Purpose of Education Essay: Writing Guide & Essay Ideas

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“The more you read, the more things you will know, the more you learn, the more places you’ll go.”– these were the words of famous American poet Theodor Seuss Geisel.

Indeed, how do we go anywhere without knowledge, at least of basic notions?

Nevertheless, in the 21st century, people often ask themselves: “What is the purpose of education if I can Google anything?” It may seem you can get any piece of knowledge whenever needed. However, the answer to this question is much bigger than one can imagine.

🗣️ Education Essay: Top 5 Issues to Discuss

First, let’s see what the most discussed topics about education are. We’ve collected the five most popular themes you can use for the essay.

  1. We’ll start with the primary purpose of education and the benefits it gives. Why should people get educated?
  2. Our next stop is the value of education: is education a precious gift? What perspectives does it open?
  3. We cannot miss the issue of unequal access to education. Why is education a privilege that not all people have? What is done to change it?
  4. Another essential question is the cost of education: should education be free?
  5. Finally, we’ll speak about multicultural education: what borders does it break?

Let’s dive in!

What Is the Purpose of Education?

A pretty exciting notion is that education is multifunctional. Even the questions like “why should education be free?” incline one of the purposes of education. Let’s call it enlightenment: coming out of the darkness of ignorance.

Here are a few more significant goals that education pursue:

  • Creating conscious, informed citizenry. A state can function properly when its residents know how to live in the community framework. Otherwise, chaos is unavoidable.
  • Intellectual development and broad-based knowledge have several benefits. They activate the power of reasonably high self-esteem and self-respect.
  • Finally, the basic knowledge of school subjects allows us to understand how the world works.

If you wish to find out more about educational purposes, check this article.

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What Is the Value of Education?

What was once said by Kofi Annan perfectly fits at this point:

“Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.”

Developing multiple skills through the education process, a person also learns how to think and make decisions. And these skills can hardly be overestimated: considering people determine how society develops. Education contributes significantly to building up one’s character and mindset. If one realizes the value of practical knowledge and not just the degree, one is destined to succeed.

This is why people need to have equal access to education.

The picture introduces the main values of education.

Equal Access to Education. Main Problems

Education is one of the spheres where inequality remains intensive. For example, the USA is considered one of the most advanced countries in the world. Still, the educational gap between the white population and minorities is too vast to ignore. Analysts think the position of students of color is disturbing. This inequity in education predictably leads to a gap in life quality.

The factors contributing to the increase of this gap are:

  • Low-quality schools,
  • Impoverished neighborhoods,
  • Lack of parents’ attention in the upbringing process,
  • Discouraged teachers.

Low quality of education leads to an intimidating number of unskilled workers who cannot earn decent amounts of money. That causes increasing crime rates, including petty crimes like thievery and much more severe crimes.

Activists in the field of education equity claim the following regulations to be asserted:

  • Better quality schools and more experienced teachers should be integrated with minority communities and neighborhoods.
  • The study process should be implemented in smaller groups to increase its quality.
  • Children should get access to education earlier. The amount of time spent on learning should be increased, too.
The picture introduces the main problems of unequal access to education.

Why Should Education Be Free? Or Shouldn’t?

The tuition fee has been constantly and dramatically growing. The overall student debt in the USA overcomes the amount of a trillion dollars. Low-income families cannot provide an appropriate education for their children.

Still, the question if education should be ultimately free is a pretty debatable issue.

On the one hand, the benefits of free education may seem completely apparent.

  • Many talented young people from impoverished households could potentially contribute to society. As we know, university study gives a degree and subject skills and develops networking. It helps promote one into desirable communities or positions.
  • Education fee immunity could allow students to focus on gaining knowledge and developing skills necessary for work and social life.

But what is an unobvious side of the question?

  • The most fundamental reason against free high education is the tremendous cost of that venue for the government budget. It’s assumed to be more than 70 billion annually.
  • Besides, various grants and scholarship programs allow low-income but gifted students to enroll in college. The only problem with it is that not all students have open access to such programs. This issue could be solved by spreading knowledge on available sources such as college websites, for instance.
The picture summarizes the main arguments for and against free education for everyone.

Why Is Multicultural Education Important?

When we try to answer the question “What is the purpose of education?” we should embrace one of the most valuable education purposes in general—tolerance. The feature is provided by the spaciousness of mind and acceptance of diversity.

We all are different – and that’s great. However, cultural and racial diversity demands various approaches. And sometimes, it can be challenging for educators to achieve this balance. A multicultural society has a chance to flourish when its members experience joint development. This is where the importance of multicultural education becomes evident.

However, this sphere is especially vulnerable. Students’ academic achievement, who belong to minorities, frequently depends on teachers’ attitudes and beliefs. At the same time, any extremities are destructive in this question. To feel happy and encouraged, each society member should be able to express themselves freely. However, it shouldn’t bring harm to others.

The picture introduces the importance of multicultural education process.

📜 Education Essay Topics

  1. The smaller, the better. How does the number of students in a class affect the education quality in schools and colleges?
  2. Equal Education. How have education conditions for minority representatives changed over the past thirty years? Is there any progress we can embrace?
  3. Racial, ethnic, gender, health, economic and other prejudices. What are the consequences of any kind of bias in the process of education?
  4. Improved schools, more experienced teachers, modern facilities, and more funding. Classify and describe the measures to be taken to increase education quality for low-income pupils.
  5. Elaborate on Aristotle’s quote about education: “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.” What did he mean by saying it?
  6. Analyze the supposed correlation between education and life quality. Does the number of educated people affect society’s well-being and happiness?
  7. The phenomenal 1,5 trillion of students’ debt. Speculate on the controversial question of whether education should or shouldn’t be free for everyone.
  8. The real value of education. Touch upon credentials and degrees chasing instead of appreciating the actual knowledge.
  9. Do you agree that it’s impossible to withhold education from the receptive mind as it is impossible to force it upon the unreasoning?
  10. Should the government spend means on education institutions more than on warfare?
  11. Choose two countries to compare their methods for education quality improvement.
  12. Compare and contrast regular and homeschooling: what are the pros and cons of each?
  13. How to integrate international students who don’t speak English into the learning process?
  14. Grants and scholarships: how low-income students can get a quality education for free?
  15. Does career counseling at high school help potential students avoid mistakes in the future?
  16. Investigate the positive impact education has on life quality.
  17. How to solidify the relationships within multicultural students’ communities?
  18. Analyze the role of parents in the education process: can they make it better or worse?
  19. Investigate the challenges that students with autism face during their study.
  20. What is the connection between high crime rates and low levels of education?

🧑‍🎓 Education Essay Samples

To make you feel the value of education fully, we have something in store. Check out our great value of education essay samples to get inspired and create your paper!

Value of Education Essay

Value sounds like a measurable concept. In other words, this notion is close to the materialistic world – something to be applied. Benjamin Franklin once said: An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” And who knew better about it all than America’s famous founding father? So, education in the life of a person possesses quite real value. The “investment” we make in it influences our success in life. And the “interest” that is at the same time the result of education depends on dedication and involvement. Education is precious because it opens up so many perspectives. By receiving it, we also learn how to build relations with the inner and outer world, live in the community, think, and make decisions. If we imagine a perfect society, its primary feature would be the large percentage of educated and conscious people. When one understands the cause-and-effect link of different things, it’s easier to accomplish goals. Another primary goal of our life is to grow human personality and upgrade the quality of our world-view. Finally, our ultimate goal is to know ourselves, and this we can implement in the form of education. All this adds to the whole picture of what a person is. And this knowledge is the most incredible value.

Why Is Education Important Essay

The world has been existing for thousands of years but is still suffering from ignorance. Statistics tell there are around 775 million illiterate adult people in the world today. Education is vital because it’s the means of getting the necessary skills for work. It embraces a lot more aspects, such as moral framework, humanity, critical thinking. Should people from South Africa have the same opportunities for education as those of the United States or the UK? Yes. This way, they would be able to make a more outstanding contribution to the world. The members of a more educated society would better embrace the differences between people because they would be aware of the close interconnection between phenomena. A law of human nature is that it’s easier to accept something when it gets to be clearly understood. In contrast, ignorance leads to aggressiveness and violence. Education, incredibly multicultural, allows people of diverse beliefs, religions, and nations to achieve the same goal. That is – the improvement of the world. Education is a power that breaks walls between different people, uniting the global community. And amidst the pandemic, we realize how badly the borders can restrict the freedom of existence.

Philosophy of Education Essay

If we spoke of philosophy, it would be the most appropriate to refer to its very basis. A well-known Greek philosopher Aristotle claimed: “The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.” Indeed, any learning process takes time and effort, but the benefits are always worth the struggle. Of course, if enough dedication is put into it. I would assume that understanding the central philosophy of education lies in its perception as a non-stop process. Every generation is brighter than the previous one. Here, we must credit the modern technologies and social media that make information lay on the surface where anyone can get it. Knowledge is the nourishment that supports our existence. It’s wrong to assume that education must stop after graduation because knowledge is not only the degree and skills for work. Indeed, it can be exhausting and complex enough for a person to learn constantly. But another philosophical idea of education is that it should be integrated into life naturally. Thus, education is not an easy path to go. It requires awareness and involvement. But this way is exciting, although challenging. All we need is to understand the value of education and see precisely why we want it in our lives.

Importance of College Education Essay

In the 21st century, the attitude towards higher education is changing. Generation Z representatives are starting to assume that it is not the most necessary option in life. The arguments seem pretty straightforward: smart enough can achieve success and go places using other means. There are many opportunities to do well that social media platforms provide. People get extremely rich and famous in no time. However, a college education does still possess great importance. Not everyone is destined to make it through the Internet. First of all, we still live in a real world where real people communicate and go through real challenges. College life is a special time in the whole framework of our lives. It can be compared with a training period during which one gets prepared for functioning in the big world. A strong network is also being built at a college. Besides the point, college study is about acquiring skills needed for work. The education system is not flawless at all. Still, it is a structure that has been established for hundreds of years, developing and perfecting. We can conclude that a college education is a highly vital experience that shouldn’t be underrated. It gives opportunities, broadens your mind, and eventually improves your life quality.

Well, it seems like education is a broad topic itself, isn’t it? By learning about education, people can bring their awareness to the next level.

The stereotypes about education must be broken. We would like to encourage you to stay curious, ask questions and never lose the capacity to get surprised.

We also believe that you can find your own comfortable and productive ways to educate yourself.

Go for it!


What is the purpose of education?

The primary purpose of education is to create personalities: with their own identities, opinions, beliefs, and ways of thinking. Education aims to extend the spaciousness of one’s mind and give a basic understanding of how the world functions.

What is the value of a college education?

First of all, a college education provides with necessary skills to work. That is why it’s essential to choose the sphere you want to develop in. Besides that, it’s a precious source of social experience.

How to reduce inequality in education?

To pursue this goal, many people should increase their awareness and become more open-minded. The government should encourage teachers. In turn, teachers should spread tolerance among students, and students need to develop acceptance of diversity.

What are the disadvantages of education?

Some say that ignorance is genuinely bliss. If we agree with this statement, we can name one disadvantage of education. It can easily take one out of ignorance and deprive them of this (dubious) bliss. But we disagree because it’s much more blissful to be aware of things and to learn. Education is the way to embrace the essence of life.

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