Essay on Pollution: Shock Everyone with Clear Solutions

Essay on Pollution: Shock Everyone with Clear Solutions

Racking your brains over an essay on pollution? Luckily, you’ve found this post before falling asleep on your keyboard.

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Now you have pretty good chances to finish your paper in an hour or even less. Check our top expert tips, tons of valuable info from verified sources and a good example below.

Select a Topic for Your Essay on Pollution

Pollution is a global problem widely discussed but never solved. Although there is nothing easier than finding materials on this topic, the first pitfall of pollution essays awaits you at the very beginning. It’s the choice of a topic.

Here’s how to choose topic in two easy steps:

Choose 1 type of pollution

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  • According to the location: Air, water, land pollution.
  • According to the pollutant: Noise, light, visual, electronic pollution.

Know your task

  • Argumentative/persuasive essay – convince readers that pollution is dangerous and preventive measures should be taken;
  • Analytical essay – analyze statistics, causes and effects of pollution;
  • Descriptive essay – describe examples of pollution, giving such details as colors, smells and impact.

Examples of topics for essays on pollution

  1. Simple steps everyone can take to reduce air pollution.
  2. Potential dangers of water contamination in Wyoming.
  3. The effects of visual pollution on kids’ psychological well-being.

Include Strong Arguments in Your Essay on Pollution

Surely nobody expects you to actually solve global problems in your pollution essay.
Yet, you have good chances to impress or even shock everyone by including these pollution facts in your paper:

100 million peopleare affected by pollution worldwide
1 billion peoplehave no access to clear drinking water
14 billion poundsof litter are thrown into the ocean every year
46%of American lakes are polluted and inappropriate for fishing or swimming
3 million kids under the age of 5die every year due to environmental pollution

Even more stats and verified data you can find here:

  • United States Environmental Protection Agency;
  • Drexel University on Pollution;
  • Ideas for car pollution essays.

Example of an Essay on Pollution

Title: Population awareness on the effects of air pollution

In the modern world, man-made air pollution is one of the major health risks. Indoor air pollution, found mainly in developing countries, causes approximately 2 million premature deaths annually.

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About 50% of these deaths are of kids under the age of 5. (Thesis statement) Whereas the problem of man-made indoor and outdoor air pollution is widely discussed, its potential hazards are underestimated.

The main risks of air pollution are cardiovascular and respiratory health problems caused in people living in areas affected. Unquestionably, the quality of the air we breathe in leaves much to be desired. Yet, we sometimes lack the understanding of the fact that our own daily actions contribute to man-made air pollution…

As you can see, we’ve chosen a narrow topic, used shocking stats to grab everyone’s attention and expressed our main arguments in a strong thesis statement.

Do you have difficulties writing essays about pollution?

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