Your Quick Guide on How to Write a Term Paper Overnight

Your Quick Guide on How to Write a Term Paper Overnight

Want some adrenaline? Try skydiving. Or writing your term paper overnight.

We won’t discuss which one of these options is more risky, but we’ll give you some practical hints on how to write a term paper that rocks overnight.

Boost Your Productivity

A few words on safe doping for easier term paper writing:

  • Brainy foods. – nuts, seeds, fruits etc.
  • Drink a lot of water.
  • Move your clock ahead a couple of hours.

Research Smartly

Sure, you can’t afford spending ages on digging through tons of resources. However, you still need to research your topic. Here’s how to write a term paper with good research, done in minimum time:

  1. Use a pitiless relevance filter. Pick only sources that have obvious connections with your topic. Avoid wasting time on something that is simply interesting or easy-to-read.
  2. Copy and paste everything you are going to use. Whenever you see a good quote – grab it, together with its page number and source title. It may take hours to get back later to find it again.
  3. Include different and even conflicting views. If you don’t like what some scholars say, it doesn’t mean you can’t use their words in your paper. On the contrary, include conflicting views to show that you see how complicated the things are. For instance, if Smith writes that global warming is dangerous, and Brown writes that global warming is only a fruit of our imagination, be sure to include both opinions in your paper.

Avoid the Common Mistakes

If you wonder how to write a term paper that earns high grades, you should stay away from the following pitfalls:

  • Too much background. It may seem a wonderful way of increasing word count, but it’s too obvious. Never waste your readers’ time discussing to what field of study your project belongs.
  • Storytelling. Don’t forget to write in academic style.
  • Contractions. Paper is precious, but using contractions in your reports won’t help save a single tree it will annoy your teachers though.
  • Poor evidence. Avoid using any unverified facts or somebody’s non-expert opinions. Try to choose something that’s significant and cut out all the insignificant details.
  • Illogical conclusions. Be sure to make it possible for readers to follow your train of thoughts. Explain all of your reasoning and assumptions in detail.

Add the Final Strokes

A few small checks that can make a big difference in term paper writing:

  • Check your term paper format: 1 inch margins on all sides, double spacing, font Arial (or Times New Roman) 12;
  • Check citations: keep an eye on your in-text citations – each of them should have an appropriate note in the reference list and vice versa – every source mentioned in the reference list should have at least one in-text citation;
  • Follow the classical term paper pattern: abstract, introduction (including research questions and a thesis statement), main body (including methodology, research results, discussion of results and limitations, recommendations for further research), conclusion and reference list.

So, you already have now a pretty good idea on how to write a term paper overnight without getting a headache. Smooth writing and only excellent grades to you!

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