Undergraduate Research Topics: History, Art, & More [UPD 2024]

A research topic is a specific question or an issue, which is a topic of interest for your research.

When surfing the web, you must have noticed that good topics for research papers are worth their weight in gold. Some topics you have come across are outdated, while others don’t interest you at the very least.

If you’re struggling with choosing an undergraduate research topic, this article is just for you! We’ve prepared a wonderful list of different good research paper topics for college. Also, you’ll find out how to choose a topic for a research paper. Still interested? Let’s dive in!

📝 What Is a Research Topic?

A research topic is a specific question or an issue, which is a topic of interest for your research. It’s essential to choose a good research paper topic, as it’s the first step in your research process.

When choosing a topic, you go through the research process. You explore, select, and brainstorm various themes and ideas. Below, we explain how to choose a topic for a research paper. Keep reading!

✍️ How to Choose a Topic for a Research Paper?

Choosing an undergraduate research topic isn’t an easy task. It’s a tough process where you should be as focused as possible. To make it easier, we’ve prepared for you a list of steps. We suggest you follow it if you want to select an excellent topic.

The picture contains a list of steps for choosing a research topic.

Step #1: Choose a Topic You’re Interested in

It is important that you enjoy the topic you’re researching and writing about. So, one of the most important criteria when selecting one is your area of interest. Just ask yourself: ‘Am I passionate about it?’ If yes, it’s definitely your cup of tea.

Step #2: Do an Extensive Research

Now you’ve defined a broad topic of your interest. So, you can start researching it. For instance, your passion is photography. It means that you should research the field to select an issue that is narrower. For example, you can focus on Modernism in photography in the 20th century.

Step #3: Formulate a Research Question

As soon as you narrow your topic, it’s time to work on a research question. You should be aware that it’s one of the most challenging tasks. Your research question should sound compelling to get people interested in reading your paper. Looking into examples, your research question can sound as “How the 20th century influenced the rise of modernist photography?”

Step #4: Focus on a Thesis Statement

As a final step, you need to formulate a thesis statement. Your thesis statement is the main thought of your paper. Reading it, people should understand the central idea of your paper. For instance, a thesis statement may sound like this: “Photographers began to respond to socio-cultural changes, this way modernist photography had appeared.”

🎓 Good Research Paper Topics for College

To make it smoother for you, we’ve selected a wonderful topic list! Here, you will find 300+ hottest and brightest college research paper topic ideas, meeting your interests and deserving excellent grades.

Business & Marketing Research Paper Topics

  1. Digital marketing challenges in organisations.
  2. Modern businesses are going green as a win-win situation.
  3. Information technology change management.
  4. Silence of brands: Advertising for luxury products.
  5. The effects of anti-piracy laws on music records sales.
  6. The strategy of enhancing brand awareness.
  7. Steve Jobs’ leadership style: a lesson for businesses or “do not try this at home” strategy.
  8. Management requirements for goal achievement.
  9. Social media benefits for business marketing.
  10. Addictive and unregulated online buying: the main benefit or danger of e-commerce.
  11. Strategy application in business.
  12. The main pros and cons of outsourcing.
  13. Strategy choice factors and company objectives.
  14. BMW and Mercedes Benz Cars: TV advertising strategies.
  15. The role of direct mail tactics in US election campaigns.
  16. Time management importance in business communication.
  17. Facebook event ads as a cheap but powerful tool for businesses.
  18. Family business, its issues, and conflicts.
  19. Relationship marketing and its practical uses.
  20. Factors that make customers enjoy advertisements.
  21. Turkish, Qatar, and Emirates Airlines’ marketing strategies.
  22. Reverse effects of advertisements.
  23. Business continuity management and its strategies.
  24. Small businesses marketing strategies.
  25. Business competitive strategies.
  26. Business strategies for nonprofit organizations.
  27. Organization identity and its effects.
  28. Marketing forecasting and its practical implementation.
  29. Social media influences marketing.
  30. Changes in consumer behavior as a result of social media campaigns.
  31. Mobile devices and data economics.
  32. Modern e-commerce trends in the USA.
  33. Organizational change development and transformation.
  34. Factors that form customer loyalty.
  35. The Coca-Cola Company’s marketing strategies in the UAE.
  36. Modern marketing approaches.
  37. Managerial role in employees’ ethical behavior.
  38. Changes in advertisement themes in the 21st century.
  39. The strategy “pay for performance” in the business world.
  40. Effects of humor in advertising campaigns.
  41. Organizational change and decision making.
  42. Cross-cultural marketing: American firm in Japan.
  43. Current trends of buying behavior in the USA.
  44. Walmart company: Marketing environment analysis.
  45. Gender differences in buying behavior.
  46. Organizational decision-making models comparison.
  47. Customer perceptions of Instagram advertisements.
  48. Benefits from creating an online shopping website.
  49. Twitter: Benefits and misuse in business.
  50. Strategies for integrating new services.
  51. Customer sales relationships via the Internet.

Photography Research Paper Topics

  1. The 10 principles of photography. 
  2. Conceptual developments of photography in the 20th century.
  3. Realism in photography in the 19th century.
  4. Digital age and the phenomenon of snapshot photography.
  5. Modernism in photography in the 20th century.
  6. Main types of photographs.
  7. Death and the media: 9-11 photography — Identity and otherness.
  8. Photography during World War II.
  9. The rise of photojournalism.
  10. Photography: Cecil Beaton and Man Ray.
  11. The impact of photography on society at the beginning of the 20th century.
  12. Innovations of the Kodak “Brownie” camera.
  13. Street photographers: Robert Frank.
  14. Preservation of cultural history through photography.
  15. Eliot Porter: Landscape photography.
  16. Weegee and his influence on street photography.
  17. The underside of society photographed by Don McCullin.
  18. Kodak Company: Traditional and digital photography.
  19. Annie Leibovitz and her influence on portrait photography.
  20. National Geographic and its contribution to the popularization of photography.

Educational Psychology Research Paper Topics

  1. Gifted children and their development.  
  2. Psychology: “How do children succeed?”
  3. The influence of parental expectations on children’s academic performance.
  4. Understanding learning: Theories’ impacts.
  5. Classification of learning difficulties.  
  6. Quantitative research design: Adolescents in school.
  7. School counseling and its effect on academic performance.  
  8. Student’s self-efficacy and intervention method.
  9. Family influences on children’s academic motivation.
  10. Technology-using teachers.
  11. Early childhood cognitive-based philosophy.

Literature Research Topics

  1. Literary analysis of “Yellow Wallpaper” by Gilman.
  2. Gender roles in Jane Austen’s novel Persuasion.
  3. Analysis of tragedy in “Oedipus the King.”
  4. Symbolic nature of Frost’s poetry.
  5. Gender expectations in Jane Austen’s novels.
  6. Life appreciation in Hemingway’s “A Clean, Well-Lighted Place.”
  7. Virginia Woolf and her feminist views in Mrs. Dalloway.
  8. Irony in “Story of an Hour” by Kate Chopin.
  9. Feminism in English literature at the beginning of the 20th century.
  10. The gods in Homer’s epic poem The Iliad.
  11. Personal development in Kate Chopin’s The Awakening.
  12. Religious symbolism in John Milton’s poetry.
  13. A white identity in The Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Man by Johnson.
  14. Romantic symbolism in Shakespeare’s sonnets.
  15. Theme of memory in Williams’ The Glass Menagerie.
  16. Fitzgerald and his notion of a hero in The Beautiful and Damned.
  17. Emotional symbolism in William Butler Yeats’s poetry.
  18. The ambiguity of guilt and pride of the main character in “The Tell-Tale Heart” by Edgar Allan Po.
  19. Emotional symbolism in Seamus Heaney’s poetry.
  20. How Harper Lee’s life is reflected in To Kill a Mockingbird.
  21. Literary realism in George Gissing’s novels.
  22. American dream in Franklin’s Way to Wealth vs. The Great Gatsby.
  23. Naturalism in Crane’s “The Open Boat” and London’s “To Build a Fire.”
  24. Literary realism in George Moore’s stories.
  25. Similarities between D. Vaughan and M. Jackson in “Hidden Figures.”

Interdisciplinary Research Topic Ideas

  1. The impact of physical exercises on metabolism.
  2. Examine the impact of genetics on policy issues.
  3. The role of neuroscience in marketing studies.
  4. Understanding bioenergy and its future perspectives.
  5. The future of biomedical engineering.
  6. Ethical issues behind feeding people with genetically modified organisms.
  7. The role of special diet in depression treatment.
  8. Gene expression and its possible control.
  9. Smoking, motivation and the brain.

Tech & Engineering Research Topics

  1. Website for an online game development company.
  2. Virtual assistants for online business in 2024.
  3. Effects of new technologies on the criminal justice system.
  4. Data mining algorithms for business intelligence.
  5. Current web applications’ trends.
  6. Vehicle tracking systems for mobile phone users.
  7. Cloud computing: Definition, characteristics, applications.
  8. The application of artificial intelligence in web development.  
  9. Mac versus personal computer: Comparison and contrast.
  10. Implementation of augmented reality for online shopping.
  11. Data mining algorithms: Applications.
  12. Cloud computing in businesses: Strategies, limits, and effects.
  13. Mixed reality and its use in offline stores.
  14. The use of 3D platforms in teaching and learning in primary and elementary schools.
  15. Security defenses against DDoS attacks.
  16. The future of cloud computing. 
  17. Knowledge management tools in the 21st century.
  18. The concept of technological literacy.
  19. The use of big data for web development.
  20. The use of technology in distance learning.
  21. Machine learning and customization.  
  22. Preventing identity theft among adolescents.
  23. Cyber-security threats to educational institutions.
  24. The future of quantum computing.
  25. The effect of technology on aviation security.

Animals Topics for Research Papers

  1. Animal experimentation: Ethical and practical issues.
  2. Unique animals of the rainforest.
  3. Controversy: Animals in research.
  4. Animal testing in the world.
  5. Animal experimentation and the struggle to abolish it.
  6. Main principles of animals’ protection.
  7. Cosmetic testing on animals.
  8. Animal-assisted therapy: Pros and cons.
  9. Ethical issues with animal research in a cosmetic firm.
  10. Human and animal connection: A brief history.
  11. Animal and human rights: Interpersonal comparison.
  12. The migration of animals and transmission of parasites.
  13. Service animals and their functions.
  14. Animal exploitation: Animal agriculture and climate change.
  15. Equal consideration of human and animal interests.
  16. Animal law in different countries.
  17. The animal rights movement.
  18. Animal rights protection in the USA.  
  19. Animals in scientific research: Is it humanly?
  20. Science and animal use.
  21. The problems with farming and animal consumption.
  22. Endangered species: The current situation.
  23. Animals’ role in the healthcare system.
  24. Concern about GM crops and animals and their health impact on human beings.
  25. Dangers of animal farming.
  26. Environmental ethics: The case for animal rights.
  27. Climate change and animals’ extinction.  
  28. Farming, animal consumption, and the environment.
  29. Zoos: Pros and cons.
  30. Animal rights: Controversial issues.

Geography Research Paper Topics

  1. Global warming: Causes and consequences.
  2. The future of green energy.
  3. Climate change and its impact on freshwater.
  4. Solutions to the environmental crisis in Vietnam.
  5. Environment protection: Action plan.
  6. Marine and coastal climate change in Australia.
  7. Main causes of water pollution. 
  8. Renewable sources of energy in Qatar.
  9. Saudi residents’ perceptions of protected areas.
  10. Main causes of air pollution.  
  11. Oil exploration effects on soil and underground water.
  12. Water-energy-food nexus in the Himalayan region.
  13. Dangers of nuclear energy.  
  14. Extreme weather events and geographies of globalization.
  15. Water resources in the United Arab Emirates.
  16. Means of prevention of natural disasters.
  17. The sand storms: Remote sensing and meteorological variables.
  18. Deforestation: What can be done against it.
  19. Solar energy effects on the environment.
  20. Strategies for sustainable integrated oil disaster management in West Africa.
  21. Renewable energy: The current state of affairs.  
  22. Jeddah floods and adaptation strategies in the City of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
  23. Climate change: Possible counteractions.
  24. Contribution of wind energy to the energy needs of the globe.
  25. Man vs. nature: Dujiangyan irrigation system case study.

Latin America Research Paper Topics

  1. The drug trade in Latin American countries and its historical origins.
  2. Latin American countries and democracy.  
  3. Women’s rights in Latin American countries. 
  4. Human rights in Latin American countries.
  5. The role of the USA in Latin America’s development.
  6. Religion in modern Latin American countries.
  7. The role of music in Latin American culture.
  8. The impact of drug use on the Latin American population.
  9. LGBT rights in Latin American countries.
  10. Central economic issues faced by Latin American countries.
  11. Socio-cultural impact of the US involvement on Latin American countries.
  12. Modern slavery in Latin American countries.
  13. Gender roles in modern Latin America.
  14. Political movements in Latin American countries.
  15. Latin America popular culture in the world.

Middle East Research Paper Topics

  1. Computer-assisted language learning in the Middle East.
  2. The role of media in the Middle East.
  3. Television and cinematic censorship in the Middle East.
  4. Human Rights in the Middle Eastern countries.
  5. Women’s rights in the Middle Eastern countries in the 21st century.
  6. Saudi Arabian educational system and contest.
  7. Gender roles in the Middle East.
  8. The role of Islam in the modern Middle Eastern countries.
  9. The Qatar World Cup buildings and facilities.
  10. Socio-cultural shifts in the modern Middle Eastern countries.
  11. Historical origins of the Palestine conflict.
  12. Unmanned aerial vehicles as a security threat for the UAE.
  13. The impact of natural resources on the Middle Eastern economy.

Human Rights Paper Topics

  1. International human rights and environmental law.
  2. Amnesty International and its impact on human rights protection.
  3. United Nations and its role in human rights protection.
  4. Family violence effects on family members.
  5. The issue of global poverty.
  6. Women’s rights in the 21st century.
  7. LGBT rights in the 21st century.
  8. Child labor in the 21st century.
  9. Human rights violation: Explained.
  10. Human rights and their meanings.
  11. Bullying in schools and human rights.
  12. The role of social media in human rights protection.
  13. Domestic violence and children’s rights.
  14. Women and LGBT rights evolution comparison in the USA.
  15. Labor rights in the developing world.

Politics & Government Research Topics

  1. Congress as the main legislative arm of the Government.
  2. E-government development in the Middle East.
  3. The role of the media in American society.
  4. Using Facebook as a reliable means of attracting youth to politics.
  5. Police brutality debate.
  6. The First Amendment and human rights.
  7. The US National Intelligence.
  8. The policy of a world without nuclear weapons.
  9. The role of the President in the US political system.
  10. The right to gun control.
  11. How foreign governments’ interests affect the US.
  12. States versus Federal Government: Distribution of powers.
  13. International law in resolving international conflict.
  14. The United Arab Emirates and the hazard of Iran’s nuclear programs.
  15. The United States foreign policy.
  16. Can foreign aid solve worldwide poverty?
  17. Vice president’s powers in the United States.
  18. Police brutality in America.
  19. International relationship: United States and Iran.
  20. Political structure of democracy in East Asia.
  21. The 25th Amendment and its role for the Government.
  22. Turkey in international relations.
  23. Western Sahara: Dispute on self-determination.
  24. Political campaigns funding: How it works.
  25. Marijuana legalization on Federal and State levels.
  26. Gun control: Issue, viewpoints, and possible solutions.
  27. The implementation of the US international policy in Afghanistan.
  28. Russia’s intervention in Ukraine.
  29. US–Japan security alliance in the Asia Pacific.

Serial Killer Research Paper Topics

  1. Serial killers and mental disorders.
  2. Serial killers in popular culture.
  3. Female serial killer: Aileen Wuornos.
  4. The origins of the term “serial killer.”
  5. The reasons behind serial killers’ deviant behavior.
  6. Serial killers: Mental disorder versus deliberate choice.
  7. Serial killers: Male versus female.
  8. Profiling serial killers: Literature review.
  9. Public interest in serial killers.
  10. Classification of serial killers.
  11. Genetic predisposition to deviant behavior: Serial killers.
  12. Serial killings in the USA in the 21st century.

Foster Care Research Paper Topics

  1. Foster care: Children’s rights.
  2. Children with mental disorders and foster care.
  3. Educational programs for foster families.
  4. Main foster care issues and possible solutions.
  5. Foster care in the USA.
  6. Children’s abuse in foster care.
  7. Foster care system in the Western European countries.
  8. Foster care system in the Nordic countries.
  9. Foster care: International adoption.

Nursing Research Paper Topics

  1. Does electronic communication with patients together with traditional care enhance treatment effectiveness? Base your research essay on recent research from the USA and Canada.
  2. Evidence-based practices to improve medication adherence in chronically ill patients.
  3. Causes behind teenagers’ decisions not to follow HIV treatment.
  4. Diabetes prevention in children with obesity.
  5. Factors that affect patients’ safety in psychiatric hospitals.
  6. Evidence-based practice in nursing.
  7. Medical ethics in nursing.
  8. Barriers in nursing associated with evidence-based practice.
  9. Palliative-care nursing and its issues.
  10. Nursing leadership: Basics.
  11. Nurses’ involvement in drug abuse.

We hope that you find our list of 300+ undergraduate research topics useful! If you have any comments, you’re welcome to share them down below! Good luck with your own paper!

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