGPT is incorporated into our daily lives, helping us to learn and create.

Now you have more than 200 informative speech ideas! Also, you’ve got an understanding of how to prepare an informative speech. Why wait? Start doing your own informative speech. Good luck!

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