Controversial Essay Topics: Top 30 Argumentative Questions

Controversial Essay Topics: Top 30 Argumentative Questions

Do you know what is great about argumentative/persuasive essay topics? If a question is truly controversial, it has no right or wrong answers. Every opinion is welcome!

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So, choose a topic from this list of 30 freshest controversial issues, express your position, include weighty arguments to support it and enjoy your excellent grades.

Controversial Essay Topics to Sink Your Teeth Into

To begin with, check out these amazing persuasive essay ideas that can be perfect starters to not only essays and research papers, but also heated disputes with your friends:

  • Internet does (not) make this world a better place to live in.
  • Facebook should (not) share users’ personal information with the police.
  • Parents should (not) have access to their children’s Facebook accounts.
  • Girls should (not) ask boys out.
  • Boys should (not) have manicure.
  • Age does (not) matter in a relationship.
  • The public should (not) care about politicians’ personal lives.
  • Civil unions can (not) substitute official marriages.
  • Teachers should (not) be rated based on their students’ test scores.
  • Teachers should (not) give students tons of homework.
  • Anti-sagging laws at schools are (not) discriminative.
  • Religion should (not) be separated from education.
  • Christians should (not) be allowed to wear the cross symbol at work, if they want to.
  • Laws prohibiting Islamic scarves in schools in France are (not) discriminative.
  • Smoking should (not) be banned like drugs.

Controversial Essay Topics to Make Your Papers Rock

Choose a controversial issue from this list, which truly interests you, and essay writing will go on wheels!

  • Prostitution should (not) be legalized and controlled by the state.
  • Pornography should (not) be banned.
  • Men should (not) have the right to prevent the abortion of their children.
  • Employers should (not) use genetic screening for choosing their employees.
  • Employers should (not) use lie detectors at interviews.
  • Business ethics is (not) an oxymoron (oxymoron is a figure of speech in which contradictory terms appear side by side, such as ‘hot snow’ or ‘disgustingly beautiful’.)
  • HIV-infected individuals can (not) keep their infection secret.
  • Children under 16 should (not) work.
  • Peacemaking wars are (not) effective ways of resolving conflicts.
  • Cameras in courtrooms should (not) be banned.
  • Islamophobia is (not) a problem in the US.
  • Same-sex couples should (not) be allowed to adopt children.
  • Violent video games should (not) be banned.
  • All people should (not) become vegetarians.
  • English should (not) be the single official language in the United States.

Any controversial essay topic from this list will ensure a successful start for your paper. It is up to you to choose a topic that best matches your personal interests and views.

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