Topic Sentences: Truly Good Tips and Brilliant Examples

Topic Sentences: Truly Good Tips and Brilliant Examples

Are you sure your topic sentences are close to perfect? Do they really make your paper stronger? Let’s check it!

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Topic Sentences: 3 Golden Rules to Follow

Topic sentence in academic writing is the first sentence in each body paragraph, which identifies the main idea of the paragraph that follows.

The 3 golden rules of a good topic sentence are:

  • Brief summary of what follows;
  • Attention hook for readers;
  • No spoilers, disclosing all the arguments at once.

Topic Sentences: 5 Main Types with Cue Words

Whereas all topic sentences pursue the same goal of preparing readers for what will follow in a body paragraph, these sentences can take different forms. For example:


Cue words: is, turns out, has proven.

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Example: Animal testing has proven to be not only inhuman, but also ineffective.

Cause and effect

Cue words: causes, influences, effects, results in.

Example: The lack of sleep results in poor concentration.


Cue words: should, need to, ought to.

Example: Smoking in public places should be banned.

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Cue words: related, connected.

Example: There is a direct relationship between the time you invest in study and your grade.


Cue words: reveal, show.

Example: The recent studies have shown that too much intake of carrots can’t make your eyes healthier.

Sample Topic Sentences

So, a good topic sentence should give a general idea of what readers should expect from the following paragraph and make them curious and willing to continue reading. Did you hear of a hamburger paragraph structure? According to the classic hamburger paragraph structure, the topic sentence should be followed by supporting sentences and a concluding sentence. The latter sentence actually repeats the topic sentence but uses different wording.

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So, that was probably all you need to know to make your essay structure just perfect and convince everyone that it deserves an A and nothing less than it.

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