Classification essay topicsAre you ready to discover a truly fresh classification essay topic? You are lucky indeed as you just came across these 70 inspirational classification essay ideas that will make your papers rock. Choose your favorite one and enjoy your excellent grades and the envy of your classmates.

Main principles of classification/division papers

A classification essay divides objects into groups according to a certain principle. For example, you can divide Facebookers, according to the level of their activity, into the following groups:

  • online zombie;
  • daily visitor;
  • weekender;
  • “forgot my password” type.

When writing an essay, make certain you use the same classification principle for all objects. Decide in which order you are going to present the objects (from the most active to the least active type in the example above).

Classification essay topics are here

Now, as you know the simple principles of classification/division papers, you are welcome to choose a gem from this collection of 70 best topics for a classification essay:

  1. Facebook users;
  2. Youtube videos;
  3. Search engines;
  4. Computer users;
  5. Roommates;
  6. Dormitory rooms;
  7. Friends in need;
  8. People queuing at the dentist;
  9. People in the street when it rains cats and dogs;
  10. Most annoying songs;
  11. Clubbers;
  12. Dancing styles;
  13. Movie endings;
  14. Cinema goers;
  15. Extracurricular activities;
  16. College athletes;
  17. College fraternities;
  18. Parenting styles;
  19. Children-parents relations;
  20. Students and their study habits;
  21. Lectures;
  22. Students during an exam;
  23. Students during a class discussion;
  24. Television shows;
  25. Sitcoms;
  26. Comedians;
  27. Tourists;
  28. Vacations;
  29. Drivers;
  30. Pets;
  31. Shop assistants;
  32. First dates;
  33. Breakups;
  34. Ways to apologize;
  35. Happy couples;
  36. Reasons (not) to get married;
  37. Ways (not) to resolve a personal conflict;
  38. Christmas gifts;
  39. New Year’s parties;
  40. Halloween costumes;
  41. Diets;
  42. Attitudes to sports;
  43. Ways to quit smoking;
  44. Sports fans;
  45. Sports coaches;
  46. Bosses;
  47. Colleagues;
  48. Ways to spend a dinner break;
  49. Sales representatives;
  50. Advertisements;
  51. Discounts;
  52. Shopping behaviors;
  53. Types of restaurant decor;
  54. Family dinners;
  55. Public speakers;
  56. World religions;
  57. Political regimes;
  58. International organizations;
  59. Stereotypes;
  60. Decision making strategies;
  61. Types of motivation;
  62. Change management strategies;
  63. Clients’ behaviors in conflictual situations;
  64. Sources of energy;
  65. Evolution theories;
  66. Debating strategies;
  67. Stress-coping strategies;
  68. Responses to jokes;
  69. Laughter sounds;
  70. Compliments.

Now you have a brilliant classification essay topic and you can dive right into the process of essay writing. Good luck with your essays and have a nice day!