essays on growing upWhat would you write about if you were assigned to make an essay on growing up? No ideas?

We suggest you a unique outline for essays on growing up.

It can help you create a coherent paper and get an A+ on it.


Present a quotation by Joseph Heller - “When I grow up I want to be a little boy.” A quotation is a rather effective way to involve the reader into discussion. So, you may present this one or some other quotation in your essay on growing up in order to arouse the reader’s interest to your topic.

Say what you think about the quote presented. Formulate your personal point of view clearly. It will be the thesis statement of your essay on growing up.

Main Body

Tell a real life story relevant to the quote presented in the introductory part of your essay on growing up. It will help the reader stay interested throughout the reading process. Besides, an interesting story about growing up will help you make the growth essay more persuasive.

Tell why children want to grow up and why adults want to be children again. The reason is that children do not care about the difficulties that they will face in adult life. To be more precise, they do not think about them and even do not expect all those things that are coming with growing up.

When they become adults, they have to solve too many problems. This is the main paradox of growing up. Essays on growing up can also give statistical data and its analysis on what children want to be in future:

7 out of 33 5-year old children who were interviewed said they wanted to be superheroes;

5 out of 33 6-year old children said they wanted to be firefighters;

3 out of 33 wanted to become princes and princesses.


Sum up everything presented in the essay on growing up and restate your thesis statement.

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