Good Essay Topics: 130 Fresh Ideas for Your Success

Good Essay Topics: 130 Fresh Ideas for Your Success

Are you one of those students who – just like treasure hunters – tirelessly dig through the web, searching for interesting essay ideas? Congratulations!

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This time your effort is rewarded, because you have just come across a goldmine of 130 amazing essay questions.

Hurry up to choose the best topic from this list before somebody steals it right from under your nose.

Good essay topics for different types of papers

You always intuitively know when an interesting essay idea is actually the best idea for you. You simply read it and think to yourself: “This is exactly what I have been looking for.”

However, there is one more aspect that you should consider in order to find the idea that perfectly matches your need: the type of your essay. Different essay types require different questions.

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To help you choose the best idea for your essay type, the following list offers you best essay questions already divided into groups according to the essay types they best match. Enjoy!

Argumentative essay ideas

  1. Should alcohol and tobacco ads be banned?
  2. Should people receive “parenting licenses”?
  3. Should people who do not care for their elderly parents be punished?
  4. Should a person, who has been hit on the right cheek, turn the other one? Are there any exceptions?
  5. Should fashion shows be obliged to invite horizontally challenged (overweight) models?
  6. Should all fat products have warning labels, just like cigarette packs do?

Descriptive essay ideas

  1. A spring morning in a big city.
  2. A rain of stars seen from a desert island.
  3. Singing songs around a bonfire at a summer camp.
  4. Traffic jams during a rush hour.
  5. A bird bringing a worm to its chicks.
  6. Picnic on the college lawn.
  7. A touching scene at the railway station.

Definition essay ideas

  1. Generation gap.
  2. Stick and carrot motivation.
  3. Language sense.
  4. Business ethics.
  5. Empathy.
  6. Creativity.
  7. Stereotypes.

Compare and contrast essay ideas

  1. An application essay and an advertisement on TV.
  2. Chances to win at lottery and chances to get a well-paid job.
  3. Traveling the world and wandering the web.
  4. Talking in person and texting on Facebook.
  5. Baking a cake and writing an essay.
  6. Apologizing and forgiving.

Cause and effect essay ideas

  1. Excessive parents’ control and lack of child’s autonomy.
  2. Eating habits and cardiovascular diseases.
  3. Poor motivation and low salary (or vice versa).
  4. Terrorism and antidepressant sales.
  5. The right to vote and individual political awareness.
  6. Music preferences and math performance.
  7. Peace of mind and cognitive abilities.

Narrative essay ideas

  1. Around the world in 30 days.
  2. Meeting Somali pirates in the open sea.
  3. One day of a camera in a shopping mall.
  4. Someone is mistakenly diagnosed with a fatal disease.
  5. A millionaire losing his/her fortune in one day.
  6. An inventor makes an outstanding discovery.
  7. Extraterrestrial invaders save the planet.

Process essay ideas

  1. How to cure Facebook addiction?
  2. How to entertain yourself in a queue at the dentist?
  3. How to protect yourself from insects during a barbecue?
  4. How to improve your memory?
  5. How to calm down an irritated customer?

Critical essay ideas

  1. Titanic in 3D format.
  2. Black Square by Malevich.
  3. Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert.
  4. Othello by Shakespeare.
  5. Love and Friendship by Emily Bronte.

Good essay topics: your checklist

Now that you have probably already chosen the best essay idea for you, you may want to answer the following questions to test it:

  • Is this topic interesting? (Be sincere about it.)
  • Can you give examples relevant for the topic before doing any research?
  • Do you have already a personal opinion on this topic?
  • Could you discuss it with your friends?

If your answers to all of these questions are affirmative, you have definitely made the right choice. If you still have some doubts, you can easily look through this list one more time and choose another good essay topic.

Good luck with your essays and have a nice day!

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