Formal essay can be defined as comparatively brief literary creation in prose, in which a writer considers a topic, ordinarily limited in scope, or intends to convince the reader to admit a certain point of view.
As usual, successful formal essays have five principal elements. Consequently, an essential share of paper grades is grounded on whether or not these very components are present.
1. A thesis is an assertion of fact or viewpoint that you will prove in the text of your custom writing essay. The thesis statement contains the motives or points inducing you to back your primary statement. In formal essays it executes two indispensable things: 1) it sets up the subject and goal of your essays; 2) it grants readers a roadmap (scheme) of the viewpoints that will be debated in the essay.
2. A fundamental part – body paragraphs – is necessary to pointedly and specifically take up the items in the order they are referred to in thesis statement. In contrary, your scheme isn’t merely invalid, it can be even misleading, and thus readers will become confounded. Writing the body of your formal essay, you should all the time be turning back at your thesis to be sure that you’re pursuing the roadmap. If, as you are editing the essay, you consider another item as essential and logical to make, you are required to review your thesis, hence that the scheme is still valid.
3. To write a good formal essay, you should provide logical ties between your ideas. Therefore, transition is a key element, which implies a thought that connects one idea to another. These transitions do not have to be tangled, comprising just the only word or a simple sentence. The only you need to be sure that after reading the essay you find out what the link between each of your minds is.
4. Perhaps, you can be said that “a conclusion is the space where you are brown off from reflections.” Indeed, the conclusion fulfils two particular functions, namely 1) summarizing what has been asserted in the essay body WITHOUT reiterations, and 2) providing a reader with a substantial final point of view on what you desire them to do, think, or understand after they've finished your formal essay. Note: conclusion is certainly NOT the place to represent new ideas.
5. Creating formal essays, you should know basic rules of the diction (word choice) and tone usual in such a writing type. Here are guidance for the proper diction and tone:

  • escape from usage of informal language (slang) in formal essays;
  • focus on facts and arguments rather than emotions and beliefs;
  • do not include “I believe,”, “In my opinion,” etc. Such phrases can divert the reader from the real theme of your essay;
  • if it’s possible, try to avoid rhetorical questions. These immediate addresses to reader (audience) set an informal tone, taking up in formal essays a space, since nobody can answer you.

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