A Descriptive Essay Example: Learn What Makes a Perfect Writing

A Descriptive Essay Example: Learn What Makes a Perfect Writing

You can say that you don’t need any sample of descriptive essay writing, until…

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“Okay, witness, can you describe the suspect?”

Well, as you can see, there can be situations when you have to describe things and people.

And learning to do it is actually a lot of fun! Care to check? Then take a look at the descriptive essay example below!

A Descriptive Essay Example: Learn the Ultimate Essay Template.

What is a descriptive essay, you might be wondering.

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A descriptive essay is a paper in which the specific details of an object/person/phenomenon are depicted.

Congrats – now you know the answer to the question “What is an essay paper on descriptions?” So let’s go ahead with a descriptive essay outline example.

An example of a descriptive essay outline

These are the main descriptive paper elements:

And now, take a look at this example of a descriptive essay outline and the corresponding explanations! They will help you create your own papers, impressive and exciting. You’ll see here not only an example outline, but also an example of an essay! Read carefully these examples of essay writing:

Example of descriptive essay writing: the outline

  • The Topic: Unusual Presentation
    Remember to add passion to your paper – it should be emotional and fun!
    “There is hardly a thing so badly underestimated as a fork.”
  • The Object’s Features: What Makes It Different from the Rest
    “Throughout the centuries, it turned steel and grew a fourth tooth.”
  • Your Senses: The Way the Object Feels/Tastes/Smells/Looks
    “Moreover, it became thicker and less refined, though significantly more comfortable to use.”
  • Your Feelings: How Do You Feel about the Object?
    “A simple and yet brilliant invention, the fork is an object of my admiration.”
  • Your Ideas: What Do You Think about It?
    “I believe that this is one of the capital inventions of humankind.”
  • Your Associations: Does It Remind You of Anything?
    “Its shape actually reminds me of a bear spear, and confirms thus that people are carnivores.”
  • How the Others See It: What Is the Common Idea of This Thing?
    “Many people share my idea of the fork being an excellent utensil.”
  • Conclusion: Restate Your Impressions
    “Beautiful and simple, the fork is a truly irreplaceable utensil.”

Follow these descriptive writing examples, and you’ll get an excellent mark! And now, prepare to see one of the best examples of an essay that can help you get started!

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A Descriptive Essay Example: Read an Excellent Sample of Writing

Here is a sample for all those who Google for something like “example descriptive essay person” – a perfect example descriptive essay about an artist and his creation.

Descriptive Writing: Essay Example

And now, it’s time you saw a complete descriptive writing example! Showing how to handle such complicated topic as arts and Impressionism, this is a paper you nedd so badly right now. With an essay example like this, you’ll definitely make it – so read carefully!

Dali’s The Persistence of Memory: A Descriptive Essay Example

There hardly ever was a single artist who understood the meaning of the phrase “Time flies” as well as Dali did.

Making people actually see the way time passes, Dali created the most memorable surrealist artwork ever, The Persistence of Memory.

Apart from the soft clocks, the most unusual detail of the picture is the palette. Using a mixture of yellow, blue, brick-red and brown, the artist succeeds to convey through his picture a very specific mood.

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The objects in the picture look both unbelievable and attractive, yet it is hard to focus on a single element of it. It feels like the artist offers a puzzle that is hard even to define, let alone to solve.

I believe that this is the most mysterious travel into a genius’ mind. This picture makes me feel awe and surprise at the same time. The picture reminds somewhat of the riddles from the childhood, which onecould never solve.

However, most people consider this picture a sign that the artist entered another stage of his development – the scientific stage.

Anyway, one of the most mysterious artworks ever created, The Persistence of Memory will make a large number of future generations still gasp in awe at the genius of Dali.

That’s the example essay a student can only dream of. With the descriptive essay example above, you’ll understand how to handle this sort of assignment! Oh, and look – there’s a fantastic view from that window. It looks like you have a good opportunity to create a piece of descriptive writing right now…

Like any other essay, descriptive essays are extremely easy to write. And, with an example of descriptive writing like the one above, you’ll create an essay a real writer would be proud of – just check that you’ve added to essay writing all the necessary ingredients.

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