Essay is a short academic writing that is typically assigned to college students. There are two types of essays: formal and informal. In this article we will present some tips for writing a formal essay. Yeah, it sounds serious and not as funny as an informal essay. Still, you will have to learn how to write a formal essay.
The main purpose of a formal essay is to teach you choose the right words and general tone for your essay. So, what are the peculiarities and basic elements of a formal essay that you should follow?

  1. As you can guess, you should forget about the informal language and all kinds of slang if you want to get a good grade on your formal essay. Use only formal words and even some sophisticated phrases like “On the assumption of this I can make a conclusion that…”
  2. Try not to use rhetorical questions in your formal essay, since they are usually used in informal forms of writing
  3. Formal essay should be well-structured and organized. Make sure that all parts of your formal essay are logically connected.

  1. Formal essay has the same structure as all other academic writings. First part is your thesis statement, where you should present the main idea of your formal essays. Here you should also describe the subject and the purposes of your work. The next part is the main body, in which you have to discuss in details those statements that were stated in the first part. The last part of your formal essay is a conclusion, where you have to summarize the main ideas of your work. Your conclusion should also contain a special idea that will make the reader think about it.

Perhaps, formal essay is a bit dull, because of this special tone that you have to stick to. But one day you will completely grow up and you should be aware of the formal language and style.
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