College Research Paper Topics

When surfing the web, you must have noticed that good topics for research papers are worth their weight in gold. Some topics you have come across are outdated, while others don’t interest you in the very least.

Do not lose your hope! Here you will find 100 hottest and brightest college research paper topic ideas, meeting your interests and deserving excellent grades.

Psychology banner

College research paper topics on Psychology

  1. Can the fear of being caught on camera and then having the video on Youtube for all to see motivate teenagers to behave better in public?
  2. Do search engines (Google, Yahoo and others) make people lazy and stupid?
  3. ”If it’s online, it must be true” as the most dangerous stereotype of digital natives.
  4. How much information, when disclosed in a social network profile, is too much?
  5. Do the unnatural sounds of electronic music affect listeners’ brains negatively?

Sociology banner

College research paper topics on Sociology

  1. The effects of blurred lines between personal and professional lives in the era of social networks.
  2. Do civil unions as an alternative to official marriages violate the rights of same-sex couples?
  3. How common are intersex individuals?
  4. Strict laws as the best solution to double discrimination of black women.
  5. Are the laws prohibiting online gambling effective?

Linguistics banner

College research paper topics on Linguistics

  1. How complex language structures can animals learn?
  2. The lack of proficiency in both languages as the main danger of bilingualism.
  3. The connection between language and cognition deficits in autistic children.
  4. Can total immersion foreign language programs be effective?
  5. The main causes of language barriers.

Business section banner

College research paper topics on Business

  1. Modern businesses going green as a win-win situation.
  2. Steve Jobs’ leadership style: a lesson for businesses or “do not try this at home” strategy?
  3. Addictive and unregulated online buying: the main benefit or danger of e-commerce?
  4. The effects of anti-piracy laws on music records sales.
  5. The main pros and cons of outsourcing.

Marketing banner

College research paper topics on Marketing

  1. How to make customers enjoy advertisements?
  2. Not requiring people to think too much as an important principle of effective advertisement.
  3. When can advertisements have reverse effects?
  4. Facebook event ads as a cheap, but powerful tool for businesses.
  5. The role of direct mail tactics in US election campaigns.

Bury the myths banner

College research paper topics: bury the myths

  1. Mozart effect – can listening to Mozart’s music make you smarter?
  2. The myth about Einstein’s poor performance in maths.
  3. Can hair care products “repair” split ends?
  4. Does the black belt in judo indicate the level of mastery of this sport?
  5. Did Arthur Conan Doyle use the phrase “Elementary, my dear Watson” in his book?

Criminology section banner

College research paper topics on Criminology

Criminology is both an exciting and complex field. It can include various themes, from psychological portraits of offenders to economic factors that influence crime rates. You can pick any of the topics suggested below to start your research paper:

  1. Abduction: an overview of policies that prevent the abduction of children, teenagers, and adults. Explain whether these policies are useful and what other prevention methods can be used.
  2. Should marijuana be legalized? Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of legalization.
  3. Education of offenders: does the USA need teaching in prisons or not? Discuss how it can affect prisoners, future crimes, and their ability to reintegrate.
  4. A connection between poverty, drug use, and recurrent offenders. Describe how addiction and poverty fuel crime and what can be done to break this circle.
  5. Family violence: is it true that exposure to violence in the family can lead to the development of mental illnesses in children? Discuss how family violence can provoke such diseases as depression, anxiety, and PTSD.

Art and design banner

College research paper topics on Art and Design

Art and Design can provide you with a variety of creative issues that you can use during your assignment writing. The scope is enormous indeed, from Middle Age sculptures to 21st century performance arts:

  1. Marina Abramovich and her contribution to the understanding and acceptance of live performance. Describe how the most famous performances of the artist shaped the genre.
  2. Social realism during the Great Depression in the USA. Using examples, demonstrate how social realism was used to translate messages to citizens.
  3. History of the Bauhaus and its impact on modern architecture. Present different samples of its influence and discuss its role in general.

Bauhus dessau college

  1. The purpose of futurism in the Soviet art. Explain how futurism affected it and analyze the most prominent examples.
  2. Scandinavian minimalism in design: trends and issues. Present the development of the tendency and describe its main features.

Literature banner

College research paper topics on Literature

If you are studying literature, consider taking a new but research-based approach to the issues relevant to current literature studies to provide a good research project. These topics will help you to do just that. Furthermore, we have posted some information about literature genes that might also come in handy.

  1. How is nationalism addressed and presented in the Scottish literature of the 20th century? Compare several novels or poems.
  2. A feminist approach to Antigone and the representation of women in the play. Using feminist research, explain how female characters are depicted there and what influence these depictions might have on reader’s understanding of the drama.
  3. Critique of capitalism in the Threepenny Opera by Bertolt Brecht. Among other factors, discuss Brecht’s attitude to capitalism and communism.
  4. Teenager’s empowerment in the modern young adult literature. Explain how adult writers address teenager problems and whether these discussions empower real adolescents.
  5. Religious motifs in A Good Man is Hard to Find by Flannery O’Connor. Describe several characters and religious symbols or ideas they represent.

Nursing banner

College research paper topics on Nursing

Nursing education requires from students to make research on various aspects of human life, from psychological to spiritual. The issues suggested below can help you craft a quality research paper.

  1. Does electronic communication with patients together with traditional care enhance treatment effectiveness? Base your research essay on recent research from the USA and Canada.
  2. Evidence-based practices to improve medication adherence in chronically ill patients. Discuss what interventions should be used and how effective they are.

Nurse is taking blood from a pacient finger

  1. Causes behind teenagers’ decisions not to follow HIV treatment or stay unaware of their HIV status. Explain how education and counseling can help prevent teenagers from making such a decision.
  2. Diabetes prevention in children with obesity. Outline lifestyle interventions used for this prevention.
  3. Factors that affect patient safety in psychiatric hospitals. Describe how the environment affects security and what measures should be taken to increase it.

IT section banner

College research paper topics on IT

Looking for great ideas for your IT research paper? These topics are exactly what you should be searching. Also, consider using help from our writers!

  1. Adoption of blockchain in large corporations: a case study of Microsoft. Describe how Microsoft adopted the new technology and what benefits the company earned from it.
  2. How can open platforms change the IT industry? Using several companies as central examples, present the advantages of open platforms.
  3. What strategies can IT professionals use to prevent ransomware from spreading?
  4. How can data virtualization contribute to educations in schools and universities? Present projects that are already in use to explain how virtualization affects the effectiveness of teaching.
  5. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the growing popularity of machine learning?

Anthropology banner

College research paper topics on Anthropology

If you are writing a research proposal for a paper on anthropology, make sure you are using the ideas for a research assignment presented below:

  1. The history of Hell’s Angels and their impact on other motorcycle clubs. Explain how the biker subculture formed and what affected its emergence.
  2. Druze women and their influence on the perception of gender roles in Israel. Provide a detailed description of how these women challenge traditional gender roles and how it interacts with their religion.
  3. The perception of the Roma culture in Europe: a qualitative study. You can conduct this research using interviews. Examine the Roma culture and explain why some people discriminate the Roma.
  4. Body modifications in modern India. Did they change compared to historical body modifications? How and what were the causes of such changes?
  5. The difference between kissing traditions in Europe and Asia. Discuss how kissing customs evolved in Europe and Asia and what factors (religion, sociocultural specifics) affected them.

Politics section banner

College research paper topics on Politics

Are you writing a paper on politics or international relations? Here is the list of interesting subjects to research:

  1. Totalitarianism in the 20th century: causes and outcomes. Using various examples (Germany, Italy, Spain, the USSR, etc.), demonstrate your understanding of totalitarian regimes. You can also compare them in your research paper.
  2. How do liberalism and multiculturalism affect current humanitarian crises in the world? Using the refugee crisis as an example, explain whether the influence was positive or negative. Or maybe both? Elaborate.
  3. How does religion affect foreign affairs of Israel? Discuss the importance of religion in diplomacies and what potential causes of such politics are or might be.

Protest in the Israel

  1. The effectiveness of anti-bribery legislation in Germany and France: a comparison. Discuss how strict these legislations are, how they were altered and what changes they have provoked. Use relevant examples from academic research and media to point out their effectiveness or ineffectiveness.
  2. Influence of the media on American presidential election in 2016. Explain how the candidates used social networks such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter to appeal to their audience.

Mathematics banner

College research paper topics on Mathematics

A college assignment on math might be a simple research paper, but there is still need to choose your topic wisely. The list below presents some great ideas that you can use to prepare interesting research projects:

  1. How can mathematical modeling help forecast and prevent global epidemics? You can use existing examples to demonstrate how they are used.
  2. How do mathematical thinking fuel one’s creativity and abstract reasoning? Discuss whether math should be perceived as a challenging rather than boring science.
  3. Extremal combinatorics: current issues in research. Explain its relation to algebra and geometry.

Pen near mathematics book

  1. How can mathematical models be used for sustainable engineering? Use examples to indicate how scientists and organizations already use them.
  2. Application and usage of mathematics in the development of wireless networks. Explain how math affects the process of engineering and developing.

Management banner

College research paper topics on Management

Management is an exciting and diverse field that requires a preparation of research that can be applied in practice, no matter whether it is a short college paper or an academic research paper. If you cannot come up with a good topic for your management assignment, check the following list to start formulating ideas:

  1. What non-financial strategies can be used to award the best and most creative employees? From free lunches to extra weekends: in your essay paper review various approaches in detail and explain their benefits.
  2. How can diversity in the workplace affect job performance? Discuss what positive and negative outcomes there might be. Use examples of diverse working communities to support your argument.

Big open office in a company

  1. Risk management in banking systems in developing countries: a case study of South Africa. Explain what specifics there are in risk management in South Africa and how banking systems are currently developing there.
  2. An overview of employee benefits in the American IT industry and their influence on employees’ commitment. In this case, you might want to use Google as an example because it provides various benefits to its employees.
  3. Connections between climate change, sustainability, and international business. Describe how they affect each other and explain what future transformations in the international market are expected.

History section banner

College research paper topics on History

Good research projects that focus on historical events are always based on extensive research and a good understanding of historical processes. These topics will make your assignment exciting:

  1. Wounded Knee Massacre: causes and influence of Native Americans living in the 21st century. In your college research project elaborate on what caused the Massacre and explain how it affects discrimination of Native Americans today.
  2. Comparison of child labor in the 1900s in England and Germany. Using historical sources, describe under what conditions children worked and how these conditions influenced their health.

Childrens are doing work on a factory

  1. D-Day invasion: its significance related to the outcomes of the World War II. Describe the importance of D-Day in the historical perspective and elaborate what factors made its impact so significant.
  2. Objectives and accomplishments of the Civil Rights movement in the 1960s. Discuss whether all objectives met and how the Civil Rights movement fought for their goals.
  3. The role of Leon Trotsky in the 1917 Soviet Revolution. Explain how the historical figure influenced the course of the revolution. Do not forget to mention what exact contributions he made.

Biology section banner

College research paper topics on Biology

A research paper on biology relies on author’s curiosity and comprehension of biological laws. Apart from these excellent topics on biology, make sure to check the list presented below since it can also provide you with some fresh ideas for your assignment:

  1. How can nanotechnology transform human processes of food digestion in the future? In your research essay explain whether their potential is significant or not, and tell how they will help us overcome common and rare diseases.
  2. How does cancer screening help diagnose individuals with different types of cancer? Explain the importance of cancer screening and discuss why it is crucial for individuals with family cancer to undergo it.

Scientist is working with tubes in a laboratory

  1. An overview of strategies used in Chinese traditional medicine and an evaluation of their effectiveness based on research papers. You can use acupuncture as the leading example.
  2. How can biology help scientists create environmentally-friendly materials that could potentially replace plastic? Describe how nature allows scientists design more efficient and sustainable materials.
  3. How does insomnia affect human memory? Describe in detail all significant causes of prolonged and medication-resistant insomnia on a human mind.

Film studies section banner

College research paper topics on film studies

A good research paper on film studies characterized by its innovative and reflective approach to the central issue or problem. Film studies can include multiple types of research papers, from informal essays to literature reviews. Here is a list of unique topics that will be helpful during writing your assignment:

  1. Comparison of central motifs in Blade Runner (1982) and Blade Runner 2049 (2017). As an example, in your research writing, pinpoint existential questions in both movies and compare them.
  2. How are LGBTQ+ individuals depicted in modern TV series? A case study of Sense8 and Queer as Folk. Explain the development of LGBTQ+ characters; describe stereotypes and discrimination and how they reflected in such series.

Three mans in a costumes walking through a crowd

  1. The depiction of sexual violence in a film: an ethical approach to Game of Thrones. Discuss why the explicit demonstration of sexual abuse in the HBO series has caused fierce ethical debates.
  2. An analysis of post-9/11 political dramas. Explain how the American “war on terror” was reflected in 21st century shows.
  3. American independent cinematography in the 2000s-2010s. Provide detailed research on the role of underground filmmaking at the national and international levels.

Education section banner

College research paper topics on Education

Looking for interesting subjects to research? There are plenty of issues and debates revolving around American education that can be added to your term paper. Furthermore, you can find some ideas for an education essay in this blog post!

  1. Underrepresentation of minorities in child literature: a critical overview. Using examples, demonstrate how people of color remain underrepresented in books for children, and write your opinion on why this happens.
  2. Montessori Schools: the causes behind their success and effectiveness. Describe the strategies used in Montessori schools and explain how they target children’s development in different areas.
  3. Cyberbullying and its influence on students’ performance and motivation. Describe how cyberbullying is connected to anxiety and suicidal thoughts in children and adolescents.
  4. The inclusion of high school students with disabilities in the classroom. What are the main strategies used? Are they effective? Why or why not?
  5. Direct instruction and its effectiveness in math classes. Provide a detailed explanation of how straightforward guidelines are used and whether they can be applied successfully in math classes.

Philosophy banner

College research paper topics on Philosophy

A research assignment on philosophy can be challenging to complete, mainly due to the complexity of philosophical problems that students face when working on the paper. Consider using the following list of ideas; you can combine the topics to create a unique college research project on philosophy or ask our professional writers for help:

  1. Wittgenstein's influence on the development of the theory of language. Indicate how significant his contribution was and what novelty it had brought to philosophy and linguistics.
  2. The Gettier problem and the current philosophical understanding of the human nature of knowledge. Starting a research paper, provide a discussion of how this problem approached previously and whether anything had changed in our understanding of it.
  3. A critical analysis of military ethics and their application in the 21st century. What are military ethics? Why were they created? Does the modern world need them?

Army woman is walking on a wooden log

  1. The relation between moral psychology and human perception of consciousness, guilt, and innocence. Elaborate on the problem of misconduct. Explain how the mentioned concepts presented in different cultures and what moral psychology has to say about it.
  2. A feminist approach to civil and global wars. Explain the connection between wars and toxic masculinity.

As you see, in this list of top 100 ideas, you can find topics for college research paper projects which will become perfect starters for your papers. If you choose a college research paper topic from here, you will have high chances for success.