how to write a persuasive essayThe ability to persuade others can save you in many situations. For instance, you can convince your parents to buy you a new iPhone.

Or, you can persuade your friend to go to a party. The next step is to learn how to write a persuasive essay and convince your teachers that your paper deserves a good grade.

Here are the 5 most important parts of a good persuasive/argumentative paper:

1. Controversial Question

Any persuasive paper starts with the choice of a good topic. Not all questions are good for persuasive papers. As your question, be sure to choose something that is:

  • Disputable - Can somebody disagree with it?
  • Interesting – Is it of practical value?
  • Researchable - Will you be able to defend your position?

2. Clear Thesis Statement

Take a definite position and express it in a strong thesis statement. Include the following parts:

  • SUBJECT: smoking;
  • CLAIM: All tobacco firms should be closed;
  • SUMMARY of the main arguments: 1) smoking is very harmful; 2) smoking is addictive and closing firms is the best solution;

The resulting thesis statement: Closing tobacco firms is the best solution to the problem of smoking, because smoking is harmful and addictive.

Strong Arguments

The meat of any persuasive paper is arguments – reasons why your opinion is valid. That’s actually what persuasive essay writing is all about. Find something that will convince your readers. You can use for instance:

  • striking statistics related to the problem;
  • findings of scientists;
  • vivid examples.

Logical Structure

Poor logical structure is a no-no for persuasive writing. Even the best arguments sound weak if they are not presented in a proper way. Here’s the best time-proven logical scheme on how to write a persuasive paper:

Poor logical structure

Clear Conclusion

The last but not least part of a good persuasive essay is a logical conclusion. This paragraph simply repeats what has already been said. However, it’s extremely important. Here’s how to write a persuasive essay conclusion:

  • summarize your main arguments;
  • don’t include any new information;
  • repeat your thesis statement using new words.

That’s how we approach persuasive essay writing at Would you share your personal persuasive writing recipes with us?